Kelly Ogle is tired of everyone calling Trump’s racist stuff racist…

Whether he’s locking immigrants in cages, refusing to condemn white supremacists or simply denying housing to minorities in one of his daddy’s apartment towers, the only thing we know for certain about Donald Trump is that he’s a racist. In fact, I’d say Trump’s loyal commitment to modern, unabashed, 21st-century-style racism is the number one reason most of his critics hate him, and, sadly, the number one reason most of his supporters adore and worship him.

The only remaining group that chooses to willfully ignore this sad reality are the pathetic, mostly white church folk who have compromised all their values and integrity to support and defend Trump — simply because he’s a Republican who agrees with them on divisive wedge issues. You know, people like Kelly Ogle.

Last night, Kelly shared his two cents on Trump’s latest made-for-the-24-hour-news-cycle generated controversy and discussed the infamous, 100% contrived “go back to where you came from” tweets. His thoughts? Can’t we all get just along, ignore realty, and stop calling everything racist?

Check it out:

It was supposed to be a united stand, instead it turned into chaos.

Nancy Pelosi walked into the House Chamber Tuesday, July 16 loaded for bear. She took the microphone and went after President Trump for his weekend tweets aimed at some congresswomen, telling them, and I paraphrase, if they don’t like it here go back to the crime infested countries they came from and fix them first.

House Speaker Pelosi said, “President Donald Trump’s racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color.”

But in accusing the president of crossing the line, she herself crossed the line.

Yep, by accusing a racist President who routinely crosses the line of crossing the line, the Speaker of The House crossed the line? Got that? Let’s continue…

A Republican member called Pelosi out for inappropriate rhetoric by House standards, and the Parliamentarian of the House agreed her words should be taken down, and she would be banned from speaking the rest of the day.

The Democrats overruled all of that and eventually the House held an actual vote. Not on anything most of us care about. They voted to condemn the president for his tweets.

It was a barroom brawl, a bare knuckle fight over some tweets. They were certainly un-presidential, but can we knock it off with this race to call everything racist?

Yeah, can we knock it off guys? Trump – a man who we all know is a racist – simply told minority American lawmakers to go back to the country they came from. Screw context and reading between the lines! Even though Trump has shown he’s a racist through both actions and words over the last 50 years or so, it’s unfair to label those tweets that are drenched with racism and suggest racism to be racist because they’re not explicitly racist. The President was simply trying to be constructive and obviously would tweet the same thing to white men he disagrees with. We all clear on that?

Sarcasm aside, I kind of agree with Kelly on one point. Since it’s generally understood by everyone that Donald Trump is a racist asshole, can we stop flipping out every time he says or does something racist? I get it – having a racist president is a big, embarrassing, intolerable problem in dire need of a solution, but giving Trump the attention and publicity he craves every single time he says something racist doesn’t help things. At this point, it just creates more noise, which plays into Trump’s tiny hands. Even for a racist, they are very small…