Oklahoma Aquaman terrorizes Warr Acres neighborhood…

Superheroes have been in the mainstream for over a decade. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has flourished, the DC extended universe has had a hard time finding their footing. Since Robert Pattinson was chosen to play The Dark Knight, many have questioned who would play the rest of the Justice League. Well DC, we have your Aquaman.

Via KFOR.com:

A man is accused of entering a couple’s home and leaving their water running, and the homeowners say they learned he’s allegedly done similar things for more than a decade.

Mario Williams said he was at work Friday morning when his surveillance camera alerted him there was a stranger at his front door. At the same time, his wife called hysterical, saying the man turned on their hose out front, then entered the garage.

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the King of the Seven Seas would be found in our landlocked state – the damn weather gods did try to turn us into the nation’s super lake. I guess the only difference is instead of donning orange scale armor and a golden trident, this demi-god requires a makeshift headdress and garden hose.

Here’s more:

The hose was left on to flood the front yard.

Williams said police recognized the man immediately as someone who’s been doing this for years.

“That he’s a ‘water worshiper,'” Williams said. Officers told Williams the man has been banned from businesses and churches in the area for similar behavior.

News 4 stopped by the nearby St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. They were well aware of who the man is, saying he’s caused problems for them in the past, but that he hasn’t been banned as a result.

So which does he believe – water or Jesus? Wasn’t it the big guy in the sky that said thou shalt not worship false idols? And what sort of sadistic water god is telling followers to flood people’s front yards? Seems like a trickster god to me.

Also, kudos to the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church for letting bygones be bygones. For God’s sake, one dude has been flooding people’s property for the better part of a decade and the congregation has pretty much answered with a resounding, “Meh, it’s not like he’s dumping holy water.”

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