Small Oklahoma town loses only cop to child prostitution charges

Law enforcement in the modern age is a sensitive subject for many. At its core, those who wear the badge must uphold the law and protect the innocent. Especially in a small town environment, law enforcement is crucial. I was raised in Yukon, Oklahoma. Before Oklahoma City bombarded the community, we were a mid-sized area with a small town mentality. Everyone knew the cops and, in a way, that made us feel safer. But what happens when the same people sworn to serve and protect are predators in their own right?

We now go to a town that only those who follow severe weather coverage have heard of – Cement, Oklahoma.


The Cement Police Department was empty Tuesday, a day after the town’s only officer was arrested on a complaint of soliciting child prostitution.

According to court documents, Stacy Burger was in his car near a 16-year-old girl’s home when he called and asked whether he could come over and talk. Police said Burger went into an alley to meet her.

Burger is accused of asking the girl whether she wanted to make some money, telling her he would offer her “a lot of money” for oral sex, according to an affidavit. The documents state she refused and he asked whether one of her friends, who also is underage, would do it.

Court documents state he then contacted the girl via text message saying, “Please don’t rat me out. If it helps, when I offered money it was a lot not just a little bit. I didn’t think about your age.”

While investigators interviewed Burger, he confessed to all the allegations and told them he know how old the girl was, according to police. He told them, “I’m a professional. I’m not going to deny anything.”

Yeah, he’s “professional” all right. Professional idiot, that is.

The unfortunate part about this story is that scumbags like this give other officers a terrible reputation. There are those on the force that truly enlist to protect the community, not corrupt it from within.

What else is there to do? A cop almost ruined the lives of two brave young women by being a sexual predator. While I’m proud of the teens for coming forward, I don’t envy the officers coming in to help with the town. Then again, perhaps vetting the officers beforehand would have prevented things like this.

Here’s more:

The Caddo County Sheriff’s Office will take over law enforcement responsibilities for the city of Cement for the time being.

Yep, good luck people of Cement. You now have to count on an Oklahoma sheriff’s office to cover for the cop who was arrested for trying to hook up with teenage girls. Best of luck with that.

Brandon is an advocate for the police as long as they’re not terrible people like this guy. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.