Weekend News Recap

Last weekend was the one year anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide, and boy did it mess me up. I never believed in hero-worship until I found out that I had a hero, and like most of the people who you have a deep love for, you don’t realize it until they’re gone.

As a service industry lifer myself, Bourdain gave me validation in the way he portrayed being a cook or a bartender or whatever as not just a means to another end, but as a noble lifestyle. He also paved a path to something greater, someone who broke free from grilling steaks and found a career in legit journalism where he could use food service as a vehicle to teach cultural empathy and kindness and global understanding.

And after all of that, becoming a rockstar in the culinary scene and global cable network racket, he still wasn’t happy. Imagine having more than you ever could have though about asking for, but still living with a deep sadness that pushed you out of the world. There are probably a lot of your friends that live with that heavy weight around their necks, so remember to check in and say ‘Hello’ and ‘Would you like to get a beer tomorrow?’ and all that, because asking polite questions could save the life of someone you love.

Now here’s you weekend news recap…

Falls Creek Is Finally Doing Better

All I knew about Falls Creek was it was a way to hook up as a teenager pretending like you cared about Jesus but just wanted to meet people that are down with doing finger stuff. Even though I never went, it was legendary as a place to excise hormones. Turns out, the creepy sex vibe went higher than just the teenagers. If you’ve never seen the film Sleepaway Camp, the idea of a child molesting chef has been in the zeitgeist for a while, and that guy got what was coming to him with a boiling pot of water spilled on top of him. It’s a good/bad movie that turned out to be prescient for our particular situation.

We have a new Miss Oklahoma…

This used to be front page news at The Lost Ogle, but now we bury a new Miss Oklahoma in a weekend news recap. This is because we strongly condone any type of event that parades young, nubile women around in evening gowns, and then forces them to show off talents, like their pieces of meat for Prince Charming. That being said, if Addison Price wins Miss America we’ll be sure to properly gloat and ogle.

Tulsa Stinks

We talk a lot of friendly smack about Tulsa, but love our friends in the 918 dearly. It’s awful that they’re having to deal with all of this flooding, and apparently the stink that goes along with it. Hopefully, they can unstinkify the city quickly, and residents can have their homes repaired in a timely manner.

This Kid Is A Narc

Doesn’t matter how old you are, if you invite a cop to your birthday, everybody in the neighborhood is gonna label you a snitch.

More rain stuff

When do we get to see Mike Morgan’s 7-day, Plus 4-More! forecast that has nothing but clear suns and red, triple digit numbers on it. Seriously, I’m in the mood for a good old fashioned Oklahoma drought. We need a break from the rain, and it will be refreshing to hear people complain about a different aspect of Oklahoma weather.

Weed Money

The state has pulled in more than $10 million in tax money from legalizing marijuana. Only time will tell if it’s another lottery situation where legislators decide to squander the money instead of sinking it into education, but until they decide to properly tax entities and individuals who are oil rich, it’s a good start.

Steven’s Sports Beat

A lot of cities would love to have a NBA team. Those that do have a team would love to have a perennial playoff contender. While the fans in OKC would love a title, it’s not as bad as this makes us out to be, especially when we don’t have the salary space to bring in a heavy hitter free agent.

The Pokes had a great run in both softball and baseball this post season. Unfortunately, they both had to face Big 12 foes to advance. Kirby Hocutt is the current athletic director at Texas Tech and should be given a huge raise. Their program’s ability to sell anyone from coaches to high school athletes to move to God forsaken Lubbock and then be successful on top of that is impressive. Keep that man happy!

I’m not sure what they are trying to stir up here. The UCLA fans were well represented, but it was a home game for the Sooners the whole week. From all accounts I observed, it was very cordial and the UCLA fans were as gracious as winners as OU fans were in defeat. While I know they would have gladly traded a win record for a national title, the ladies have nothing to be ashamed of in the two game sweep.