Trains to be given $1,000 fines for blocking intersections…

In the span of two hours as I moved my apartment from the south side to the north side, I was caught behind two parked trains. Each of these bullshit behemoths took over 20 minutes to move.

This was why I was thrilled to see lawmakers take action against the cargo cucks. Unfortunately, my hopes didn’t last forever.

Via the Oklahoman:

A substitute bill that would authorize local law officers to cite train owners or operators for blocking a road-rail intersection for longer than 10 minutes without good reason cleared Oklahoma’s House of Representatives on Monday.

The House approved a version of the measure that came out of a conference committee with a greatly reduced proposed maximum fine by an 82-to-3 vote.

Uhm, who the hell are the three people that voted no? Sadists, perhaps? Traffic-loving losers who enjoy listening to their audio books? People taking the long way home in order to avoid their spouses? Morons who played too much Railroad Tycoon?

Also, please explain the “greatly reduced fine.” How much is Mr. Caboose going to have to pay for blocking the road?

Like the bill’s original version, the proposed law would authorize local police, deputy sheriffs and highway patrol troopers to issue citations to train operators for lengthy intersection blockages. But it reduces the maximum fine that could be imposed to $1,000 per violation….

Initially, the House bill proposed a maximum fine of $10,000 for citations where the operator had been found to have violated the law. The Senate version, which had to be considered by committees on that side twice before it advanced, cut that to $5,000.

The committee substitute the House approved Monday not only reduces the maximum fine, it also requires citations to be heard by an administrative law judge at the corporation commission, with a caveat that a judge’s finding could be appealed to elected commissioners.

Only $1,000? I’m sure that’s going to intimidate these big companies that do billions of dollars in revenue! That would be like playing Monopoly and bragging that you got the richest player to pay rent on the Reading Railroad.

Seriously, what a joke. Before 1964, Oklahoma was one of the more democratic, progressive states in the union. And now, we’re negotiating terms with train conglomerates and oil barons like it’s a hostage situation.

Oklahoma legislature, you need to get your groove back.

Make decisions that benefit all of us. For starters, let’s try imposing the original $10,000 on the train companies. What are they going to do, choose a different track? Be assertive and tell their antiquated transporting asses to get in gear or pay the price.

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