Crime Watch: “Sweat Pant Bandit” robbing banks across OKC Metro

When I first moved to Edmond, I assumed I would be living in a safe, low-crime city with both a Chili’s and an Outback Steakhouse. Five years later, not only has the Outback Steakhouse closed, but Edmond’s seedy crime underbelly has also begun to reveal itself. Hide your Lululemon active wear, Kade Spade purses, and essential […]

Who’s ready for a wet, cool Oklahoma summer?

Summer is the shittiest season. There, I said it. Everyone sweats harder than a teen getting their browser history checked; we’re constantly reminded that almost everyone is out of shape and everyone always feel like they’re on fire. According to the Climate Prediction Center, this may be about to change. Via the Tulsa World:

The Soundtrak of Our Lives: Linda Soundtrak’s Enduring Okie Appeal

During the 1980s and 1990s, OKC was deluged with numerous memorable commercials—many of which are still unparalleled today—from Tall Paul Auto Insurance to the Credit Jewelers cowboy. When I think back on it, however, few had a spokesperson that many Oklahoman’s remember with as much fondness and irritancy as Linda Soundtrak. With a deafening appeal, in […]

Weird “Free Blockbuster” Stand Appears in Plaza District…

Earlier this week, a local film buff group called VHS and Chill setup a “Free Blockbuster” kiosk in the Plaza District. I guess it’s a place where local 20-something hipsters who stole their parents VHS collection can trade and share old tapes with Louis Fowler. Here’s a photo: Basically, it’s like one of those mobile bookshare library […]