State love for oil takes to local streets, residents furious

Oklahomans sure do love oil. We love it enough to negate other forms of sustainable energy to provide a fix for that sweet, sweet black gold. But we can quit anytime we want, right? Yet, while oil manufacturers continue to jam their metallic, phallic objects into Mother Nature, there’s another problem forming for residents of Grady County- oiled roads.


People living in Grady County are furious, saying oilfield companies and trucks are to blame for oil covering the roads.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission is investigating what kind of oil is on the roads. Neighbors tell KOCO 5 that they’ve witnessed crude oil leaking from trucks coming from oil sites, and they’re not happy.

“The smell. The contamination. The constant headaches,” Sharita Hill said. “It’s very frustrating when you live out here.” 

God, Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood would be so proud.

This sounds like something straight from the old reels of Wacky Races. On the bright side, there’s free oil in those cracked side streets. Grab those shitty towels you only use for the mutt and soak up all that you can. Who says that the Oklahoma oil companies didn’t do anything for its citizens?

Here’s more:

The upset residents said they now realize they can’t survive without oil and gas companies and what the industry provides for Oklahoma. But they have a request for those companies.

“Be good neighbors,” Hill said. “Your oil site is here, where we live. They may not live here every day, but we do.”

Corporation Commission officials said their investigation has not yet found evidence of oilfield trucks leaking, but they will continue their research. Because of the uproar, the Corporation Commission has scheduled a public meeting meeting for 9 a.m. Wednesday near Highway 37 and Cemetery Road.

Wait, are you telling me the Commission that’s essentially a government wing of the oil companies didn’t find any fault from the oil company? Stop the presses! I guess there’s a nasty trickster spreading oil across the roadways for nothing more than kicks.

I have to commend Sharita Hill for attempting be a concerned citizen in this oil-owned state; however, asking these companies to be good neighbors or holding meetings to address the issue would be as effective as taking a fork from Jeffrey Dahmer and asking him not to be a cannibal.

But, hey, best of luck to the Grady County.

Brandon thinks that huffing gas is so 1990’s. Follow Brandon on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.