Report – Devon Tower Incident Interrupts Wedding Plans

On Wednesday, Oklahoma City watched as the Devon Tower became a roller coaster deathtrap for a few window washers. Thankfully, the workers were brought to safety and no one was injured. This should be a feel-good story for everyone. For some, however, it was a bit inconvenient.


Wedding photographer Tina Stephens quickly realized Wednesday was not the ideal day for a shoot in downtown Oklahoma City.

“This is one of those types of things where you have to think quick on your feet,” Stephens said.

She was scheduled to photograph a wedding near the Devon Tower when the wind caused a cradle carrying two window washers to swing uncontrollably and hit the 850-foot-tall building. Window glass crashed to the ground, causing officials to close surrounding streets and the Botanical Myriad Gardens.

Well, on behalf of Oklahoma City, we apologize for the rude nature of gravity, wind and terrible timing. Perhaps I’m being a little harsh; then again, I tend to value the lives of those in immediate danger rather than looking at them as photography obstacles in your shoot.

Here’s more:

“The wedding happened to be planned for today, just so happens that the incident of the Devon Tower. So, we kinda just had to make it up as we go,” Stephens said.

Anastasia and David Stephens were about to tie the knot Wednesday.

Who the hell has a wedding on a Wednesday? Also, is there an old marriage superstition for having your wedding the same day as someone else’s near-death experience? My hope is that this is the work of some half-assed reporting. If it’s not, one could only imagine how delightfully boring it could have been. On a side note, congrats to the lovely couple. After all, I’m a romantic sap at heart.

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