Oklahoma to get new license plate as part of Kevin Stitt re-brand…

Gov. Kevin Stitt is finally addressing one of Mary Fallin’s most visible mistakes. According to this article in The Oklahoman, Lt. Gov. Matt “Sunshine” Pinnell – a key player in Kevin Stitt’s brown-noser cabinet – is leading yet another effort to “re-brand” Oklahoma as a tourism destination for the easy-to-dupe. The attention-getting part of the plan includes coming up […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Diamond Dawgs

As I sashayed on the boardwalk and right into Diamond Dawgs, 753 Asp Ave. in Norman, I was about to yell, to no one in particular, “This ain’t hot dogs…this is genocide!” but quickly caught myself when I sadly learned this eatery wasn’t the world’s only David Bowie-inspired frankfurter restaurant. Instead, for some odd reason, […]

OKC Zoo is free today. This is not a drill.

In a world full of divisive, toxic bullshit, I believe we could all use a little reprieve. People often say that life is made by the small glimmers of optimism. Well, consider this your daily drop of dopamine. Via KOCO.com: