Edmond farms using human shit as fertilizer…

Move over Purina dog food plant. There’s a new stench in town!

According to local news reports, an Edmond sewer plant is in hot shit after it dumped treated human waste on local farmlands.

Here are details via OKCFOX.com:

A local sewer plant is dumping treated human waste on local farmlands in Edmond.

Residents in one neighborhood contacted FOX 25, concerned about contamination and the smell.

Edmond Water Resources said the broken-down sewage is approved by the Department of Environmental Quality to be spread as fertilizer.

“Our goal with the biosolids program is to get beneficial reuse rather than just taking it to a landfill and filling up a landfill with this. Our goal is to return it to the nitrogen cycle, which is just putting it on a farm field and letting farmers use it for fertilizer. And they get it for free and of course, the farmers line up for this,” Kris Neifing, Director of Water Resources said.

Quick, empty your outhouses! You’re helping the environment!

My uncle Morris used to be a farmer and he told us to always use everything because nothing is without value. They may be interpreting this lesson a little too literally. On the bright side, this is the definition of turning shit into shine; the fertilization method of using human waste has been used dating back to ancient Mesopotamia.

Here’s more:

Whitney said, “All analytes tested were well within the regulatory limits for sludge testing and conform to EPA 40CFR Pt. 503 regulations for the disposal of wastewater sludge on an approved land site.”

“It’s hundreds of thousands of times safer than cow manure or any other animal byproduct because we’ve treated it. We wouldn’t do anything that we wouldn’t do next to our own homes,” Neifing said.

On the farmland off Northeast 164th Street, Ayala said 1.25 million gallons of sludge was injected into the ground across a 44-acre field in seven days.

Ayala said that’s 28,409 gallons per acre, injecting 800 gallons per minute.

That is a biblical amount of shit.

I’m curious as to what will be grown here. More importantly, do you advertise that specific produce was grown in the mighty manure fields? One can only hope.

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