Metro Music Showcase: June

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly OKC Metro Music Calendar, where we highlight some of the best live music and concerts for you to check out over the next month!

The feature is brought to you by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. If you’ve followed award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton’s explorations of Oklahoma’s vibrant music scene, you’re familiar with the documentary’s eclectic lineup of the state’s rising artists and musicians. They just released the second episode of their third season, featuring local American folk-rock band The Imaginaries

You can watch that new episode above, and when you’re done, check out this month’s curated list of local concerts to attend…

Black Magic Flower Power
Tuesday, June 4
Blue Note Lounge, Oklahoma City

What must it be like to be stuck inside of an era you never experienced! In the 90s, we had all that swing-revival shit, and everyone was jump, jivin’ and a-wailin.’ And the 80s was full of 50s nostalgia. Lately, it’s been a fixation on the 70s and all that cool psychedelic rock and funk that was being cranked out. Black Magic Flower Power is a time machine to that era, in case you need a reason to bust out the polyester.

Full of Hell & Primitive Man
Wednesday, June 5
89th Street, Oklahoma City

Full of Hell is signed to Relapse Records, which means one of three things to you: 1) absolutely nothing, 2) they’re a top-tier metal band, or 3) they’re sell-out poseurs. If you’re in the last tier, you spend too much time on message boards for obscure metal genres. If you’re in the first tier, you’re not a metal-head, and that’s okay. I’m in the Goldilocks tier and enjoy well-produced extreme metal. Full of Hell has collaborated with experimental acts like Merzbow and The Body, and if you know, you know.

Eclipse Darkness
Saturday, June 8
51st Street Speakeasy, Oklahoma City

In the age of Soundcloud rappers that tend to mumble like they’ve just eaten a few too many Xanny bars, it’s refreshing to hear that super machine gun burst style, like Twista or Busta Rhymes. That’s what Eclipse Darkness — which hails from Dallas, Texas — is spitting: that Micro Machine guy’s volume of language.

Juice WRLD & Ski Mask The Slump God
Tuesday, June 11
The Criterion, Oklahoma City

While we’re talking about the changing format of rap in this weird age where it’s crazy that a year ago Pusha T murdered Drake in a rap beef and that seems like it was a decade ago, genres have been mashing together in a way that’s strange and fun and exciting again. All those crusty people your age who tell you music sucks now aren’t paying attention. Anyways, Juice WRLD is cool, because you can hear that he listened to a bunch of mall emo growing up, and it influences his tone and subject matter. He’s comfortable singing about feelings, and that’s cool.

Thursday, June 13
Tower Theatre, Oklahoma City

How many famous bass players can you name? There are plenty, but they are not quite on the same level of notoriety as guitarists and drummers and singers and flautists. Okay, maybe not flautists, but it’s fun to say. Thundercat is the current Heavy Weight World Championship Belt-holder for funky-ass bass. And if you’ve ever heard his solo work or playing in Flying Lotus, you get it.

Trace Adkins
Friday, June 14
Grand Event Center, Shawnee

Fun Fact: Trace Adkins put out his debut album when he was 34. Almost 10 years later, he decided to release the above track, which only counts as country because he’s a white dude with a goatee and cowboy hat. But it’s cool that you can be in your 40s and decide that rapping is a new career path. It’s never too late to try new things.

Dio Returns
Thursday, June 20
The Criterion, Oklahoma City

Not sure if a TLO post counts as Last Will & Testament material, but if this scheme works, please listen: When I die, just leave me in the ground; don’t talk about me, and definitely do NOT — under any circumstance — devise a tour where a hologram of me will endlessly sing my greatest hits. Granted, the only songs I’ve ever written are the ones I sing to my pets, and they’re pretty good, but, yeah, just leave me alone. Anyway, if you are still itching to see one of the greatest heavy metal singers of all time but missed the chance before he shuffled off this mortal coil, now you can see a hologram of Dio do his thing. 2019 is weird as hell.

“Weird Al” Yankovic
Friday, June 21
The Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City

If you don’t like Weird Al, I’m sorry for whatever trauma you experienced that made you incapable of wholesome laughter. Even though most of the songs Al is known for are parodies, he’s still an incredible talent — between his creativity and musicianship — and just one of the brightest lights in the music scene, since I’ve been a tiny little kid.

Andrea von Kampen
Wednesday, June 26
Blue Door, Oklahoma City

We’ve highlighted a lot more aggressive music than usual this month, but that’s the mood summer puts me in! How about we end the calendar with some gentle folk music from Lincoln, Nebraska? Also, who else is from Lincoln? I was thinking Bright Eyes, but I guess he’s actually from Omaha, which had a kinda big indie scene. Anyways, Andrea von Kampen has a powerful and somber voice and can fingerpick like a sonofagun.