Guy who lied about 420 legalization petition numbers has sensational, likely fabricated story about Domino’s

One thing I can’t stand is a liar, so obviously I’m not a big fan of self-appointed marijuana advocate Isaac Caviness.

In August 2018, Isaac was “leading” an effort to get a state question for full marijuana legalization put on the Oklahoma ballot. Each week, his group – Green The Vote – would release impressive updates on how many signatures they had collected, making it seem like a vote for recreational weed would soon become a reality.

Thanks to three stoner girls, we learned the numbers Caviness released each week were totally fabricated. The group wasn’t anywhere close to collecting the number of signatures required but claimed they were, so they could get social media shares and promote their weed apparel business.

Knowing all that, I have no problem calling bullshit on this outlandish Facebook post Caviness shared today, after smoking some weed that apparently made him paranoid. It’s making the rounds in the Oklahoma stoner social media echo chamber. He’s trying to organize a boycott of Domino’s because, you know, pizza delivery drivers will call the cops on you for smoking weed.

Check out this stupidity:

I think most of our readers know I’m a huge proponent of medical marijuana, but if you A) shared this post and B) believe it, it’s time to put down the pipe and maybe take a day or two break to re-charge your brains cells.

That post may be of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Hell, I’ve read stories in the Bible that are more believable. In fact, it’s so dumb it’s putting me in the awkward position of defending a business that specializes in giving me diarrhea.

Regardless of chain, I think pizza delivery drivers depend on potheads for 50% of their income, which in turn supports their own marijuana habits. Like they’re really going to call the cops on people for smoking weed? Now, they might call the cops on you if you’re a stoned loser who tips $5 on a $100 pizza order – and Caviness seems like the type of guy who would do that – but that’s about it.

Also, are we really supposed to believe this stoned fuck called the Domino’s corporate office and talked to a real human? If he did, they were probably just fucking with him:

“Domino’s, how many I help you.”

“Yeah, like -uh – uh – Hello?”

“Yeah, this is Domino’s.”

“Yeah, like, uhm, my name is Isaac Caviness. And uh, we ordered, like, $100 in pizza and, uhm, your driver, like, called the cops on us and, uh, man, that’s not cool, dude. Like uh, the government…man…is out of cont–“

“Thanks, we’re going to give him a raise for his act of courage.”

Seriously, I’d say the odds are higher that he called some prostitute from the Tulsa area named Domino and she just told him what he wanted to hear.

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53 Responses

  1. My cardiologist says I’m not supposed to eat pizza but I see a Domino’s purchase coming in my near future.

  2. Duly noted. I am on a strict no-cardboard diet, so I suppose its a moot point.

    1. Who called Dominoes pizza anyway!? It’s garbage pie, it may look like a pizza, smell like a pizza but when you bite into it you know for sure it’s garbage pie.

  3. Wrong I was the one pulled aside by the police maybe do a bit more investigating the facts proof and video are posted on my Facebook page you can also view the videos at the mother plant on fb.

    1. Tell em buddy Joshua Moynihan. So who decided that Issac lied? The 3 “stoner girls😂

      1. The “3 stoner girls” are in reference to when Caviness in fact lied about the legalization petition numbers. Issac lied and has admitted it. To people like myself that were going to sign the petition and then heard that they had the numbers to get it on the ballot and didn’t stop and sign, it is kind of a big deal. Who knows maybe we would have had the numbers had the push for legalization not been run by such a giant douche, excuse me, giant lying douche. Dude needs to pack his shit and move someplace else.

  4. I was there. It really happened. You can find the video on my wall “Norma Sapp” from June 26th 6:pm . Isaac is actually in North Dakota to meet his new grandchild but heard about it today and decided to share his decision to boycott.

  5. I was at this get together as well.. I went live as the police drove into the parking lot. They walked over and started talking to one of the gentlemen in our group, that was right behind me. The video is on my fb wall as well.. The police were cool about everything.. asked some questions and then left..

  6. This is hilarious. A bunch of white trash is smoking weed and or cigarettes in a park, cops come by, ask a few questions and leave. Sounds like serious persecution guys.

    1. You seem like a douche as well as a judgemental prick.

    2. I’m sorry but I’m far from white trash and I was there celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the passing of SQ 788. I’m glad you are qualified to pass judgment on others. I’m not sure what your intellectual level is but I’m sure it must not be extremely to impressive if the first sentence you type has the words white trash. Have a good day Sir

    3. Your a racist piece of shit they actually targeted me and I’m not fucking white I’m brown and mixed race ,get your facts straight bitch.

      1. You could have written a marvelous retort about how you participated in a study to end all diseases and that you were the carrier of the miracle antibody that kills all cancer and allows human bones to heal three days after breaking, and that the miracle antibody also eliminates feelings of racism and bigotry, and that it’s going to be sold at all major retail outlets (in pill or spray) just in time for the winter holidays…

        … and all I would’ve focused on was the annoying and aggravating improper use of “your” when you meant “you’re.”


        1. ooooh, man, your singing my tune, H Eddie H. You’re book learning, though, is bound to piss off a few around here.

  7. Prior to legalization it did happen once in Norman. The driver ratted out a man smoking weed with a child in the house.

  8. worst pizza okc ?? little ceasers 2nd worst dominos !! best hideaway!!

  9. It did Happen watched it Live! … He might have lied about the Signatures.. But this did Happen.

  10. I have been a Lost Ogle fan for ages and never until this article considered it satire, but my knowing that this actually occurred, while you report that it did not, makes me realize that any actual journalism on this sight is long gone and The LostOgle has degraded itself to spouting opinion pieces on others work.

    1. You never before considered TLO to be satire? Wow, man….

  11. I sure there are some dickhead pizza delivery guys out there? It’s not that much of a stretch.

    1. A pizza delivery guy who rats out stoners? Who the hell does he think orders pizza delivery?

      1. I’m picturing a guy who wanted to be a cop but failed the psych test and now delivers pizza.

  12. Yeah you’re way off base on this one guy. What gives? Your stoner jokes aren’t funny, either. Just makes you seem like a douche.

  13. If it happened or didn’t one thing is for sure, Isaac Caviness and all the people that still associate with the liar and man who actively worked against 788 (true story), are basically egotistical blowhards who care more about their 15 minutes of fame than truth or justice.

    Not surprised they are going to call a boycott over something so utterly stupid when there are kids in cages. Selfish, useless people and liars, the lot of them.

    1. Wrong ,patients shouldn’t be persecuted for needing to use their medication regardless of location, your just jealous and its fucking pathetic maybe you should support patients instead of speaking about me like you fucking know what I am about ,patients over profit.The last fucking thing I wanted was to be made viral because of being targeted get your facts straight before you bad mouthing someone whom you have never met.Come call me a liar to my face sometime tough guy.

      1. You seem a tad insecure. And you’re probably a liar, too.

    2. I do NOT associate with Isaac Caviness nor do I care to. I however, was at the park when the police were called. It was all handled peacefully, no one was arrested and if we were doing anything wrong they would have told us all to leave, which they did not.

  14. first of all…i had friends that were actually in attendance and I have no reason to doubt them. Your piece is an opinion on one mans opinion. shut the fuck up and find the real source of the incident you dummy.

  15. Ok people. Calm down. First, just because the police came doesn’t mean you know who called them. Second, having a MEDICAL marijuana card does not give you the legal right to hang out in a public park with a bunch of other stoners smoking weed. And it certainly doesn’t give you the right to drive under the influence. Third, I think Ogle’s point was that Caviness is a liar (already proven). And last, I have it on good authority that NO ONE talks to a person at Domino’s corporate and I really doubt they have a recording that says “we’re going to give the driver a raise for calling the cops on you potheads”. Seriously???!!! Think about it. But of course, if you could do that you wouldn’t be defending Caviness.

    1. This is the most sensible comment so far. Well done, Sylvia!

      It seems clear that the police actually did show up at this stoner gathering. It’s nothing more than speculation (by Caviness, who was in North Dakota at the time?) that the Domino’s driver was the one who called the police.

      And what did the police do that could even be criticized? They responded to a call (from someone), and according to one of the eyewitnesses who posted above (and who was not in North Dakota at the time)…

      ” The police were cool about everything.. asked some questions and then left..) ”

      BFD, Mr. Caviness, you lying sack. I hear that Ackerman McQueen is looking for new seedy clients who want publicity.

      (I can’t remember the last time I ate pizza from Domino’s, if ever. Why would I when there’s Mazzio’s?)

    2. I seriously doubt anyone is defending Caviness.. I’m pissed he even said anything.. He wasn’t there.. He has no idea what was going on nor that anything was even planned for that evening.. I was there.. your summary lacks proper information.. but I think most of us have already covered what really was going on.. Its sad that there is such lack of understanding and knowledge of the laws regarding medicinal cannabis.

    3. Well said, Sylvia!

  16. Those events actually occurred and have been documented.
    Is the anti-pot lobby paying you for this smear piece?

    Not following the Lost Ogle anymore.

    1. Did you document someone from Domino’s calling the police? Did Caviness record his call with “corporate”? If no to both of those questions, I call bs. I’m sure The Lost Ogle will miss you.

    2. If James believes that TLO is being paid off by the “anti-pot lobby,” then he obviously never did follow TLO.

    3. Damn!……we will miss you.

  17. Deleted domino’s app and will never order there again, i was very disappointed with the ogle i use to watch his dad in ft smith on the news. I still can’t believe he wrote this article smh. Very disappointing

    1. Jesus Fucking Christ.

      1. Did that just happen?


    Might want to view this and give an apology u idiots

  19. It’s real it happend they have video andnpoloce reports so take this down this is false news and u can be sued for discrimination !!

  20. It’s real it happend they have video andnpoloce reports so take this down this is false news and u can be sued for discrimination !!

    1. This is my favorite comment ever.

      1. Its even better if you read it in Cleveland’s voice. “You’re under sue, I’ll sue you!”

      2. Sherrie needs to find a discrimination attorney skilled in discrimination law.

      3. Yeah, it’s so good she posted it twice!! Stupid is as stupid does.

  21. I feel so much better about my level of intelligence after reading most of these comments.
    thank you all.

  22. I’m beginning to lose faith in my fellow smokers. While the police were called – and it is LITERALLY their job to respond to calls – nothing happened. Did anyone go to jail? No. Was anyone tased or worse, shot? No. They were called, they have to come out. They found nothing and went along about their business. The point that most people are missing and what makes this all really, really stupid is the part that Domino’s had anything to do with this. Nobody called corporate headquarters, and nobody from any corporate headquarters would say “they would likely give this driver a raise for his courageous act of calling the cops on people who were doing nothing illegal. ” That’s just flat out false, and shows an incredible amount of stupidity if you believe it. Nothing happened, find something else to be “outraged” over.

    1. I like this!

  23. I thought pot would make smokers mellow out. Must be some bad shit sold here in Oklahoma as all you pot smokers seem madder than hell. Better make a quick run to Trinidad and get some good stuff to mellow out with. Happy trails to all of you!

    1. Easy does it man.. I hate running into Okie stoners in Trinidad when making my back and fourth.

  24. A liar is a thief is a liar.


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