OKC Retirement Community Offers Residential Fight Club…

I consider myself a pacifist. The idea of harming another human being is barbaric and otherwise inhumane; however, the residents of a local retirement community are beginning to sway my thoughts to the other side.

Via The Oklahoman:

Betty “Toots” Fisher was more than surprised to hear boxing was being added to the activities lineup at her retirement community.

“I could not believe they were going to offer a class like this for — I don’t want to say ‘old people’ — for this age group,” Fisher said. But her daughter encourage her, “Mom, do it. You’ll like it.”

That was about a year ago. Today, Fisher is one of five residents — all north of 80 — who show up with boxing gloves Monday and Friday afternoons in the fitness center at Concordia Life Care Community.

That’s right, a fight club for the elderly has begun! Fights begin promptly at Noon, 2pm and, for the night owls, 4pm. If you plan to attend, get there early. Now that the newspaper has covered it, everyone in OKC over 80 will be there.

Okay, I kid, I kid. The last thing we want to do is come off as ageist. We believe that age is no obstacle for anybody to do anything they want to do. Hell, I’m 25 years old and the last time I took a self-defense class, I was 14 and I cried after getting a kick to the chest. That’s also when I started drinking Ensure. So, in the words of actor Ken Watanabe:

Here’s more:

“For any of the classes, it should be something you want to come to. You’d miss it,” Coleman said.

The benefits of the class are many — social, physical and mental, he said.

Fisher said the participants learn how to place their feet for balance, how to take a step after a stumble and not fall.

That’s a great idea, especially if they get companies like Life Alert, Ben-Gay and the My Pillow to sponsor the fights. The jackpot could be a roll of quarters, bag of Werther’s Originals and a US Government Savings Bond. You know, something contestants can give to the grandkids.

Overall, I applaud the efforts of the retirement community for helping their community be active. After all, we can’t all sit in front of computer screens looking for stuff to make fun – that’s our damn job! Stay young, stay active and kickass when you can.

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