Honorable, Generous Love’s Family Blesses OKC with Gracious $2-Million “Gift”…

Get on your knees, Oklahoma City. It’s time to worship our generous oligarchs!

Yesterday afternoon, city leaders and an eager-to-please local media gathered at the future home of Scissortail Park to announce everyone’s favorite truck stop moguls – the Love’s family – are “gifting” approximately .0002% of their net worth to fund maintenance and support stage productions at Scissor Tail Park.

Instead of linking to one of the numerous local media articles about the gift, let’s go straight to the source:

The Stage and Great Lawn at Scissortail Park, scheduled to open this fall in Oklahoma City, will be named the Love’s Travel Stops Stage and Great Lawn in recognition of a major gift from the Love Family. The $2 million gift will fund ongoing maintenance of the park and support stage productions in the future.

The six-acre Love’s Travel Stops Stage and Great Lawn is a first-class outdoor performance venue and features a prominent stage with green room and capacity for small (up to 1,500 guests), medium (up to 10,000 guests) and large (up to 15,000 guests) events, including concerts, outdoor movies, corporate events and symphonic performances.

Wait a second. If it’s a “gift” from the Love family, why do we have to name the park’s main stage after their chain of truck stops? It almost feels like they’re buying naming rights to the facilities as part of an advertising deal but framing it as a gift so they can also get the positive PR and media attention that comes with…

Hahaha. Just kidding. I’m a stereotypical Oklahoman, which means I’m very grateful that this generous family that earns more in one hour than you’ll likely earn in a lifetime generously donated a day’s worth of profits from their chain of over 470 “travel centers” to have their name plastered all over the taxpayer-funded park, giving the uninformed the impression they funded the entire thing.

Here’s a photo from the big unveil:

Geeze, for $2-million bucks you’d think the city could have ordered a bigger sign! I think we spent more on the gigantic check we gave to guys who won the $250 OKC Cock Ring Selfie Contest!

How much do you think the city would charge us – or Patricia’s – to fund maintenance and operations at the Cock Ring? We may have to start a Go Fund Me for that!

In all seriousness, I’d like to thank the Love family for their generous gift. They didn’t have to donate the money, and could have simply left it in the bank earning compound interest for their great-great-great-grandkid’s cousin’s niece to enjoy. I just hope they will still be able to afford their block of Jack Nicholson seats next to the opponent’s bench at Thunder home games!

In fact, why stop at naming the grand stage after them? Perhaps we should have our city’s parks and recs employees wear obnoxiously large Love’s patches on their uniforms, or maybe would could erect a statue of Judy Love yelling at LeBron James and place it in a fountain? We could also put Love’s in charge of maintaining the bathrooms. Okay, that last one may take things too far.

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42 Responses

  1. You would complain if you were hung with a new rope. Naming things for people who make gifts is more about encouraging others to contribute than it is about promoting the original gift. Take the hint and pony up a few of your own dusty dinero for the Civic good.

    1. Anyone who has paid sales tax within OKC for the past 20 years have been paying their share of dusty dinero for the ‘Civic good’, but mostly so that uber-rich people and entities can benefit. Wait for when Thunder owners ‘need’ a new arena (or they’ve move), or the Omni hotel needs another $50 million for something. Maybe some of these givers could be paying for school and teacher upgrades, especially since MAPS for Kids, the lottery, and the state legislature haven’t worked out so well. Take your pick—Bricktown Ballpark to the fair grounds. We could all put our names on quite a few bricks at this point.

      1. I want my bricks back.

    2. Yes I’m fairly sure he can muster .0003% of his net worth as well. What’s $20 get your name on?

    3. Yeah, I’d believe that if, instead of plastering their name all over their new park, stadium, museum wing, or whatever, they placed a plaque that said, “DONATED TO THE PEOPLE OF OKC ANONYMOUSLY, IN THE HOPE THAT ALL WILL ENJOY THIS FACILITY FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.”
      They’re not trying to encourage others to contribute, they’re trying to get recognition for whatever business they operate.

  2. Love’s must have fired you at some point in the not so distant past…

  3. George Kaiser didn’t plaster his name all over Tulsa’s new park. He donated $150 million.

    1. Make that $350 million. My bad.

    2. Exactly.

  4. Some people give large civic gifts for no other reason than generosity, and even refuse excessive public recognition for what they have donated. They are difficult to name for obvious reasons.

    Then there are donors like the abominable Sacklers, the opiate pushers who tried to buy respectability by buying naming rights at lots of art museums.

    Some believe that a company buying naming rights to a public facility is smart marketing. Maybe so, maybe not.

    I’ll let others decide how to categorize the Loves’ gift.

    1. I would categorize it as self-promotion and tax deductible. All things of which anglo baby Jesus approves of. I imagine the street corner puppeteer appreciates the Love’s love offering if not the tender irony.

  5. I read somewhere that large, anonymous gifts were a sign of class, and that angling to have something named after yourself was classless. Haven’t seen anything that would refute that feeling.

    1. I rarely/never cite the bible, but this is a good one to have at the ready:

      “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

      2 “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

  6. Why is this something to be snarky about? $2M is a shit ton of money to make the city better. Who cares if its named after them? There are plenty of things to complain about and this isnt one.

    1. When you take a shit, really small turdlets must come out because $2M isn’t a “shit ton of money” in any sense of the word when it comes to this. The park itself cost $132M to build, the OKC Parks and Recreation Dept. budget is $32M (out of a city budget of $1.56B), Tom and Judy Love are worth $7.7B. Pretty classless (as referenced above) to give less than 0.03% of your net worth and parade it around (naming it after yourself) like you’re the end-all and be-all of philanthropy.

      1. This is the correct answer minus turdlets. Bezos just made an equally generous donation of .0005% of his wealth to clean up a homeless problem that he helped to create. Being a piece of shit is a required to become a billionaire and I’m still waiting for evidence to the contrary on that.

        1. I’m kinda in your camp on this one, Frank.

      2. +100 to Brian.

  7. Will lot lizards come with it ?

    1. Yes, with the LOVES logo tattooed on their foreheads.

      1. I’d prefer a tramp stamp.

  8. What an envious, bitter, prickish piece.

  9. At least it isn’t Gaylord.

    1. Are they even involved here in Oklahoma anymore or did the last of them pack up and go to Nashville once the paper sold?

  10. Yawn

  11. At least it took away the possibility for our current Mayor or Council to name it after themselves or one of the former members. I would hope the money is earmarked for maintenance of the facility rather than just dumped into the city budget.

    At least the city and taxpayers benefit from this, unlike the naming rights to the city built arena formally known as the Ford Center that the Thunder was able to sell and pocket the money.

    As far as looking at it as a percentage of the wealth of the individual, any gift should be graciously accepted. The giver is free to publicize the gift, or remain anonymous, and who are any of us to question the motive of anyone giving a gift of generosity.

    I hope the facility will be used for free concerts and local cultural things, as the public was led to believe. I hope that most of the events aren’t closed motivational events for the employees of the oil companies in the area. Hopefully it will be used more than the “Jet Sets” stage at Will Rogers “World” Airport.

    1. I’d have preferred it got named after a civic leader, even a current one. Holt Stage or Holt Great Lawn sounds so much better than Love’s Travel Stops Stage and Great Lawn. In fact, looking at those two together it becomes so much more obvious which one is a freaking ad.

  12. Cause nothing tells the world you’re a first class center more than naming public venues after truck stops.

  13. The homeless folks who will mostly be the only ones to populates drifter acres after the grand opening buzz quickly wears off appreciate being able to wash up at Loves.

  14. I have been on the fence about visiting this site for years. Yep, there are some pretty good articles once in awhile. This does it for me. “Patrick”, you must be one very unhappy, depressed little boy?


    1. Patrick is what you would call a realist. The 2m was a tax write off. Loves only cares about money and pushing a conservative agenda. It’s embarrassing.

      1. Truth is apparently lost. In reality, money spent on advertising provides the same tax break as a charitable contribution. But don’t let that stop you from assigning motivation to others.

        1. You are off the Marc. In reality advertising and charitable contributions may have the same “benefit” but are two different things. If assigning motivation is making an observation about how the extremely wealthy chose to profit off the backs of people that actually work and throw a few crumbs around … then guilty as charged. Hope you like working at Loves.

    2. Who are you calling little?

    3. I don’t think the size of a gift should be questioned or scrutinized, since charity is charity, not an obligation. However, if we’re being honest, they just bought naming rights for a stage and played it up as a charitable gift. It just so happens that naming rights for this are cheap because it’s a small stage in a park.

      Praising them would be like praising Chesapeake for buying the rights for the Thunder to play in the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

  15. Could it just be called the “Loves Stage”? When I hear Loves Travel Stops all I ever picture is bathroom showers and eagle miniatures made of resin.

  16. Meh… Chesapeake, Devon, and Sonic are no longer the big corporations they once were. Hence their silent retreat of sponsoring local events. Sonic isn’t even a local company anymore. The only ones left then are Loves, Hobby Lobby, and PayCom. One of those will have the naming rights to the arena once Aubrey’s terrible naming rights deal expires.

  17. I just wish they’d use a little of their money to clean up their stores. Just off a road trip and back to my oath of “I’ll never stop at another Love’s store again!”

  18. That would only be true if this were the only charity they were giving to. Spun like a true liberal.

  19. I had no idea Love’s was worth so much that .0002% means a $2 million contribution. $$$$$$$$$$$

    Don’t forget there’s always your neighborhood 711 stores too.♡☆

    1. Forget 7/11. Go to Oncue. Support local and support a company that cares about the quality of their stores and doesn’t rest on 30+ years of just merely hanging around.

  20. Lord, I hope the public is provided better restrooms at the park than what Love’s provides! Even TA or Bucky’s has better restrooms but Sapp Bros in NE wins the title. Who can beat a bidet with heated seats in your own private booth, self-directed water streams, heated water, and a warm air hiney dryer? After a long day of driving, that’s what my toush is crying out for. No tiny stalls with no place to hang your purse for me again. Get off your high horse, Love’s. You’ve been schooled!

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