OKC Parks & Rec crew provides hysterical live weather report…

During the month of May, it seemed like the weather gods flipped a daily coin to determine the fate of the state. Oklahomans binge-watched Mike Morgan and his homing beacon tie or David Payne and his sick-ass dance moves while drawing weather dongs on a green screen. Oklahoma weather is dramatic enough as it is without having Gary England scream at you to get underground.

We deserve more out of weather. We deserve the truth. We deserve a team like Channel 69 News. Check out this awesomeness:

I must admit, I haven’t laughed that hard at a video in a long time. I think Damon Lane or whoever is at Channel 25 should hire these guys as stormchasers. Who wouldn’t watch?

Naturally, because people were having fun while on the clock, KFOR had to snitch to their boss in a story about the video:

News 4 reached Parks and Recreation Director Doug Kupper by phone Monday. He said he couldn’t yet confirm that the men in the video were his employees, but that initially, it may not have been appropriate behavior while in city uniform.

“Obviously Facebook is Facebook and we are citizens of the United States so we have an opportunity to express ourselves,” Kupper said, “so I just need to look into it further.”

Oh grow up, Parks and Rec officials. The state was literally turning into a landlocked Atlantis and you want to be sticklers about this? And since you’re pro free speech, you probably wouldn’t have a problem with me pointing out that your shortened name is D. Kupper. Makes sense; only a big boob would get so bent out of shape about something like this.

I think it’s about god damn time we had a news source that spoke the truth – the truth being that no one has any damn clue what is going to happen in Oklahoma at any given time. I believe that Sharita Wilson speaks for all of us here in the red dirt state. If we’re going to get fucked by nature, let’s at least have fun with it.

Brandon is now a proud subscriber to Channel 69 weather reports. You can follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.