Although most of our local news sources are still suffering from the weather hangovers, we’ve still managed to dig up some stuff to get you through your Monday morning. Our own Steven Hernandez attended the Women’s Softball World Series and has some reporting that is worth reading, especially if you’re bummed about Golden State picking up a (Kevin Durant-less) game.

Hello, Beto!

Outside of Ms. Warren has stopping by her old high school, this marks this first visit to Oklahoma City by a Democratic presidential candidates. At least I think – there are 400 people currently running.

Say what you want about Beto, but it takes some gall for a Texan to prioritize Oklahoma as a campaign photo op stop. I’m not out here ready to give him an endorsement or anything, but it’s better than seeing Ted Cruz hanging around these parts.

OKC Mayor / Professional Celebrity Chaser David Holt Shot Hoops With Blake Griffin

This is all really cool, but can someone explain what futsal is to me? I could Google it but I’m not interested in adding more sports into my life.

Never forget that the Hot Young Mayor is also the Very Tall Young Mayor, and even he cannot win a meaningless jump ball over Professional Athlete Blake Griffin. That said, the OKC Thunder could use some wing depth, so if Holt can hit some corner three’s and play a little defense, let’s give him a minimum contract.

In other local mayor/NBA news…

I wonder how many other mayors of major cities with professional sports presence get to rub elbows with stars the way they do in OKC, but Holt makes it seem like a fun perk of the job.



Shout-out to the intern who attached a photo of Trump wearing Mickey Mouse-style oversized Darth Vader gloves. Nothing makes us feel better about the federal gov taking care of us than a picture of a real-estate developer-turned-politician cosplaying as the bad guy from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’

Kirk Humphreys Is Leaving Flashpoint

Well, surely they will bring in some fresh new blood to represent the recent Blue Wave in Oklahoma, maybe a voice that could speak for all the young, urban, and progressive voters. Wait, what’s that you say? Humphreys is being replaced with former Lt. Governor Todd Lamb? Alright, nothing to see here, carry on…

Blue Angels Are BACK, Baby!

I didn’t even know they ever left, but every year when it’s the time for the big air show in Midwest City my family tries to get me out there to hang out in my grandparents backyard and grill out and watch the show, and the years that I get to go are always pretty fun, but it’s pretty difficult to get off work in the service industry on a busy Saturday with the excuse that I wanna watch the planes go vroom vroom.

Steven’s Sports Beat

For those that do not have softball girls or follow the Sooners or the Pokes, the Women’s College World Series is in town this week and both state schools made the final 8. The Sooners were coming into OKC after setting a NCAA record for consecutive wins and cruising through home victories in the regional and super regional. The oSu Cowgirls did not have it as easy, having to play on the road for both. On top of that, they had to play in Tallahassee against the defending national champion, FSU Noles. It was a big weekend for both teams, as they won their opening games on Thursday to set up for a second round bedlam meeting under the Friday night lights.

The Pokes showed they deserved to be in the WCWS, defeating a tough Flo-Rida team 2-1. Unfortunately, the next day they had to play a familiar foe. One that had beat them three times this season and 23 in row. That’s not a typo and it is fact checked. The last time the Cowgirls beat the Sooners in softball was in 2011.

Winning out of the losers bracket is hard. So hard that only three teams have ever gone on to win a title after dropping down to it. Every team that made it to the 405 is a title worthy contender, and losing by one is nothing to be ashamed about. Unless you sit next to that annoying all knowing Sooner at work. But everyone works with a Kevin and if you are a Kevin, don’t be. It’s softball dood.

Like endless pancakes at IHOP, all good things must come to an end, and in this case it was the Sooners win streak through the WCWS being taken down by the very team they opened the tournament with a win over on Thursday. A quick 45 minute turnaround on Sunday night to play Bama again, and this time pulled off a win to advance to the Finals to play #2 UCLA who has yet to lose a game in the world series this year.


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6 Responses

  1. A bit mixed up there — or missing a transition. Humphreys was the GOP talking head. His replacement would not be charged with representing ” the recent Blue Wave in Oklahoma, maybe a voice that could speak for all the young, urban, and progressive voters. ”

    Nor does KFOR have any intention of doing that. Alleged Dem spokesman Mike Turpen endorsed GOP AG candidate Mike Hunter and dissed Dem AG candidate Mark Myles on air while claiming that Hunter’s experience with Grifting Scott Pruitt was laudable.


    1. Mike Turpen is a great spokesman for the Democrat party………and so is David Walters! Beto was very likely taking notes on how to avoid jail.

      1. Yeah, we’ll go far with high-profile fifth columnists.

  2. Trump is very sensitive about the small size of his hands, and the large Mickey Mouse gloves make his hands look bigger. Perhaps few will notice his odd fashion choice for a man in an oversized, loose-fitting business suit in weather not cold enough for a topcoat.

    Without even mentioning the elaborate comb-over! So much insecurity!

    1. It looked to me like the gloves were on the wrong hands.

  3. Hey, didn’t there used to be a uniquely designed theater on the grounds where the new basketball court was constructed, but it was torn down because a local energy company did a backdoor (and it was backdoor) deal to acquire the land to build a large scale building they don’t plan to build anymore?

    Oh wait, Blake Griffin is in town. And our exuberant, photo-op mayor is playing basketball? Oh never mind, forget about it, it’s cool…

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