Weekend News Recap

Hope everyone had a fun and exciting Pride Week! It’s cool to watch that festival grow every single year, especially when it only seemed like a few years ago when Kirk Humphreys was trying to ban rainbow flags. Even with the excessive heat that comes with the first weekend of summer in Oklahoma, thousands of people turned out for the parade and other events.

If you want to keep the feel-good vibes going, today kicks off national Negroni Week, where your favorite local cocktails bars will be doing their own riffs on the classic cocktail and donating proceeds to charities of their choosing. It’s a cool way to enjoy tasty drinks and give back to good causes…

Happy Pride!

Even though Pride has been happening in OKC for more than thirty years, this is the first time that the city officials truly recognized it. We’ve come a long way, and hopefully Oklahoma continues to make strides in respecting and acknowledging our thriving LGBTQ+ culture.

They Took Our Jobs

3.2%, smh, we can’t even get full-point unemployment in Oklahoma.. :crickets chirp:

Oklahoma Dems Are Petty

I’m too exhausted to have a take on this other than, ‘Wow it’s shit like this why Democrats can’t get anything accomplished.’ I had trouble even finishing the article because all the text started to blur together when my eyes were rolling hard.

TLO Deal Of The Week

Are you thinking the only one stealing here is the person they paid to write that tweet? Because we are!


There’s already been enough fuss (rightfully so) about making our streets more safe for pedestrians and cyclists, but we often forget about the equestrians on the east side. Luckily, the kid was safe, but their horse had to be put down. Don’t be that dickhead truck driver that won’t break for horses, or for cyclists, like this tragedy that happened in Claremore:

Steve Lackmeyer Is A Curmudgeon

Man I’ve been around a lot of sketchy shit in my day, and this tweet is the sign of someone who has never been around drugs. That said, a little bit of LSD goes a long way, kids, so know your dose. Take my man here in Love County:

That’s a fuckin party in a truck, and he’s not here to play.

Bricktown is looking good

Steven’s Sports Beat

There has not been a down of football played in months. In fact, the official practices have not even started yet. College teams are not allowed to have structured practices or workouts for another month. People are so hungry for any kind of football they are projecting where schools are going to play post regular season. So with all that, and the fact the Huskers finished the 2018 season 4-8, it is a bold prediction to catapult Nebraska into the playoff picture. Although the fans that can remember 1987 would be all over the renewed rivalry with the former Big 8 foes.

Sam Presti’s mind is allegedly spinning with trade deals this off-season. Obviously, NBA Conspiracy folks on Twitter are going even more crazy, but if the Thunder deals key players just to save a bunch of billionaires money (again), we’re all going to see this as a stain on the franchise that cannot be wiped away. It looks like they’re at least trying to build the future with draft picks:

Well, we got a guy who fleeced a cool $mil from a New Balance endorsement deal, at least that shows some sense of business acumen.

There are a lot of college players that play football and then never return. That will not be the case with Baker. In fact, I fully expect to see Mayfield-Honda dealerships popping up next to Bakers Pubs across the street from #6 Burgers. (-Steven)