Achille – The Methed Out, Bigoted Uncle of Oklahoma Towns

Small town Oklahoma is no stranger to drugs, bigotry, and institutionalized unethical behavior. So to say Achille seems to be the most screwed up, back ass wards town in Oklahoma is a pretty bold claim. But I am sticking by it. Last week, the former mayor of this rural town, David Northcutt, was arrested after […]

David Payne’s Radar Dong Won Yesterday’s Severe Weather Coverage…

The apocalyptic severe weather event that struck Oklahoma yesterday kind of reminds me of the final season of Game of Thrones. They were both overhyped and they both under-delivered, but we all watched anyway. Hell, at one point I expected Gary England to sneak onto the News 9 set and stab David Payne in the heart, and then see […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Taqueria Rafita’s

On the edge of a rapidly gentrifying Classen Ten-Penn sits one of the mejor taquerias in town, Taqueria Rafita’s, 1222 N. Penn. Holding on tight for a few years now, Rafita’s has steadfastly maintained its own dominant personalidad as the area has mostly changed and gained more CBD shops than I can count on both […]