Check out the first episode of The Lost Ogle Show podcast!

Last night, we recorded the very first episode of our inaugural podcast – The Lost Ogle Show!

Recorded in our new hi-tech Digital Media Studios in the Jim Brewer Building in Bricktown, this marks TLO’s long-awaited foray into the obscure local social podcasting waters.

The show is hosted by me and our long time contributor, collaborator and cohort, Marisa Mohi. Each week, we’ll be joined by TLO writers, trivia hosts and other friends-of-the-show to share our unscripted, stuttering takes on local, national and TLO-style issues.

Here it is:

In this episode, we were joined in studio by Chris Crockett – Marisa’s boyfriend, and one of the people behind our new canna-culture site The Happy Ogle – and our beloved food reviewer, death cheater and general critic-at-large, Louis Fowler.

Some of the topics we discussed are…

– Podcasting…

– Louis’s brush with death…

– Oklahoma City’s Best Districts…

– The Epic Charter School Media Controversy…

– Russell Westbrook Memories…

The Lost Ogle Show is produced and edited by our good pal Randy Mitchell. It will soon be available in all the spots fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded.

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23 Responses

  1. wow i checked it out and it sucked ass

  2. I’d love to subscribe with my podcatcher. Do you have any plans to create an RSS feed for the podcast?

  3. I have never listened to a podcast before this. Now I find myself wondering, how long IS a podcast anyway?

    J/k 🙂

  4. Good job guys!

  5. Cousin’s has great burgers. That is a good idea for a review.

  6. I was startled by Pat’s voice.

    1. Sounds exactly as imagined he would…

  7. What a great opportunity to hear someone read listicles to you!

  8. What channel do I tune the TV to?

  9. Man you sound like such a tool…Lucas Ross has more self awareness on beating a joke to death and he has a Banjo and takes pratfalls.

    And Marisa comes off every bit the stuck up snot that academia spawns.

    This is some cringe for sure.

    1. Jealous of people more successful (and better educated) than yourself?


      At least educated people have something to be stuck up about!

      1. Lol – He went to OCCC. She’s a professor of writing or something at my alma. If I want a joke about Bartleby the Scrivener I guess she’s got me there. But they are both still completely insufferable people, making fun of others while being immense douchebags. Kinda like your self grey.

        Louis gets a pass since he is ill.

        1. Sorry you never had any friends growing up and your mommy didn’t love you.

          1. Brian….Brian Bates, Video Vigilante ..Don’t you have some silly assed videos to shoot instead of making silly assed comments on the Really Lost Ogle?

      2. You’ve been around long enough to know that just because someone is “educated” doesn’t make them smart. I know a lot of “educated” folks that are dumb asses and, conversely, many uneducated folks that are really smart.

        Educated people have nothing to be stuck up about…nor does anyone else, for that matter.

  10. It was OK. You have my blessing to make more.

  11. Great job!

  12. LOL….hah!
    This person deserves a podcast..

  13. I assume Patrick’s snide responses to comments will now include “Thanks for listening”.

  14. As much as I bust your chops, keep it up! You’ll continue to improve as time allows. Let the haters hate.

  15. Is it over yet?

  16. I think its great you are doing a podcast. It has been horribly unfair to the Trump supporters to have used the hieroglyphics of written words that require reading and comprehending. I hope you do plan on using the Dr. Suess format of rhyming.

  17. Good job on your first podcast. Looking forward to hearing some more.
    Lewis, I’m glad you are doing well.
    Randy, great job.

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