Weekend News Recap…

We just passed another Negroni Week, which is my favorite service industry event of the year. All of our bars and restaurants pick charities to raise money for all week, and then we have a big competition on Sunday. This year, we upped the attendees, and raised more than $4,500 for charities that we care about. Shout-out to any readers that came out last night and had to put up with me fumbling the Square reader!

The Oklahoman Is Going Paywall (Again)

10 free stories, and you pay? The funny thing is how I think about how they’ll be getting fewer clicks once people realize what’s going on. For instance, when doing this column every week, I click on every other local news site, and now I only have 10 a month. You can be damn sure I can’t afford to subscribe, so I guess you might only see articles from The Oklahoman being made fun of like once a month. The TLO bump is real, and it seems like they’ll find out soon. I wanted soooo bad to talk shit about a Berry Tramel editorial in today’s MMN, but since I only have ten clicks, can’t waste it on speculative garbage like that. The Lost Ogle is still free, and once I trade my Hulu password with a friend in exchange for their Oklahoman log-in, I’ll make it my due diligence to leak as much of their news as possible on this site, but something tells me that’s not going to be happening anytime soon.

Charter Schools Are Fucked

That said, here’s an Oklahoman article you can burn one of your ten on… wait… that was something Oklahoma Watch reported and The Oklahoman re-published for free. Does that count as one of my 10 views?

Anyway, I guess turning public education into a for-profit business entity is bad for teachers AND students. Profiteers need to get out of institutions like schools and jails, and rich people need to stop being duped about the idea that private industry will care more for the needs of individuals. We’ll have more about this later in the week.

Tulsa Is A Dumping Ground

The 918 has suffered enough this year with the excessive rain that flooded whole communities. Now, some of their residents are just dumping trash willy-nilly and turning it into a landfill. Y’all are the cultural capital of Oklahoma (from what the commenters here tell us), so keep it clean!

Too Many Cops

Wait, so you mean the less overworked and stressed cops get, the less they treat us like walking garbage? There’s not enough data in this post to make any real conclusions, and it’s too late at night for me to be digging through the real stats, so I’ll come to the dumb conclusion that police don’t solve many problems.

Ticket To Ride

I really, really, really wanna see a cop pull over a train. We’ve all been stuck behind trains that are just stopped for minutes and minutes and minutes. It’s probably because they’re trying to be safe and not derail, but screw it all, we all wanna see em pick up the pace or get ticketed trying.

We Found The New Tallest Mayor

It’s hard to tell from photos, but if you ever encounter David Holt in the wild, you’ll realize that he has the height to be a back-up point guard for the Thunder. Granted, I’ve never seen him in a pick-and-roll situation, and he probably can’t dunk, but with free agency happening now, anything is possible. Maybe he’ll sign with the fire department?

FYI – David Holt is more believable as a backup NBA point guard than fireman.

Steve is off this week for the sports beat, which is fine because the only interesting thing to happen in the local sports scene was Nerlens Noel changing his mind…