Russian Spy Maria Butina Stranded In Grady County Jail…

From the films Golden Eye and Red Sparrow, to Tom Clancy novels and same tirades my great-uncle has been repeating since 1984, we Americans have always seemed to romanticize the intrigue, deception, and history of the Cold War. Though the USSR fell nearly three decades ago, it seems like the fear and distrust of the now Russian Federation are still alive in the minds of many. But with good reason. Because Oklahomans have apparently had an alleged Russian spy in their backyard for a while now.

Via The Huffington Post

Maria Butina, a Russian gun rights activist convicted of working for the Kremlin without registering as a foreign agent, is speaking out from jail, asking the public to help with her legal expenses.

Alexander Ionov, the founder of a nonprofit called the Anti-Globalization Movement, released a video of Butina’s public appeal on Instagram on Saturday. Butina can be seen sitting in front of bunk beds and talking through a telephone handset.

Delivering her message in Russian, Butina begged for money to help pay her lawyer who is filing an appeal, according to the Associated Press.

During a Sunday appearance on state television, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “We aren’t financing a lawyer, but we are doing everything so that she will be afforded all rights as a Russian citizen,” the AP reported.

Here’s a link to the jailhouse interview.

For the purposes of Glasnost, Maria Butina is a Russian citizen who pleaded guilty last year to attempting to infiltrate conservative political circles and influence American politics for the benefit of Russia. Wow, it’s like a spy novel has really come to life! And like any classic, Cold War era espionage story, the convicted Butina was sentenced to spend time in a vast wasteland…

Russian news agency TASS reported that the footage was shot inside Oklahoma’s Grady County Jail.

Gather up the Wolverines! Maria Butina is currently being held in the Grady County Jail right here in Chickasha, America because… uhm… we have no clue, but either way, for the first time in years Oklahoma is experiencing a red scare that has nothing to do with the GOP! Whether or not you believe she purposely tried to influence Republican politicians, it’s easy to take pity on her. I understand that some consider her to be a Russian spy, but judges generally agree that non-citizens are guaranteed many constitutional rights when tried in a US court, including a fair trial. And can you really say Maria Butina received a fair trial if she was sentenced to 18 months of living in Oklahoma?

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22 Responses

  1. The Grady County Jail is a hub for federal prisoners. The U.S. Marshals Service routinely parks prisoners who are in transit from one institution to another. Grady County has some big loans to service for the jail so they work really hard to keep the federal prisoners. There are advantages for the Marshals due to proximity to the Conair hub at Will Rogers,

    1. You mean the feds don’t want to use the OK County jail? Can’t imagine why not.

  2. Most likely the reason Butina is in Grady County is that Grady County provides over-flow beds for the Federal Transfer Center in OKC.

  3. Russian gun rights activist? That like a German stand up comic, not a thing.

  4. Comrade Maria was only standing up for the Second Amendment rights of Americans in her work with the NRA. And for that, she’s going to be locked up in hellholes like the Grady County jail? What has become of our freedoms? We knew that our federal law enforcement agencies are thoroughly corrupt and treasonous because the President has told us so, but has law enforcement at the county level in Oklahoma become corrupted as well? Even in a patriotic place like Chickasha?

    Perhaps President Trump can make this right by issuing this Russian/American patriot a full pardon, and a one-way ticket back to the land of her birth under the tender care of Comrade Putin. Surely she deserves a full pardon as much as any American military war criminal, scofflaw Arizona sheriff, or terrorist ranchers who vandalize public land.

    1. Jail just holds em etc, has nothing to do with charges or punishment justice wise or nothing. But yeah.

  5. I thought she’d be cuter…

    1. Have you seen the inmates there? She is hot! Best looking dude in there.

      1. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Good observation, sir. I retract my statement.

      2. Tacky. LOL funny, though.

    2. IKR?
      I didn’t even know Geddy Lee had a sister.

      1. Definitely no Red Sparrow.

  6. Maybe we just ought to show that Oklahoma Standard and take her a mess of chicken fried streak, fried okra, corn on the cob, a gallon of ice tea and a big ‘ol poke salad drenched in Ranch Dressing….and a hacksaw inside a box of Aunt Bill’s candy.

  7. Thanks for posting the Russian text. I was having trouble with the American stuff before that.

    1. Step over here, sir.

  8. No wonder the Grady county public officials overpaid themselves by almost 3/4 of a $million. They’re fighting the pinko commies in their midst without help from anybody. Does Trump know about this? Need to get to work on that wall around Chickasha. Which btw is pronounced chik-a-shaw per espn.

  9. Allow me to translate the Russian jibber-jabber:

    “I have agreed to a plea deal. I will gladly serve fifty years in Federal prison if I can only be moved from Grady County immediately. Talk about ‘cruel and unusual!'”

    1. She thinks Grady county is bad 😄 she’s lucky OK county isn’t holding federal inmates anymore!

  10. just a matter of time before she gets traded for an American being held in a Russian jail

  11. Hopefully her buddies from the NRA, Ollie North and Wayne LaPierre, not to mention some execs from Ackerman McQueen, will be joining her there soon.

  12. Vlad can pay for her lawyer anytime he wants. Don’t think she should be looking forward to being deported back to Russia. Her handler “resigned” his post, has left one twitter message, & not been seen since. Over/under on her lifespan once she gets home 30 days tops. Those 30 won’t be fun.

  13. A fibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the-wisp! A clown!

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