Oklahoma Aquarium dares people to swim, possibly die, with bull sharks

Let’s face it – Jenks is the ignored stepchild of Tulsa. Labeling the town as a suburb of Tulsa is sort of like pretending to let your child choose the vacation. When Trip Advisor’s number one attraction tells people to go to an aquarium, it’s not looking too promising. As it turns out though, Jenks has […]

How to Say No… to Medical Marijuana Hookups

It’s happened! You’ve finally received that golden ticket in the mail, which will take you on a magical trip to a place of pure herbal — and legal — medication: the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) card. You feel lighter than Wayne Coyne in a bubble, floating amongst a sea of unique people’s hands. In […]

The Wayne Coyne Guide To Parenting

Our favorite local weirdo rockstar Wayne Coyne just had his first child last week with his wife Katy: https://instagram.com/p/Bydc9rdJSj5/ We’ve poked a lot of fun at Wayne over the years, but we’d like to wish him congratulations on fatherhood. According to Patrick and other people I know with kids, it’s a lot of work and […]