Hey Look! Matt Damon came to Oklahoma!!!

According to social media reports that were quickly spun into local news reports that are now being spun into sarcastic blog posts, Big League Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon was spotted in and around Oklahoma City, Stillwater and Chickasha this weekend.

Accompanying him on his visit was fledgling actor / award-winning filmmaker Tom McCarthy. He played that lying reporter in Season 5 of The Wire, but is now better known as a filmmaker. He directed the Best Picture-winner Spotlight, and nearly cast Matt Damon in the lead role. Matt chose the Martian instead.

Now I guess the two are working together on a new project, and came to Oklahoma for “research purposes.” Or maybe they lost a bet to Ben Affleck. Who knows. Either way, here’s the duo mingling with common folk in Midtown.

If you’re an A-list celeb, Oklahoma City is a nice little place to visit. Sure, the common folk may bother you for a few photos, but we’re nice and easy to get along with. Plus, if you just want to get away and spend some time alone, you can always ride the streetcar.

Channel 25 interviewed the people in the photo, because you know, a celebrity being spotted her is a big fucking deal:

Sherry Richelle said Matt Damon and Tom McCarthy came into the McNellie’s pub in Midtown OKC and asked to sat down next to her and her friends.

She told them the seats were reserved, but then she realized who she was talking to. Richelle said she later apologized for telling them they couldn’t sit with her and her friends.

“They said I was the rudest person in Oklahoma,” Richelle laughed.

You gave away your friends’ seats to a pair of strangers from out-of-town because you like their movies? Yeah, I agree with Matt – you are the rudest person in Oklahoma.

Matt also spent some time in Chickasha. Maybe he was interviewing the Russian spy as research for a new Bourne flick or something?

I’m sure Roy’s BBQ is tasty and everything, but how did he end up there and not Jake’s Rib? It’s worth “researching” just for curly fry bricks. They still do that right?

Matt also ventured to the remote outpost of Stillwater. This film he’s working on must be one hell of a tear-jerker.

Although I do share this Twitter persons sentiments, who was Matt’s tour guide on this Oklahoma Experience Roadtrip? I’d rank Garage above Tuckers and S&B when it comes to the hierarchy of local burger chains, but shouldn’t he be eating Eskimo Joe’s. Yeah, it’s kind of the collegetown equivalent of a tourist trap, but you haven’t really experienced Stillwater, Oklahoma until you’ve played pool with a greasy cue while nibbling on chili-cheese fries.

Here’s one more photo:

Man. I really miss the days when celebrities made artistic statements by vandalizing city property with great white shark posters. Now they’re just visiting art galleries in Stillwater and choosing the wrong restaurants. That’s not very easy to exploit for pageviews.

Anyway, I’ve been doing some crack research this morning trying to figure out what mysterious project Damon was researching in Oklahoma. So far, the only thing I know is that it’s low-budget. Why else would he be flying commercial with Martin Short?