Hefner Goats are back with double donkey protection

They’re baaaaaaaaa-ck!

After a few years falling off our collective consciousness, Oklahoma’s favorite heard of lawn mowers are back in the media spotlight thanks to the a social media campaign by the City of Oklahoma City. Naturally, KFOR picked up on the story.

Several years after the City of Oklahoma City purchased goats for upkeep, officials say the “little munchers” are still doing a great job!

On Monday, the city posted the goats clearing out the “kudzu and invasive species” along the canal that transports water from Lake Overholser and Lake Hefner.

Can we take a moment to appreciate that this is one of the leading stories in the state? It’s a nice distraction from the inevitable heat death or flood watch always looming over us.

Back in 2014, Oklahoma City used 19 goats to clear the grassy debris around the lake. Five years and 42 goats more, the Hefner Goats are crushing it. Also, we have to commend some city officials whose actual job it was to follow goats around while they did the work. Real hard day’s job, am I right?

Here’s more:

The city first leased a herd from Langston University as a trial, and then years later, purchased its own herd and has been managing them since.

“Lots of perks to this job: all-you-can eat buffet and naps!” city officials said on Twitter.

The goats are guarded by the city’s two donkeys, Monte and Sam, who keep guard over the herd.

Tell those lazy bastards to quit napping and eat leafy clutter for us. Did they join the local Goat Herders Union 586? If they work any slower, we’ll have to call them Oklahoma construction workers! Plus, this prevents us from using neighborhood kids to eat the grass and poison ivy. That’s how sensitive parents sue us.

Also, Oklahoma City now has two guard donkeys? Originally, there was a guard donkey and a dog. What the hell happened to the dog? Was it a turf war gone wrong? Did the goats not respect the dog so the dog dressed as a donkey to show dedication?

Either way, good job goats for doing a laborious job for nothing but food and naps.

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