MAPS 4EVER – Taking a look at the new MAPS pitches

Do you feel it in the air? No, not the strangling heat and humidity and UV rays that make you need to change your underwear after stepping outside the front door. We’re talking MAPS season, babeeeeee!

Yesterday, the Oklahoma City Council channelled their inner Shark Tank and held the first of four meetings to review local pitches for MAPS 4. I attended the first meeting yesterday, and will be providing weekly pros/cons recaps of the proposals being pitched. Here’s what we’ve got on the board so far:


What It Is: A community center with resources for victims of abuse, whether it be domestic, child, or sexual

Pros: The impassioned speeches from women and children who have utilized their current space were emotional, and stressed how important it is to have a larger facility to deal with the tens-of-thousands of abuse survivors who need a place to stay or a safe way to report crimes to the police while avoiding repercussions from their abusers.

Cons: It doesn’t seem like they have an expensive stadium or anything else planned to bring more horse shows to the fairgrounds.


What It Is: Places where you can be outside on grass, under trees

Pros: The proposal includes upwards to $80 million in improvements to local parks, which sounds insane until you realize that most of our local parks don’t even have public restrooms, and the decaying benches and furnishings can often date back to the 1930’s or before. They also want to build and upgrade existing splash-pads, and if they can make it to where adults don’t feel shamed about running around underneath the water at the parks, this is a solid win.

Cons: They also want $15-30 million to build a massive soccer complex for regional youth tournaments with at least 20 full-size pitches onsite, and to me that’s an absolutely ridiculous request. Drive around town on a Saturday morning – there are plenty of places to play soccer. Also, this heat index puts me in the ‘fuck being outside ever’ camp.

Sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, streetlights

What It Is: Exactly what it sounds like

Pros: I’m biased here, because this is the number one issue I’m fighting for on MAPS 4. I don’t own a car, and I’m pretty sick of having incredibly close calls with death every day of my life because I have to walk in the street or ride my bike without the benefit of protected space. Being a second-class citizen in your own city simply on the merits of not being in a 2-ton steel cage is insulting, and it’s embarrassing.

Cons: It’s going to be more difficult for drivers to play Wizard’s Unite while blasting down one of the six lanes of Classen Boulevard at 50 mph when it’s been shrunken down to accommodate bikes.

Freedom Center

What It Is: The landmark former-HQ of the NAACP that was headed up by civil rights pioneer Clara Luper

Pros: It would be vital to the community to have a museum for people to learn about the civil rights movement and history of race relations in Oklahoma City

Cons: The guy giving the presentation is allegedly not an actual representative for the Freedom Center, and kinda flew off the handle several times during the course of the day, including commenting on all of the other proposals to promote his own, so he didn’t do himself or his project any favors.

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30 Responses

  1. Meh?
    If that’s the wish list I’m leaning toward a NO vote.

  2. how about this novel idea….lets just use this maps to fix the roads and infrastructure of our city! the roads are the worst in the usa!! the so called professional victims of abuse have many resources already, the soccer stadium also not needed ive watched several matches at taft and its very nice! and the freedom center is a private undertaking they are already raising money!! im just saying lets maintain what we have …….fix what we need to ….we invite 1000s of folks from over the world to see the new okc but then they see our roads are so bad

    1. They’ve already had us pass an extra tax that’s supposed to go to fixing the roads.

      1. Let’s use the MAPS money to fix the fix for the fixing of the roads that were fixed or supposed to be fixed but weren’t fixed, or were fixed but now need more fixing.

    2. There’s already money for roads. This is why we’re seeing a lot of fixes going on. It’s just slow!

    3. Fixing the roads includes adding bike lanes. It’s not a complete road without bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

      1. No, fixing the roads means restoring them to the condition they were in before and no more than that. Bike lanes and sidewalks are additions and are paid for with different methods – bonds, Better Streets/Safer City tax.

        1. Kill two birds with one stone. Complete the street when the street is repaved. Not like there isn’t precident for this, Metro (the body equivalent to ACOG around Portland) actually requires this and it’s pretty much the only reason Metro has literally the bare minimum of bicycle facilities a city it’s size should have. Bike lanes are cheap and add capacity to any major street.

          OKC and Portland are roughly the same size.

          1. Oh, trust me, I wish they would’ve done the right thing, but we’re lucky to get streets repaved at all, much less any improvements made to them. Remember, in OKDOT’s and OKCDOT’s plans, people that don’t drive cars aren’t even thought about, much less get things built for them. Slowly changing, but still the prevalent mode of thinking there.

            1. Yeah, because folks like me won’t relent on insisting on transportation that’s safe and transportation that works for everyone.

      2. Anyone riding a bike in the 5:00 pm traffic on a weekday has a death wish!

        1. Or, they’re just trying to get home from work like everyone else.

    4. Perhaps we should have you in charge of all the signs welcoming visitors to Oklahoma City.

  3. Instead of keeping a tax on average citizens why don’t we just offer naming rights for Oklahoma City? Got your own Caribbean island? Way too many Gulfstream G650s taking up hanger space? Bored of zipping around the Hefner Speedway at 167 MPH in your Bugatti Veyron? Name a mid-major city after yourself! For the next fifty years Oklahoma City could be known as Love’s Travel Stop Burg or Harold Hammville! Let the rich fuckers who own it anyway go all in and take credit for it.

    1. I love the idea of selling naming rights. But instead of renaming the whole town, its redundant name already notorious and deeply ingrained world-wide, what about that river?

      Your newly-constructed and newly named “Oklahoma” (née North Canadian) River seems ripe for a lucrative name-sale.

      For example: The “Love’s River,” because “The River is for LOVE-ers”? (Get it?)

      1. If you change the Oklahoma River’s name, how will anybody know it’s in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma?
        A much better idea is to sell naming rights to each and every one of us Okies. Tattoos on our heads, “Cox”, “Love’s”, etc. I have dibs on “PawnAmerica”.
        But if you want to really go for the big money, skip the measly “legit” corporate money, and change our state’s name to “Methopotamia”, or “Opioidiana”, and watch the bucks flow in. (Wait, those bucks are already flowing in,….)

        1. Always thought that was odd. I mean, Oregon City is just the short hand for Oregon, OR. New York City is shorthand for New York, NY. Oklahoma City? For some reason that’s literally the official name…the City of Oklahoma City. Brought to you by the Department of Needless Redundancy Department.

  4. They better come up with some better ideas or I’m a no vote.

    1. So you like shitty transportation that only works for people willing and able to spend $8000+/year on a car, whether or not they’re capable of driving one safely?

      1. Where did you get your numbers for $8000 a year on a car?

        1. That’s on average what it costs Americans to gas up, pay off, pay tolls, park, insure and maintain a car in the US. You should track your costs sometime, you’ll be surprised how much money you’re wasting on a car. You can get it down quite a bit if you replace short trips with a bicycle when possible.

  5. Exactly! I’m sure Palomar will win out though since the oil overlord HH’s girlfriend, errr I mean Sr VP of PR gave her testimony at the presentation about how much it helped her….since Funk JR’s wife started it and Kristin is involved, their husband and boyfriend need to raise private money and give from the millions they already have to expand the center. Then they’ll have ANOTHER tax write off!

    1. This is one of the most callous and cruel comments I’ve ever seen posted on this site. If you saw the presentation and that’s all you walked away with ….

  6. You got it mixed up on Freedom Center. The calm, well spoken adults were the ones making the presentation. The guy who was yelling, waving his hands around and making threats is an ex-con who went around claiming he had control of it and a judge ruled he did not and put it under the control of the retired Urban League director Leonard Benton and a board that includes Clara Luper.

    1. Thanks for the clarification!

    2. I for one hope that this is funded. Clara Luper is so underappreciated here in in her own state. It would be nice to see a better representation of her and the work she dedicated herself to regarding civil rights, a true champion. I know the Oklahoma History Center has tried it’s best or at least one employee there has tried to do better but due to the pandering idiot in charge of the place we the citizens of Oklahoma are instead wasting our tax dollars on a dumb dumb idiotic Pop museum in Tulsa. Bc you know, Garth, Toby and Reba need more ego feed. Dr. Bob Blackburn needs to go.

  7. I’d just be happy if we could vote to bring Schlitz beer back to OKC and Oklahoma.

    1. Schlitz @ Modern Liquors 2918 N Penn

    2. Hear! Hear!

  8. How about just letting it expire like it was supposed to 25 years ago. You remember the “one-time tax”?

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