They’re Building A Concentration Camp For Children in Oklahoma…

Have you ever thought about being a child prisoner? Most of us haven’t because the idea of keeping babies behind bars isn’t even a part of our shared vision of what society is supposed to look like, because we all know that kids should be protected from tragedy and mundane doom.

But apparently, Oklahoma is about to rehouse our classic concentration camp. It’s housed Native-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and now, immigrants from central and southern America. That’s multiple generations of misguided and disgusting imprisonment.

Although this has been only very briefly reported in local news, and Louis went to a protest last weekend, here’s the Associated Press story:

LAWTON, Okla. (AP) — The federal government has chosen a military base in Oklahoma as the location for a new temporary shelter to house migrant children and is considering a customs port in southern New Mexico as another option as existing shelters are overwhelmed.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement said Tuesday it’s dealing with a dramatic spike in the number of children crossing the border without parents. The agency already has received referrals for nearly 41,000 kids so far this fiscal year, marking an increase of almost 57% over the same period last year.

The facility at Fort Sill near Lawton, Oklahoma, would be capable of holding 1,400 kids. Fort Sill served as a temporary emergency shelter for unaccompanied children in 2014 as a result of a migration surge at that time.

1,400 children is more than twice the size of my graduating class, and I wonder how many of them voted for the pricks that made all of this a real hellscape. (Before you jump to the comments, yes, this happened under a previous administration, doesn’t make any of this right. Also, yes, this definition of ‘concentration camp’ is correct)

Oklahoma Republicans had a problem with detaining asylum seekers during the Obama administration, but have turned their heels recently. Was this purely because of partisanship, or because now they can see cruelty enacted in real-time towards people they view as dirt?

Although news broke about the Fort Sill Camp two weeks ago and nobody has really discussed it locally, there’s been international outrage about how America is treating our borders. The New York Times ran a story last week that blew up:

A chaotic scene of sickness and filth is unfolding in an overcrowded border station in Clint, Tex., where hundreds of young people who have recently crossed the border are being held, according to lawyers who visited the facility this week. Some of the children have been there for nearly a month.

Children as young as 7 and 8, many of them wearing clothes caked with snot and tears, are caring for infants they’ve just met, the lawyers said. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teenage mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk.

Most of the young detainees have not been able to shower or wash their clothes since they arrived at the facility, those who visited said. They have no access to toothbrushes, toothpaste or soap.

“There is a stench,” said Elora Mukherjee, director of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School, one of the lawyers who visited the facility. “The overwhelming majority of children have not bathed since they crossed the border.”

This is what is coming to Oklahoma- sick children caring for other sick children, and the adults in charge are wearing uniforms but their sole responsibility is keeping sick children in jail so they can care for other sick children. Nothing makes sense other than disgusting individuals putting babies and adults into jail cells because no real reason other than xenophobia.

I don’t know if my grandparents ever read this site, but they’re the type of folks who probably voted for Trump and Inhofe and Lankford and all the other culpable Republicans who made America what it is right now. If they found this article and read this deep down, maybe they could have a good ol’ fashioned heart attack, and if that’s what does it, sure, fine. The last thing we need are people who support the monsters that are enabling the concept of putting children in concentration camp jails. Bye, Grandma.

What is the Oklahoma we want to see? Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the guy who allegedly wandered around as a savior and cared for strangers, like sex workers and immigrants and people who needed redemption? Do you believe in mindless capitalism and want to see jobs filled by itinerants who are looking to fulfill their idea of the American Dream? Or are we destined to meander in this absolute darkness where borders are closed and people are forced into prison camps for the simple aspiration of looking for a better life?

I keep on knocking and knocking and knocking…

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78 Responses

  1. I smell a lobbyist.

    1. Perhaps you smell yourself.
      The same smell coming from those who point fingers at others and call them libtards for failure to toe the Oklahoma party-line of “if you’re not white, you’re $#%”.

    2. A lobbyist is someone who is paid to influence legislation. That description in no way fits Lucas, who appears to write here about whatever happens to be on his mind at the time.

      And I suspect that lobbyists get paid a lot more for their work than Lucas does for writing here.

    3. Most likely you smell that fist you have up your own arse..

  2. None of this is acceptable. Period. Children should never ever be subjected to this type of thing – ever.
    But where is the outrage for the adults (parents?) who placed these children in this situation? I don’t believe the USA crossed the border to round up children and put them in prison. And did you really actually wish death upon your grandparents because you disagree with their politics? Seriously? It’s hard to reconcile your stance of mistreatment of other while simultaneously wishing death upon your own family members.

    1. Yeah, every one of those kids probably came from a nice two parent home that just decided to kick them out. There are so many reasons they could legitimately be here without their parents I won’t even start. Use your imagination. Blame the poor people, again.

      And, yeah, if my grandparents voted this foetid mess into what passes for government these days, I might want them to pay. Fortunately I grew up in a staunchly pragmatic Democrat household.

      How about sending some of this misguided outrage at the ones responsible, not the ones reporting it.

      1. Pay for what? For living in the United States where we’re free to vote for whoever we want without fear of being bullied or harassed? That’s how it was set up in this Country. If you want a dictatorship, perhaps you should move elsewhere.

        1. if you support this authoritarian regime you deserve every bit of harassment you get. the times of unchecked cruelty must end, and those who commit and support atrocities must be held responsible. hide behind your fake patriotism if you want. if you have any sense of human decency, you know the way we are treating these people are wrong.

          1. *is

            IS wrong.

          2. Read my post again. I said nothing about these children and how they are being treated. I was replying to the remarks about wanting family members to “pay” or die because of who they voted for. And no, nobody can be harassed in THIS country for that. If you don’t like it, get the hell out.

            1. You’re free to speak. You’re not free of the consequences of your speech. Now, your vote is secret. And if you choose to keep it secret, you can vote for the Republicans, or Democrats, or Communists, or Nazis, or whatever, and no one will ever be able to mess with you about it because they won’t know. But if you choose to yell, “I voted for the Nazis” then prepare for the consequences.

            2. Also, can I just point out that the irony of telling someone that if they don’t like it they should “get the hell out” at the same time you’re supporting a policy of jailing legitimate refugees for getting the hell out of their country (which our very own CIA has helped to destabilize over the past 50 years) is just amazing? Here’s an idea: If you like fascism so much, why don’t YOU get the hell out?

        2. No need to move elsewhere. It’s already happening in good ‘ol ‘Murica!

          YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW! And let’s kill all the [insert name of group you most dislike, for….whatever it is they’re supposedly doing.]

    2. So you’re saying that the parents deserve to be treated like animals because they want a better life for their kids? You’re disgusting!

    3. Maybe the adults died. There are a multitude of explanations as to why their parents aren’t on the trip. But the parents in Mexico are not to blame for this mistreatment. To do so is a cop-out.

    4. Regardless of how they got here, the care of these children is now the responsibility of the United States Government. The outrage over the conditions in which the kids are being kept should not be diminished by directing our attention somewhere else.

    5. I dunno, maybe you are such a massive chuff huffer that blaming the victim seems like a grand idea behind the safety of a keyboard and your comfortable life.

  3. Criminals go to jail and their children become wards of the state. Twas ever this. Every illegal immigrant is a criminal…regardless of their motivation.

    1. Not really. It’s not against any law to seek asylum in this country. And even if someone does cross without proper paperwork, that is only a misdemeanor. So sorta like you get pulled over for going 45 in a 35 and they take your kids away.

      This is NOT how it works or how it has ever worked under any other President. This one however has said, and so has his AG, that they are doing this intentionally as a “deterrent”.

      1. This HAS occurred during several administrations. The most recent was during OBAMA’S REIGN.

        Don’t like it? Change the law(s).

        It’s not my fault these people are storming our country. But it is my tax money paying for them, while some illegal aliens are paying with their lives.

        They’re here. But! They don’t need to stay here! I’m all for placing them on the other side of our border. It’s not up to taxpayer’s to pay for the illegal aliens folly.

        1. imagine this level of delusion and cruelty.

          its not like our taste for drugs has exploded their crime rate, right? not like our abuse of the planet has resulted in record breaking temperatures, ruining the farmlands in central america. its not like our military didnt exploit central america in the 80s.

          yes, your tax dollars may possibly be used to feed someone. what kind of a fucking monster are you?

          1. A Republican.

        2. Do you really believe what you are saying?

          In 2014 they did need to set up some places like this to handle a big surge from El Salvador and Guatemala. These were women and children fleeing a war in the region. But that was just to process them. We didn’t fucking keep them there until their court dates came up! Which could be years BTW.

          I would really like to know if you live your life THIS uninformed or are you simply repeating things you know full well to be false?

        3. If it were true that the Obama Administration had kept kids locked up in these conditions (it isn’t), that still would in no way justify doing the same thing today.

          Allie, how loudly did you complain about Obama’s atrocities committed against immigrants? Speak up!

        4. Child separation policies were rare during Obama’s tenure, grab some of them facts the next time they come around.

    2. Most children are placed in foster care or with family members. They are certainly not detained for indefinite periods of time in overcrowded prisons.

    3. Liar! They go to a family member. And when those parents get out, they get their kids back. Trump’s administration has no idea who the kids belong to.

      Patrick, it absolutely did NOT start with the previous administration! In fact, the Obama administration created family determination centers so they could stay together.

      So stop repeating that Republican lie.

      1. Patrick is not a journalist.

        1. I also didn’t write the article.

  4. While I do not agree with this atrocity, I do realise our executive branch is going to use Fort Sill as they choose. What if we Oklahomans do what we do and make sure the people housed in our state dont go without those daily necessities?

    I’m just saying honestly we cant stop them from housing them there. The only people we harass are good folks trying to do their jobs. Not saying dont show up just saying show up with love in the form of clean clothes and toilet paper and diapers of all sizes. Show those kids that just because they got caught up in politics doesnt mean they arent people…

    Isnt that who we are as Oklahomans? If not its who we should be.

    1. But then there’s this:
      Border Patrol blocking Americans from donating toothbrushes and diapers for detained children

      1. I wonder who would be in charge here? Would it be border Patrol or the military? Hmm that is a shame. Thank you for sharing tgis with me.

    2. My boyfriend is stationed at fort Sill and I don’t believe a word of this. If anything like this was really going on he’d tell me.

      1. Fort Sill is huge. It’s entirely possible that your boyfriend has no idea what is going on in some remote corner of the base.

        It’s also possible that he doesn’t follow the news.

      2. I live here. It’s starting mid-July. It’s real.

    3. “What if we Oklahomans do what we do and make sure the people housed in our state dont go without those daily necessities?”
      Come on! There are those in this state who begrudge the very breath that a poor person takes. Daily necessities such as access to health care? Nope, not on that old Fallin regime’s watch! Food stamps (SNAP) to feed themselves and their families?Nope! Cut those in half and let em starve that last week of the month. Not on the Republican House and Senate’s watch! Access to a good education in Oklahoma? Nope! Not on the “bootstraps” adherents watch! So much for caring for our own before we care for those outside the borders of our state and our country.

      1. How did saying we the citizens should care about homeless and for all intent and purpose orphaned children get all the way to Mary Failin?

        I raised my son on under 600 bucks a month and our state representatives only deemed me eligible for 10 dollars a month in food stamps. I am disabled therefore I had to find a way, lots of food banks and sittting in lines for much needed school supplies and such.

        I also grew up in a group home as a ward of the state. Its not fun and its not pretty even as a citizen and a child of a veteran no less. The people who house children find them burdensome, hell even parents feel that some days. Add in that these kids are seen as less than human because of how they got here.

        Personally, and this is gonna piss all of y’all off but I’m gonna say it anyway…
        Smash out the cartels absorb Mexico, it becomes the state of Mexico its states are counties and we rebuild the infrastructure in our new state. Course Mexico fancies itself a world power and would not go for such a thing but hey utopian dreams are what they are right?

        Let me have it.. I’m naive and that’s a terrible idea… Thing is you’ll be thinking about it and wondering if it just might be the answer;)

        1. “They should all just suck it up, because I had it rough too.”

          I didn’t have it so rough growing up, so I never knew that it kills off a person’s empathy.

    ENUFF !!!!!

    1. Sure have!

    2. Don’t like reading stories about children in internment camps, then complain to your politicians enough to stop putting children in internment camps. Plausible deniability doesn’t exist in this.

    3. Yeah, two articles is not beating a dead horse. It sounds like you are uncomfortable with what your political party is doing and don’t like being reminded of it. Maybe contact your congressperson and let them know this?

      1. And the horse is NOT DEAD!

  6. How many children are you going to accept at your house, Lucas?

    1. Also not an option with this administration. If it was they would send the kids to their relatives that are already here. They all have phone numbers of an aunt, uncle, parent or grandparent with them. At least 90% of them do.

      But that’s not good enough for Trump. If they aren’t suffering then they aren’t as useful as hostages.

    2. How many fallacious rhetorical questions are you going to ask, Linville?

      1. 774 more

    3. Frankly, I’d be happy to foster a migrant child at my house that’s the same age as my kids. It would be a wonderful learning experience for my children, would keep the migrant child out of this camp, and hopefully would be a stable place until reunification could take place.

      But even putting a child in my house would be a much worse option than just keeping the child with family.

  7. Ripping crying children away from their crying parents, while the CEOs of private prisons get rich? I think that is what Jesus would have done.

  8. “Criminals go to jail and their children become wards of the state.”

    If a foster parent was caught putting a “ward of the state” into their garage, with no access to bathing, grooming, medicine, or decent food, how quickly would that individual be jailed, fined, etc.?

    1. Then find a way to stop the illegal aliens migration to our border and for illegally entering our country. While you’re at it, get the Democraps to loosen the purse strings so the bare essentials these kids don’t have can be purchased.

      1. The place in question, that has been getting so much attention in the news, is being paid $750 a day PER CHILD to house them.
        $750 A DAY. PER CHILD.

        This is plain, old fashioned profiteering on the part of the slimeballs that run these places. At these rates, everyone should be getting Serta mattresses, 5 Star Dining, and massage and aroma therapy sessions. Instead, they get crackers, Lipton cup-a-soup, and frozen burritos.

        The treatment of these children should have nothing to do with what the parents did, legal or otherwise.

        1. These kids are not getting soap or tooth brushes. What makes you think they are getting soup and burritos?

        2. Apparently the “swamp” isn’t fully drained yet. And there are more alligators and snakes there than ever before.

      2. It’s not the Democrats, it’s the Trump administration not adhering to the 1997 Flores ruling that requires this immigrants to be kept in “safe and sanitary” facilities and also requires this:

        “immigrant children cannot be held for more than 20 days and must be provided with food, water, emergency medical care and toilets.”

        The Trump administration is not fulfilling the terms of that agreement and it’s completely, totally, all on those slimeball m-fing horrible nasty evil swamp monsters that are part of his administration, *not* the Democrats.

        So fuck you and all you stand for, you’re abhorrent.

        1. Reply to Brian:
          This X 1000
          The number of people here, trying to defend this horrific policy – is nauseating and as you said – abhorrent.
          These people are fleeing thousands of miles from areas completely controlled by drug lords and corrupt (owned by drug lords) dictators.
          80% of them are women and children. The very fact that they risk walking up to a thousand miles, through horrible conditions trying to escape the situations they are in should tell anyone all they need to know about how bad things are where they come from.
          Most of the people denigrating these parents here wouldn’t (or couldn’t) hike to the neighborhood 7-11 to save anything but $2 on a 12 pack of bud light.
          If you cannot muster any compassion for these desperate people – you are an amoral sack of shit who does not deserve to enjoy the freedoms this country provides for you.
          I would swap 10 racist ignorant derplahomans for any 1 Guatemalan refugee child any day of the week.
          The most frightening thing is some of these commenters may have children of their own.
          When their apparent lack of empathy or compassion should dictate they not be allowed to so much as own a pet.

      3. NO. Treat people well FIRST, then solve the migration problem.

        Do you hear yourself?

  9. “The only people we harass are good folks trying to do their jobs.”

    “Hey calling it your job ol’ hoss sure dont make it right ” John Mellecamp

    “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”-Nuremburg Principle IV

  10. Are they vaccinated?


  11. that was beautiful mr lucas

    thank you <3

    fuck donald trump
    and fuck you if you support him

  12. For a time during 1969, I served on an Army base that had housed Italian POWs during WWII. They were still using those barracks to house active Army personnel, with little evidence of having updated them.

    Those Italian POWs were housed under much better conditions than our amoral leaders are providing for these children. That sounds more like a Nazi stalag than an American POW camp.

    Does the treatment of these kids constitute a war crime? I believe that it would be illegal under international law to treat POWs this badly. But the Geneva Convention is only one of the international standards of decency that the US has chosen to ignore in recent times, not to mention our own Constitution. (Torture and endless incarceration without charges or trial.)

  13. Calling them Concentration camps is at best hyperbole and at worst a lie. Nobody volunteered to go in Auschwitz. Nobody was lining up at German borders to go to Buchenwald. They aren’t people who were taken away from their homes and stuck in camps because their eyes were the wrong shape. Either them, or the grown ups in charge of them volunteered for them to cross our border. Nobody is in forced labor. Nobody is on starvation rations. They’re probably even getting universal health care.

    I agree that temporary detention sucks, but is it better than the war torn, impoverished, starving places they’re fleeing south of the border? Is it worth temporary detention for a chance to move some place better?

    On top of that you’re protesting something that is making these people’s lives in detention better. Oh my gosh, these kids in a terrible situation are getting a slight improvement because they get to move her from their previous overcrowded detention facility.

    Maybe it’s reasonable that our country should know who is coming in. Maybe it’s reasonable that the people that are coming into our country are registered so they have to put up with the same government BS that the rest of us do.

    Compassion is good, but remember that we live in the real world, where there’s hard choices and sucky situations, and maybe our president isn’t Hitler. Maybe you should call your liberal friends in other states and tell them if their congresspeople would actually try to work with the president they could get some more funding in there to deal with these people in a reasonable amount of time, instead of calling themselves the resistance and c-blocking anyone from actually making a meaningful improvement in these people’s lives.

    Maybe instead of diminishing how horrible the Nazi’s were, you could try to come up with some reasonable solutions to improve these people’s quality of life, or at least get out of the way of people who are trying.

    1. This guy stole my handle.
      I do not approve this message.

      1. Well, I could tell that by reading the message. This Richard actually makes a lot of
        common sense points.

        1. GEEZ LUEZZ 1 Richard # One 0

          1. A couple of Trumpsters taking about :common sense”. That’s kinda cute, like when a little kid pretends to shave.

            1. Richard #1 stuck on 0

    2. It is NOT hyperbole to call these places “concentration camps.” We round up people of a certain ethnicity, and “concentrate” their population in camps – as we did with Japanese-Americans during WWII. (For some reason, we didn’t find it necessary to do that to German-Americans.)

      What these camps are not is Nazi “death camps.” Fortunately we haven’t sunk that low – yet.

    3. Look up the video on YouTube that shows a group of Jewish protestors outside a camp in Texas. They called it a “concentration camp”.

  14. I say fuck em all!! Go back to your shithole country! I am sick of the lib press making it seem americans are the cause of this sad situation,we have a right to limit visitors to us…..and remember what they do is illegal!not being heartless but this has gone to far!!!

    1. Earl, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel?

      Glad you’re not being heartless. We probably wouldn’t like you if you were heartless.

  15. STFU. The broke the law coming here. This is more tgsn they deserve. More thsn half the time they are being smuggled by people who are NOT their parents. You fucking propagandist. People like you are the reason that little drowned… Because encourage them to come here! Blood on YOUR hand. so STFU. You don’t know what concentration Camp is, you idiot. Rich little ogle STFU. Every time an illegal alien rapes or kills one of OUR citizens… You that’s what YOU voted for. You sick demented pos. Trump derangement in full effect here, Fuckin loser.
    P.S.: I am Mexican. First generation. And I have more right to speak on the subject than you, idiot.

    1. Please lay off the meth until after you submit your comment. That is the most illiterate paragraph I have ever read.

    2. It’s scary to think that Daniel might typify the sort of people that Mexico is sending us. He certainly isn’t among Mexico’s best, so maybe Trump had a point after all.

  16. Derplohoma strikes again. We need those kiddies at Ft Sill! Who else are they going to get to mow the lawn and paint the barracks? If they want them moved out of Sill, they should go to Canadian county and get a list of all the facebook friends that are trying to contact juveniles for a meetup. I’m sure those folks would house them in their basements!

    Loved seeing the debate last night. All of my lgbtqueer buddies loved our Oklahoma rainbow unicorn indian princess!

  17. so is it ok to say queer now?? just wondering im a old out of the loop guy, legit ?

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