Measles returns to Oklahoma! Congrats Anti-Vaxers!

I’ve sat at this computer for over an hour attempting to find the right speck of sugar to make this medicine go down. Then again, if people would have taken their medicine in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t have to be in such a shit predicament. That’s right, ladies and gents – measles are back in Oklahoma.


The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and the Okmulgee County Health Department have confirmed the case of measles in Okmulgee County.

Based on collected information about the measles case during the time the patient was contagious, public health officials want to alert anyone who visited Saint Francis Glenpool emergency room, May 11, from 8 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. about potential exposure to the measles virus.

There are a couple of ways to look at this story, and it depends on if you’re pro or anti-vaccine. As a result, and in the name of fairness, I decided to look at it from both sides…

Pro-Vaccine: We, as a people, are regressing in thought. Measles was once thought to be near extinction due to scientific progress like vaccinations and proven research. Now, there is a push of people willingly not vaccinating their children because of misleading information and an inability to place faith in facts.

This issue has been going on for a while but is just beginning to reach an apex. Just in Feb. 2018, it was reported that there was a measles case in a Chuck E. Cheese. Sure, you could make the argument that measles is the least of your concerns when entering the hellish mousetrap that is Chuck E. Cheese; however, this is not the time for that.

By willfully choosing to not vaccinate your children due to unsubstantiated fears, you are choosing the fate of all those around you. Through concepts like herd immunity and mass contamination, these preventable diseases have the capability to cause major health issues and possible death.

Counterpoint: When we voted to Make America Great Again, we meant it. We’re bringing back all the classics like a classic rock station on mescaline! Measles, ole-timey racism, literal Nazis and illegal abortions, oh my!

Nothing says I’m an American like the freedom of choice. I, for one, choose to ignore the eggheads. After all, they have been known to be wrong plenty of times. For example, these are the same wackos that believe that the Earth wasn’t created the same way the good book says it was. They come at you with those fancy statistics like “fossil records” and “proven data.” Horse-pucky, if you ask me.

What happens if these babies get autism because of these vaccines? Does the state just want me to give my child to parents more qualified to deal with my vaccine-poisoned baby? That’s Orwellian and I won’t stand for such socialist ideas. That’s how you get places like the Netherlands and them Latin countries.

He’s Brandon and he approves of vaccinating your children. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter

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61 Responses

  1. I love anti-vaxxer jokes. They never get old… unlike their children.

  2. Headline: “Measles Back! Stupidity Never Left.”

  3. I, for one, vote for the racist nazi with measles whose girlfriend has to get an illegal abortion if that there is what makes America great again. One, there are good people on both sides. Two, there are modern treatments for measles—unlike autism. And three, Roe v. Wade should be man v. God. What gives us the right to kill an unborn child of God when our slutty actions conceived the innocent child in the first place?

    Trump is America’s savior like our Lord Jesus Christ is yours!

    1. Ignorance is forgivable. Willful ignorance is not.

      Some “good people” are stupid, and we all know that you can’t fix stupid. In the face of mountains of evidence that the original study about the alleged autism-vaccination link was a fraud, and zero subsequent evidence of that link, an alarming number of people believe in that link anyway. Why? Stupid. “Good people” sometimes, but still stupid.

      Anyone who thinks that Nazis, antivaxxers, measles, and forcing raped children to carry the resulting pregnancies to term is what it takes to “keep America great” … do you see where I’m going with this?

      Your religious ideas are sick, and I will fight to the death to prevent your sick religion from taking over our well-designed secular republic. Move to some Christian Republic modeled after an Islamic republic, if you can find one.

      1. Damnation, Graychin. Well-the-fuck-put. (Not sure I placed the hyphens correctly)

    2. What kind of fucking moron compares Trump to Jesus Christ?

      1. Really, really hoping that Pro Trump is just trolling you.

      2. Really!?! What type of ‘moron” can’t appreciate (or even comprrhend) some sarcasm laid on that heavy?

        1. Thank you.

  4. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Hahaha. Did it trigger on Trump or Jesus?

    1. We don’t care what con you worship. All first time commentators go into a moderation queue.

      1. PT is not only stupid, but paranoid as well.

        1. Graychin, I forgive you. Your evil non-educated comments that are full of hate are the type of fake news that President Trump stands against. One should never be ok with murdering an innocent child. No matter how they were conceived.

          I will pray for you!

          1. Yeah Graychin, Pro Trump prefers to murder children through lack of prenatal care, educational funding and the good lord willing by cutting more funding to any and all programs associated with any form of compassion or humanity. It hard proving oneself a hypocrite but thankfully Christianity shows them such a clear path.

            “That’s fake news” the battle cry of the ignorant.

            And trampy Trump a Christian and /or savior? So your savior has a separate checkbook for paying whores and pornstars?

            1. There really isn’t a need for a battle of wits here. Alabama, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Dakota, soon OKLAHOMA are passing stricter abortion laws. A pro-life Supreme Court. Roe v Wade will be challenged soon. Why? Because when God breathes life into a new human, man should not be able to kill the baby. It is NOT the baby’s fault that they are coming into this world whether it be rape, incest, or just the normal oopsie. A new life is still conceived.

              Call me ignorant all you want. This movement is about way more than just you and me. It’s about bringing traditional values back to America again. It’s about making America great again!

          2. Pro Trump says he/she is praying for me. I was wondering why I had that annoying buzzing sound in my ears.

            What sort of God hears the prayers of anyone who compares “Savior Trump” with Jesus Christ? What sort of God demands that 14-year-old rape victims carry their rapists’ pregnancies to term? That sounds more like a spiritual being from somewhere other than heaven.

            Well said, Dr. Bob.

            1. I think a whole lot of us don’t know whether to engage with a on-line poster like Pro-Trump. The difference between a simple troll just trying to get a rise out of anybody, and true believers that can convince themselves of anything, is not clear at all these days. If you throw in actual bots that have learned to simulate the actual back-and-forth of a discussion/flame war, then the situation gets even more confusing. It’s fixin’ to get a whole bunch more confusing.
              For sure, no one is ever going to convince Pro-Trump of anything on this board. We respond to these posts because we cannot help ourselves, and we kind of hope someone else not quite so virulently anti-, uh, Renaissance? Age of Enlightenment? Secular? Reasonable? might be influenced a bit by our words.
              At least, that’s what I find myself doing at times. I imagine that Pro-Trump believes that he (let’s say it’s a “he”) values embryos smaller than a pumpkin seed as much as a 5 year old child sitting before them. I do not believe that is true. I believe, given a choice of whether to squash the little mass of cells with his thumb, or stab the little child – and having to choose or both die – he would always, without hesitation, do the squishing, because he, like all the others that are lying about this to us and themselves, does indeed value the child over the embryo. (Well, if Pro-Trump is white, it would probably have to be a white kid.)
              All human life is sacred, they tell us. The sperm is human life; it’s got human DNA and it’s a living cell. Same for the egg. A whole lot of these types have flushed a whole lot of human life down the drain after a little self-gratification.
              Oh, the soul only enters after the last two chromosomes zip together? (I think I’ve probably left Pro-Trump behind at this point.) What about those rare cases when two fertilized eggs fuse, resulting in what is called a chimaera? Two souls?
              Talk of “souls” is what kills any attempt at rational discussion of these matters. Talk of revelation.
              True believers can convince themselves of anything. I used to know a white guy that – no shit – fervently believed in Chinese astrology and always asked everybody when he first met them what year they were born in. When he found out I was born in a year deemed lucky, then everything good that happened to me was due to my luck. In one multiple of 12 years, when I was supposed to be at my luckiest, the person most dear to me in all the world died, and this man found a way to interpret that as lucky.
              Just as Christians are always telling me that shit that happens is God’s Will.
              It’s called “confirmation bias”, and we all do it to some extent. Religion gives you a very deep channel of confirmation bias to swim in. A very wide and muddy one.

            2. So Graychin would rather a child get raped and then be VICTIMIZED AGAIN by being forced to get an abortion. And I’m the idiot?

              God loves all.

            3. Yes, PT, you’re the idiot. I didn’t say anything about “forcing” that age-14 rape victim to have an abortion. I would let her choose whether or not she wanted to carry her rapist’s child. Sounds like you’re the one who would do the forcing – making her keep the unwanted kid.

            4. A 14 year old cant legally make that decision. Her parents would make it for her. Victimized twice.

              Here’s to…four more years. Four more years.

            5. I appreciate this heated debate. I’m moving on. God bless everyone.

  5. A lot of people back in the ‘olden days’ — like the 60’s — were led astray about vaccinations by their family doctors. My Mom was one of those. Old time family doctor ‘didn’t believe in ’em’ so we didn’t get vaccinated. I recall my 5 year old sister having the measles AND mumps at the same time and suffered horribly. Yet I never caught anything, had no childhood diseases. Doctor determined from that – that maybe I was a ‘carrier’ – a label I wore through childhood. Doctor also didn’t believe in surgery and as a result I suffered through childhood with chronic bad tonsils , sometimes so sick and missing school (which I loved) 3-4 weeks at a time. Couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat right, couldn’t breathe. That didn’t stop until doctor ‘painted’ my tonsils with iodine and they both ruptured later that night. When I was 28 the tonsil problem started up again and I went to a throat specialist and he took those bad boys out the next day. He couldn’t believe I still had the scars on my throat.

    Religious exemptions and plain ignorance — and bad doctors played a big role in the no-vax movement.

  6. We vaccinated our kids. They did just fine. We never even questioned it. We just did it. Oh, and it was actually a State Law at the time..”Due by 2″. And the schools required proof of shots each year before school started. There were series of shots required up until Junior High age. Never skipped one. It was the law and the right thing to do. Do the schools not require this any longer? This society is horrible and dumb. Such a damn shame.

    1. They do require it, unless you can get an exemption for your religious beliefs or health issues (allergies to the shots, etc.)…which can apparently be pretty easy to get.

      1. Apparently, too easy

  7. Fact check: the CDC itself says the outbreaks are due to “linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines, where large measles outbreaks are occurring.”

    But hey go ahead and blame whoever you want.

    1. Cause and effect. Cause – *unvaccinated* travelers bringing back measles from other countries. Effect – *unvaccinated* people in the USA contract measles and spread it to other *unvaccinated* people. You suck at reasoning.

      1. Can you please tell me where OSHD has said this was an unvaccinated person? I would love a link to that information.

        1. You’re replying to the wrong comment, I said nothing about this specific Oklahoma instance. But KFOR does not mention the vaccination status, so go ask them or the hospital. BTW, it’s OSDH, not OSHD, and please use some common sense – the vaccine isn’t 100% perfect, but it was more than likely the person was unvaccinated. Oh wait, if you’re an anti-vaxxer, you have none of that.

          1. Nichole just arrived from Guatemala f for God’s sake, leave her alone!

  8. Measles??!! OMG we’re all gonna die! If you’re concerned then get vaccinated and I’m sure you’ll have nothing to worry about. As for my child I prefer NOT to inject her with formaldehyde and aluminum and all the other crap they put in those vaccines.

    1. You’re a stupid fucking anti-vaxxing anti-science idiot.

  9. I am old to enough to have caught measles before there was a vaccine when I was a preschooler. It was horrible. I think it permanently affected my vision. Anyone who ever suffered through a hard bout of it knows it can kill you.
    I can also remember following everyone in the neighborhood to the local school house and eating a sugar cube with the polio vaccine.
    Parents, don’t force your kids to go through any of that just because you never did and don’t know first hand.

  10. I have an honest question: if my child is vaccinated against measles and your child is not, how is your child “choosing the fate of all those around him”?
    If a single child in the classroom is unvaccinated but all others are, is the unvaccinated child really placing the other children in danger?
    Wouldn’t that mean the vaccinations are ineffective and this is a moot point?

    1. If it can be proven absolutely that *all* the people the unvaccinated child comes into contact with every single day have their measles vaccination (and it was done properly), then your argument holds water. But since that can never be proven, your argument is invalid, so no, it’s not a moot point.

      1. First time poster, well second time now, so maybe I didn’t explain myself.
        My child was vaccinated but that was decades ago and it seemed like they were a little more spaced out and wasn’t the big cocktail kids are given to today. That is a little concerning to me that their young systems are subjected to so much all at once.
        In my example above I was assuming that a person who was worried about these diseases would elect to vaccinate their child. That’s what I did because you never know about the people you encounter.
        So if my child is vaccinated I shouldn’t worry too much about others who elected to forego vaccination. They are no threat to my child if the vaccinations were done properly as you noted.

        My primary point was to counter the statement of the author “By willfully choosing to not vaccinate your children due to unsubstantiated fears, you are choosing the fate of all those around you. “
        It’s really not ALL others but definitely SOME others who may have not been vaccinated.

        I agree with you that there’s no way of knowing every person the unvaccinated encounter have had vaccinations. That’s a good reason to get vaccinated.

        1. Option A – Please ignore the vicious attacks (such as sylvainsylvain below) which do nothing to aid the cause. Throwing rocks and name calling doesn’t really convince anyone, only hardening their position. Here’s the best answer to your honest question. The MMR vaccine 1st dose is not generally given until 12 months of age, with a follow up booster somewhere between 4-6. Prior to 1 yr of age and to certain extent, prior to the booster, EVERYONE is susceptible to a HIGHLY contagious, airborne virus and these very young individuals have a limited ability to cope with this infection. This often proves fatal or results in life long complications. Because of an extended incubation period, it’s possible to be infected without showing symptoms thus, unknowingly spreading the infection to the most vulnerable among us. This also can include immune-compromised individuals as well as anyone allergic. Furthermore, the constant chatter you hear from those trying to justify not vaccinating simply isn’t true. Yes, in very rare instances there are complications, but the benefits of vaccination far outweigh these rare occurrences.
          Vaccines are one of the true miracles humans have been able to perform. Prior to there development, countless people suffered and died from diseases that are now entirely preventable. Please, you love your kids and want what’s best for them, get them vaccinated.

          1. Thank you for a well-formed response

          2. I don’t often agree with your posts here, vonH, (excepting this one) but I surely appreciate your lucid and well-crafted prose.

            1. What NDFI said.

        2. Gotcha, yes, lazy writing on the part of Brandon, it should have read “…fate of some of those around you, primarily the unvaccinated ones”. Just seems like the ball has started rolling at the top of the hill and it may turn out to be a molehill and the anti-vaxxers don’t gain any more ground, or it could turn out to be a mountain and a shitstorm of communicable diseases is going to descend upon a larger percentage of the population.


    3. Ok, let me explain this to you.

      Some kids can’t get vaccinated; those w a suppressed immune system from childhood cancer, for example. So they’re not ‘choosing’ to be unvaccinated.

      If all the kids who CAN be vaccinated are, we can protect the ones who can’t. The problem comes w the (willfully or not) ignorant parents, who’ve convinced themselves that vaccines cause autism/science is just a theory/I know what’s best for my kids etc., who don’t get their kids vaccinated. If there’s enough of them, then the kids who can’t get vaccinated get sick & have permanent damage, maybe die.

      So if you think you’re protecting your kids by not getting them vaccinated, you’re not only harming your own babies, you’re also harming other kids who are already sick. Grow up. You’re wrong, and you ought to have your precious offspring taken away from you because you’re obviously too damn stupid to have the responsibility of raising children.

      1. +1,000,000

      2. Wow.
        I don’t understand the hostility here. I was quite literally asking a question to gain a better understanding.
        My beautiful daughter is grown and successful and has given me two wonderful grandchildren.
        All were vaccinated.
        I’m sorry if you or your loved ones were harmed by a virus or some other preventable illness.
        I’m also sorry you feel the need to insult someone you don’t know and weren’t able to take my comments in the spirit they were given.
        I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
        I won’t be commenting on this board again but I will continue to read the very interesting posts.

    4. Quite simply, if your single child isn’t vaccinated, he could very likely infect infants that are too young to be vaccinated and the small group of people that have been vaccinated or have had measles but can still catch it, as well as all those other “single children” that weren’t vax’d.

      Hence, we see these outbreaks of measles. All of it unnecessary.

  11. This issue is an easy one to figure out. Anti-Vaxxers are stupid people who have heeded the stupid warnings of other stupid people who manage to act like they are not stupid. Anti-Vaxxers do stupid things. Stupid.

    1. Sadly, you can’t vaccinate against stupid, or cure it after it sets in.

      But you CAN vaccinate against communicable diseases like measles, mumps, chicken pox, deadly smallpox (now nearly extinct worldwide thanks to vaccination), polio, and quite a few others against which the US military protects its personnel. I got shot after shot during Army basic training, even though I already had suffered from most of the childhood diseases in the dark days before any vaccines were available.

      Why would someone believe fake news and ignore science rather than protect their kids from those horrors?

      Stupid. No other explanation is possible.

  12. I had my child in the 90’s at the 2 wk check up I sat in the waiting room with another mother who had 3 or 4 children all of them coughing. She was very nice, quiet voiced we talked together about being moms she was really good with her kids as they bounced all over the place and played.

    She spoke to me about not vaccinating my child, explianed that none of hers were. She told me they were all very healthy and that they had avoided any major health issues by not putting that poison into them.

    Pretty soon we were called to the see the Dr. I asked about what the woman had said, I was vaccinated as we’re my siblings and parents. Made sense to me but I figured id at least check into what the woman had said and back then you didnt just hop on Google and ask for the information.

    A week later my tiny little baby had a very nasty cough, id never heard anything like it. It was dry at the beginning and then wet like an old smokers cough. It would wrach his whole body his little ribs would collapse in on themselves and he would not breath for so long he would turn blue. We freaked out and took him to the ER…

    Turned out he had whooping cough, for which there was no medicinal treatment at the time. Months of menthol rub and steam showers both standing inside the shower stall with him and sitting in a chair in the bathroom while the shower just ran hot water.. As well as a humidifier in every room.

    It faded after about three months, I asked that Dr how he could have possibly gotten it. He said he had some kids in his office the day of my sons first office visit that had it… I remembered the woman I had spoken to and that her children had that same cough I had heard come out of my baby.

  13. You can thank the invaders for the communicable diseases making a comeback. And who can we thank for the invaders……………………?

    1. Americans who travel to foreign countries (like the Philippines) with their unvaccinated kids, and whose kids bring back preventable communicable diseases like measles, are not invaders.

      They are antivaxxers. That’s who we can thank.

      1. If you don’t think the “invaders” don’t have a thing to do with it, dream on!

        1. If it’s the “invaders” fault, you’d better vaccinate your own kids!

          1. Invaders, illegal aliens, undocumented workers, wetbacks, whatever – they’re bringing Pandora’s box of disease into America …and mine were vaccinated. And no, I don’t welcome them with open arms. Illegals are a drain on America in numerous ways including the spread of disease . Google it if you don’t believe me – even the CDC acknowledges same.

  14. Wow, so much ignorance. Both in the article and in the comments.

    You realize “anti-vaxxers” are really “ex-vaxxers” right? That they vaccinated their kids and followed dr’s orders. Have you ever sat through hearing and listened to the stories of their children’s vaccine injuries? Have you ever considered that they’re just trying to warn other parents so the unthinkable doesn’t happen to them as well? What if you had watched your child seize after a vaccine only to be told to keep giving it to him? Of course you would refuse, but now you’re subjected to ignorance and namecalling for not continuing.

    Due to a 1986 law, vaccine manufacturers have zero liability for vaccines. They cannot be sued if you or your child is injured. Instead you have to file a claim through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which to date has paid out over 4 billion dollars for vaccine injuries. A death is compensated at $250,000. That’s all your child is worth to the government. The only injuries compensated are those on the vaccine injury table, even though they are aware that other injuries occur. It takes years and years after a known injury is identified to get it added to the table. In the meantime all of those families are turned down. While very few ex-vax families worry about autism, it’s interesting to note that the NVICP has paid out multiple cases of autism after vaccination.

    1. “According to the CDC, from 2006 to 2017 over 3.4 billion doses of covered vaccines were distributed in the U.S. For petitions filed in this time period, 6,293 petitions were adjudicated by the Court, and of those 4,311 were compensated. This means for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, approximately 1 individual was compensated.”

      And not nearly all of those compensations were for something as grave as autism… or death.

      Lots more relevant information here:

      I caught and suffered from all the now-preventable childhood diseases when I was little, before vaccines were available. I remember it well. It was pretty awful. I was horribly sick.

      Would I take that one-in-a-million chance with my loved ones? You bet I would. You put their lives at more risk when they ride with you to the grocery store.

      1. The number of individuals compensated is no where near the number of reactions. The CDC themselves state that reactions are underreported, estimating a mere 1% are ever reported. The number of reactions that are taken to court is even lower. Most parents are blindsided by the reaction to begin with, the last thing they do is file a court case. And again, the only reactions compensated are the ones on the injury table, even though other reactions are known to happen, they do not even qualify for compensations. So the direct number of compensations vs doses is irrelevant and not a true indicator of the number of reactions happening. Neither of my children’s reactions were reported, I was not given any information about VAERS, and I had no idea that it existed at the time. Most parents with vaccine injured children state the same.

        Even if we went with the estimate of 1 in a million DOSES having a reaction, we have to do the math on that. Each child is given 72 doses up to age 18. That’s 1 in every 13,888 children.

        Why do pro-vaxers not fear the things we don’t vaccinate for? You’re more likely to die of strep throat but nobody is freaking out over that.

        I don’t know why it put this response in the main thread, vs as a reply. I clicked reply. Anywho.

    2. I repeat: Anti-Vaxxers are stupid. Stupid. And so is your convoluted rationale.

      1. Wow, what well formulated response. I’m convinced. Great job.

        1. My work is done here. Now, don’t start thinking, saying and doing stupid things again.

  15. The number of individuals compensated is no where near the number of reactions. The CDC themselves state that reactions are underreported, estimating a mere 1% are ever reported. The number of reactions that are taken to court is even lower. Most parents are blindsided by the reaction to begin with, the last thing they do is file a court case. And again, the only reactions compensated are the ones on the injury table, even though other reactions are known to happen, they do not even qualify for compensations. So the direct number of compensations vs doses is irrelevant and not a true indicator of the number of reactions happening. Neither of my children’s reactions were reported, I was not given any information about VAERS, and I had no idea that it existed at the time. Most parents with vaccine injured children state the same.

    Even if we went with the estimate of 1 in a million DOSES having a reaction, we have to do the math on that. Each child is given 72 doses up to age 18. That’s 1 in every 13,888 children.

    Why do pro-vaxers not fear the things we don’t vaccinate for? You’re more likely to die of strep throat but nobody is freaking out over that.

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