Channel 9 chopper joins hunt for kidnapper. Tails wrong car.

On Wednesday afternoon, Oklahoma City went into full Amber Alert mode, when some unlucky thief stole a grey Nissan Armada on S. Agnew that just happened to have a 4-year-old and 8-month-old inside it.

Naturally, the crack news team at Channel 9 scrambled chopper Bob Mills Sky News Ranger 9 to monitor the scanners, join the hunt and provide live coverage in order to gain eyeballs and generate ratings so they can bring in more ad revenue.

A few minutes later, Captain Jim Gardner came on the air with footage of what he believed to be the vehicle in question. Despite warnings from the cops to stay back and not jeopardize the safety of the kids, he tracked the vehicle on live TV as it made its slow trek through city streets. The only problem? He had the wrong car!

Check out this video that an Ogle Mole sent our way:

That’s great. I like how Jim Gardner says the cops are asking people to stay back and then basically tries to land on the hood of the car to get a good shot. It’s nice to know he has his priorities in order! He just better hope the driver of the wrong car wasn’t some government conspiracy theorist who deals with anxiety and paranoia issues…

“Mom! I was driving to the grocery store and helicopters were following me again!”

“Ricky, we’ve talked about this, and –”

“I’m not lying, Mom. They hovered right over me and followed the entire drive! Where’s the tin foil?!”

“You weren’t watching Goodfellas on TNT last night, were you?”

Fortunately, local cops are a bit more competent than the News 9 folks. They tracked down the right the car, arrested the unlucky thief-turned-kidnapper, and rescued the children.

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7 Responses

  1. in defense of the pilot, those cameras can zoom in from a long way away. I doubt he was that close to the vehicle itself. I was watching it and it was funny when he realized it was the wrong car , oops

  2. Funny? That was me! Almost broke out the Garand to teach Mr. Deep State a lesson. Thank god I forgot the keys to the ammo box or News9 woulda needed anew set of choppers!

  3. Maybe Bob Mills should have ’em hire Dr Angie as pilot.

  4. “You can jump into the fire..but you can never be free!”

    1. Thanks, Harry!

  5. always enjoy watching police chases covered live. They’re more exciting to watch than talk shows or soap operas

  6. Dang cops ruined a good car chase boys!!!!

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