Only six witnesses talked about “encounters” with David Boren…

Just a few weeks after Jim Gallogly was conveniently photographed walking off campus carrying a white box with all his personal belongings, The Oklahoman reported that only six people spoke to investigators about the “encounters” they had with OU President David Boren.

Here are the details from real-news reporter Nolan Clay:

Six witnesses gave accounts about encounters with David Boren to the law firm that conducted a sexual misconduct investigation of the retired University of Oklahoma president, according to an excerpt from the law firm’s report.

One of the witnesses, Jess Eddy, on Tuesday released the excerpt of the confidential report to the media, after OU allowed him to review it.

“Mr. Eddy’s account of President Boren’s sexual advances is generally consistent with and similar to the accounts of others among The Six Witnesses — in particular the hotel room evenings described by SAIII and the President’s Office meetings described by SAXII,” the report states.

The excerpt does not name the other witnesses. “SA” is apparently an abbreviation for “Senior Administrator.”

Yep, six people talked about their encounters. Based on all the rumors that have been circulating about Boren over the years, that seems kind of low. Hell, the way Boren talked about the political witch hunt, I was expecting at least a dozen.

In all fairness to Boren, the only accuser who’s gone public – Jess Eddy – isn’t the most reliable witness. His story has already changed twice. He first denied any inappropriate behavior occurred and then hit up David Boren for some money. He then changed his tune and gave a second interview to the law firm, spilling the jelly beans:

In the second interview, he told Jones Day that he and Boren ate pizza and drank alcohol together in a hotel room in Houston in 2010, according to the report. He said Boren gave him $100 in Norman to buy alcohol for the trip.

He said Boren later made “multiple sexual advances” toward him in the president’s office.

“Mr. Eddy recalled these advances happening once or twice a semester ‘with regularity’ through at least the spring of 2012. Mr. Eddy described President Boren’s sexual behavior as ‘grandfatherly’ but nevertheless ‘inappropriate,'” according to the excerpt.

He specifically told Jones Day that Boren would give him prolonged hugs, kiss him on the cheek and neck, and grab his buttocks while calling him special and wonderful, according to the excerpt.

Jones Day noted in its report that it had determined that Eddy “provided generally reliable information” during his second interview with respect to Boren’s “sexual conduct.”

Jesus Christ. Who does Boren think he is? A rich, white, perverted male who uses his wealth, power and influence to coerce reluctant people into satisfying sexual desires? That would be shocking!

Naturally, David Boren is denying Eddy’s accusations. He even hired weirdo Tulsa attorney Clark “Bitter Beer Face” Brewster as his counsel. Here’s what Brewster told the esteemed Mr. William F. “Tres’” Savage, III B.S. of journalism website Non Doc:

Clark Brewster, an attorney representing Boren, said early Tuesday evening that Eddy is not “credible.”

“I don’t believe that that is the conclusion that would be reached by anyone,” Brewster said. “I can tell you that nobody describing what Eddy described viewed it as sexual misconduct at all. I take issue with that kind of morphing generalization.”

Brewster said Boren hardly knew Eddy and may have put his arm around him but that Eddy was not being truthful in his description. Brewster also emphasized the differences between Eddy’s two interviews with Jones Day and said Eddy asked for compensation when he spoke to Boren in March.

“Even in the face of that, the accuser is a guy like Jess Eddy — a guy who has told completely contradictory stories and wants money for the play he’s going to write,” Brewster said. “When your case lands on the credibility of that person, you know it’s a completely desperate attack.”

Before we can continue, I would just like to say, we were just giving Brewster a hard time. He’s been a true admirer of TLO since its existence and can obviously take a joke. I know this, because he emailed us this after we wrote about his new client Stormy Daniels:

That’s hysterical! I love how Brewster sent a satirical email pretending to be mad. Obviously, as a long-time admirer, he’s aware that we like to roast our subjects like a human body in his tanning bed, and laughed the whole thing off…Right?

Anyway, I guess the next question is where does all this go? Apparently all the investigation details have been turned over to a special prosecutor. I would say that’s actually a good thing for David Boren, as it will increase his chances of orchestrating a classic Oklahoma political cover up. That has to be in the cards, right? He just needs to get his fall-guys lined up; reach some settlements; line the right pockets; and – outside of a permanently damaged legacy – everything should be good to go.

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23 Responses

  1. Is it possible he is just Biden junior here? I didn’t like him back in the day when I went to OU for the merit scholar free rides to out of staters, but he never came off as a deviant to me.

    1. A Trumpkin calling a possible perv “Biden Jr.” while his hero has publicly admitted to leching on teen girls. Just more right-wing hypocrisy.

      1. First, I have to say Trumpkin is a great term, kudos 🙂 And if my “hero” is a rich guy who bangs super models and loves America versus
        your creepy uncle Joe that openly sniffs kids and asks 10 year olds for their home addresses, I’ma go with big Orange there chief. 2020 gonna be a cakewalk with these Dems…

        1. “Big Orange” also thinks his own daughter is “hot.” Now I get the basis or your attraction.

        2. Pays to bang super models while his third wife, the one that overstayed her visa and has the chain migration family, was pregnant with their child. And not the child he has admitted he would sleep with. But yes, Biden is the creepy one. Magatards wear irony like a cheap cologne.

        3. Another high school kid on Lost Ogle. Kids these days have the morals of a whore and the education of a coal miner. Probably masturbates to lumpy hannity.
          Patrickisadousche: Oklahoma’s future 3/4 ton diesel pickup driving, nuts hanging on the back bumper for show, tires 1′ outside the body of the truck kind of youngster.

        4. Troll or just uninformed?

        5. I mean, Biden may be a dirty old man, but Trump bragged about walking in on underage girls at his beauty pageants so the pedo vibes are well with him

  2. Only a few folks know the absolute truth of this disturbing issue…As the saying goes….’Where there is smoke…’

  3. Move on, Davy and the boys are back in control, any who think that perversion and corruption happened at the highest level at OU are bigots who should be banished.

  4. Close Encounters of the Worst Kind – now showing in Soonerland! BOOMER…..

  5. … should have supported Clem McSpadden back in ’72..

    1. +1

    2. ’74. You probably didn’t even vote.

  6. I don’t believe it.

  7. Regardless where this goes, the good news is that at least for now he is out at OU. He used his power to take advantage of young men. He wasn’t molesting children (from the reports I’ve seen).

    My guess is this will end up going to trial and Boren pays a hefty settlement to the accusers to have them go away. He won’t spend any time in jail. Boren probably will keep all his retirement pensions and live comfortably in his mansion the rest of his days, drinking expensive vodka and hiring young men to come over every day and give him personal massages.

    1. Which is why I don’t believe the allegations. This is the information age… there is an app for that type of thing. But even before then a closeted man would remain closeted for long if he went around drunkenly hitting on straight guys he knows personally or professionally. They had places to go and engage in “foot tapping” and other non-verbal forms of communication.

      Mr. Eddy’s story doesn’t pass the smell test.

    2. Even if it goes to trial, Boren will become conveniently “too ill” to face trial. Then it will be tossed out, and six to nine months later (average memory of an Oklahoman) he will be teaching at OU again. If not teaching, his legacy will remain intact with the help of the new interim-not so interim university president.

    3. I agree with anybody who goes by Fairy Mallin.

  8. I told you guys several weeks ago that there were more than 2, far more than 2. But the “Boren Boys” have been well taken care of in their career paths. Some will never turn on him. But when the first settlement gets paid out, be prepared for dozens more to come forward. This has been going on from even before he was the President, just look at the interim President. He probably had 3-4 twinkies per academic year.

  9. The Icon of the Oklahoma Deathocrat party and Mr OU is truly DEEPSTATE and these “suckers” don’t go “down” easy. You would think alternative media would get a clue.

  10. Six witnesses is six too many. He was the president of the university.

  11. In 2004 the late Michael Wright told me on Campus Corner in Norman about some “Boren stories” which went back to his Yale University days (1960-1963). It was actually documented in a book (can’t remember the name of the book).Sounds like these type of allegations.

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