Senator Lankford seems to think those concentration camps for kids ain’t half bad…

With the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids occurring in our state and a chance that Fort Sill may still be used as a concentration camp for kids, many Oklahomans have been anxious and angry about the attitude towards immigration held by lay people and government officials alike in this state. Thankfully our very own Senator James Lankford recently took a trip to one of these internment camps so he could let us constituents know that we’re all just over-reacting… right?

Via Fox 25…

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Oklahoma Senator James Lankford says, despite reports from some of his Democratic colleagues across the aisle, migrant detention facilities he visited at the U.S.-Mexico border over the weekend are “well stocked and well supplied.”

“So all of this noise out there saying that individuals aren’t getting access to toothbrushes or toilets or water or snacks is not true in any of these facilities,” said Lankford in a video statement sent to FOX 25. “And this is the highest trafficked areas of the entire border.”

I know that Senator Lankford is all about summer camps for kids, but would someone please tell him that there’s a difference between these concentration camps for children and his beloved Falls Creek? Yeah the adults at both kinds of locations are responsible for making sure kids are provided with proper food, hygiene products, and water. But Lankford is describing these detention facilities as if he is a camp counselor assuring a disgruntled parent that their 10-year-old is going to have some good, clean fun on his weekend trip to a cabin. He’s not acting like a United States Senator discussing the state of thousands of vulnerable children, some of whom have been the victims of sexual assault and significant trauma while in custody. But apparently the ICE detention facilities are not the dangerous actors in this situation…

Lankford says he was also briefed about the amount, and types of crossings at the McAllen station. According to the Senator, individuals from 63 different countries have crossed in the area just this year.

There’s also reportedly been a steep increase in the amount of men crossing the border with children. Lankford says around half of men crossing into the U.S. are bringing a child with them. A far cry from what officials saw just five years ago.

“Just in 2014, only one percent of the men actually had a child, now 50 percent of the men are traveling with a child because they know regardless of their criminal record, regardless of their background in their home country, if they bring a child with them they’re going to be released within 20 days and they get into the interior of the country and then continue to move,” said Lankford.

Over 50% of men crossing the border are doing so with children? Lankford seems to be acting like most of these kids have been kidnapped and not that violent crimes and economic hardship have worsened in many Latin American countries over the last few years to the point where families consider it safer to risk dehydration, familial separation, and death by crossing the US border than stay in their home country. This fear of Latin American immigrant families is beyond ridiculous. In Matthew 18:10 Jesus said “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” By how our “Christian” lawmakers are acting, I guess Jesus was only talking about the white kids.

Ya’ll should check out Lucas and Louis’ pieces on these concentration camps. Then follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek

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93 Responses

  1. Why should anyone take his word for it when there are vids and pics showing the conditions?

    1. The first thing The Party demanded was that you ignore the evidence of your eyes.

  2. In all fairness, there were probably more Sexual Assaults at Falls Creek when Lankford was running it than in the ICE detention centers. So in some ways, he may really see these as an improvement.

    1. I thought almost every guy that ever went to Falls Creek only went to get laid.

  3. Another embarrassment like his evil twin, Inhofe, from Oklahoma. Did he bring back a snowball from the Rio Grande?

  4. Banjo Boy Lankford probably would consider them an improvement over the rock he crawled out from under.

  5. I used to be a Republican and a Christian. Now I’m neither because the clowns in that photo,, and their fundamentalist enablers, have driven me away.

    1. Jay, I’m a Christian. I hate to hear the three clowns in the picture had more influence on you than the good of the Lord, but I certainly hear you! Hang in there, buddy!

    2. Congratulations on freeing yourself from the shackles of oppression!

    3. Just watching a grifter serial sexual assulter, lying fool donald with his head down praying is enough to make me puke. Jesus freaks and politics. Just what this country needs more of.

  6. Pretty typical response to people in different crises related to poverty and status, tell them that what they have ain’t that bad and to kindly shut up.

    I’m also tired of the people b!tching that all this anger and concern over immigrant conditions is only happening to persecute Trump and his zealots. Even Kelly Ogle mentioned his taking a media tour of the facilities what, five years ago? The media doesn’t get a special tour invite unless there is an uproar taking place and proof of humanity is demanded. Trump is not the victim here, although there are throngs of people who seem to think so.

    1. Oh no, someone mentioned the T word.

    2. Why don’t you liberals go find the homeless and see how they live. They do not sleep on clean, white sheets on nice beds. They do not have brand new clothes or Nike tennis shoes. They do not get 3 nice meals per day, no TV. They live with the fear of brutality, rape, etc. every day. Your little “illegals” probably wouldn’t leave their “cages” if you let them out. They have a good thing going.

      Don’t blame Trump for this mess! The Democrats wanted them!

      1. I’m so very glad I don’t know you, because you appear to be an amoral bigot with below average intelligence and compassion that spouts the party line to justify inexcusable behavior and human rights abuses! That’s the Oklahoma Standard, all right!

      2. Hmmm. Connie. You know they are primarily talking about children who had, have no say in their incarceration, right? I imagine you call yourself a Christian? I wonder what Jesus would think of your comment about his children? Jesus was a liberal, by the way.

      3. Connie the only time you must see daylight is from home to church on Sunday. I’ll wait for the day your kids are gutting hogs on the kill floor, shoveling asphalt on a 100 degree day, or laying shingles instead of playing video games and screaming at Mommy to bring more popcorn and cokes to the game room.
        Your “little illegals?” The fool donald is so stupid he cuts off decades of funding in Central America thus bringing a wave of good people who only want to have the dignity a working person has.
        Are you Native American? If not you really make yourself look stupid. But I guess if you voted for donald that speaks for itself.

  7. I’ve faced my Lord in all his glory and discovered,
    all politicians suck.

  8. We should all be ashamed and embarrassed to be from a state that would elect someone like Lankford and trump. I especially despise pious ‘christians’ who condone these hell-hole camps for children. What hypocrites! I love my country but really hate what it’s become under the leadership of trump and Lankford and Graham and McConnell. And no, I don’t intend to ‘leave if I don’t like it’ because we have to take it back and the voting booth seems to be the only way, unless Russia has totally taken over the polling places too. To not speak up is to assume we agree.

    Resist and vote! If that doesn’t work, we need a revolution to take our country back.

    1. Pull your head out. Before you start blaming this all on Trump, who 1st utilized and set this up for this purpose? Obama. We had the same group, in the same so called cages under his watch. Where was your outrage then?

      1. This is entirely disingenuous. Yes the Obama administration separated families in some instances based on federal statute, regulations, and case law. They did not make family separation mandatory. Family separation was used to comply with Federal regulations on the custody of minor children while their parents were in custody. The Obama administration did not automatically classify every single migrant, immigrant, and asylum seeker as a criminal (as the Trump administration) does, so the policy wasn’t as widespread. It also wasn’t used as a punitive measure designed to discourage future migration, which is what Trump is doing.

        The DOJ under Obama never argued that the children in it’s custody didn’t need toothbrushes or soap.

        Like most old people who assume they’re wise, you’re clearly blinded by your myopic worship of Trump.

  9. “Guys, some senator’s dropping by for a visit. Should we clean all this shit up, stock the shelves, let out those kids we locked in the office, or just let the chips fall where they may?”
    “Never mind. We’ll get fired if they see this shithole.”

    1. Exactly!

      As Rich M. and Kristjan pointed out above, we are expected to believe the Party Line and ignore our lying eyes.

  10. Maybe you haven’t got the memo but there is a large group of people that find the current casual use of the term ” concentration camp ” to be very offensive. These people have either experienced or have close relatives that experienced a true concentration camp.
    Bringing attention to the plight of the immigrant children is important but I’m sure there are other ways to describe the conditions short of cultural appropriation.

    1. Sure…

      1. Great source. “the daily beast” wouldn’t have an ax to grind?

      2. This 93 year old holocaust survivor did not personally survey any of these border detention centers. She’s just seeing what the left wing media want her to see.

    2. Gary: Your concern about “cultural appropriation” is touching.

      But JB has pointed out that survivors of the Nazi death camps agree with the “concentration camp” designation of our facilities.

      You might also learn something from visiting this Japanese-American website:

      Most of the outrage that I have seen about use of the term “concentration camp” to describe America’s immigrant holding pens is coming from apologists for the Trump Administration and its brutal policies. The deplorable conditions at the camps and the Administration’s child separation policies are and have been explicitly intended to deter asylum-seekers from crossing the border, even when they intend to immediately turn themselves in to the Border Patrol.


    3. I absolutely love when Conservatives lecture us about needing to be more PC with our language. This is the best kind of concern trolling.

    4. The way you use “cultural appropriation” says to me that you’re a complete fucking idiot. Yes, these *are* concentration camps, but they’re not death camps – there’s a distinction between them that your feeble mind can’t process.

    5. Cultural appropriation? GTFO with that bs. You are not as clever as you think.

  11. Senator Lankford is a worthless POS. They are concentration camps.

    I always wondered what the relationship between Falls Creek, the Baptist General Convention of OK, and the Garvin County DA was.

  12. Langford, REALLY????!!! You are just as culpable as those other 2 immorality corrupt liars. What if one of your children were in these horrible cages. God help you all. Money and your jobs come before saving these innocent kids. You are disgusting

  13. I was raised Christian and I specifically remember there being a part where Jesus was leading a migrant caravan from the desert to Jerusalem and he fed 5000 of them. Then he admonished the politicians who critiqued that he ate with them. Then he found another 4000 gave them healthcare and fed them too.

  14. “many of whom have been the victims of sexual assault and significant trauma” Lankford has been there and not basing his opinion on pictures, people who want Trump to fail at any cost, have shown. One is too many but throwing a blanket statement out there is irresponsible, even for a liberal. The difference between Falls Creek and this camp, These kids were brought, by illegal criminals knowing the risk of this happening. It takes some special kind of stupid to berate a camp because of Lankford or any other politician. All of the comments about Falls creek are disturbing. It isn’t perfect but a Christian camp for young people, that has been going since 1917, without a major scandal should be celebrated.

    1. Good catch. Changed “many” to “some.”

  15. Going to sue, my 3 years as 18 to 21 year old in US Army infantry was much worse than any illegal alien has endured. In the many years since my honorable discharge I have been forced to pay taxes obey hundreds of US laws and regulations I have tried to the obey one Law after another I didnot agree with. I even paid taxes that went to kill innocent babies.

    1. I take it that your English as a second language class was in rural Oklahoma.

    2. You mean the innocent babies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria? Those innocent babies? Maybe you should re-up so you can kill a few more.

      1. And Yemen, where US weapons are being used right now by the Saudis in killing innocent babies – against the will of the majority of both houses of Congress.

  16. Whatever happened to legal immigration and becoming a citizen through working, studying and assimilating?

    Here come the racist catcalls from the “come one, come all” , “open borders for everyone”crowd!

    1. Seeking asylum in the USA… IS legal immigration.

      1. Asylum my ass! It’s an invasion of illegals – thousands of them. Put em up at your place. Come one, come all – we can take the entire world population.

        If you don’t like the accommodations, don’t come – quite simple. The Jewish people of Germany, Poland, etc., didn’t really have that option, now did they. You idiots that liken the holding places in use now to German concentration camps are just that-IDIOTS! If the shoe fits, wear it.

        1. There it is! An acknowledgement that the concentration camps are a FEATURE of this administration’s policy, intended to DETER people from coming here to claim asylum.

          If kids get caught in the gears, that’s just too bad. Right, Mike?

          1. Are you such a big liberal/idiot you think the U.S. can welcome the world population with open arms?

            1. I’m not that liberal/idiot myself, but nowhere can handle the growing world population, really. We’ve way over 7 billion people right now and even optimistic predictions put us at 9 billion in just another 30-50 years – something like that.
              If one doesn’t claim to be a Christian, one can take a completely “hard-ass” position on the matter and tell everybody outside the borders after a certain date that they’re shit outta luck, and that’s a rational position to take, albeit short-sighted and hard-hearted, in my opinion. However, if you claim to be a Christian, it makes that attitude a little more precarious, it seems to me.
              I’m not a Christian, but over 15 years ago, my wife and I found ourselves committing a felony by helping a Mexican woman who had crossed the border illegally with her daughter and sister in a big group led by a coyote. On her trek, this woman hurt her knee so badly she could not go on, and so the coyote left her in the desert. She sent her daughter on with her sister, because she was afraid she would die out there with her.
              She nearly did.
              Flor’s husband had been killed in a car wreck, and so, unable to find work to support herself and her daughter in Vera Cruz, she headed north in desperation. We were driving down to Bisbee, AZ, where my wife’s father had a vacation home, right near the border. We came around a curve and saw her stumbling out of the desert onto the highway.
              We picked her up, got her hydrated, and drove right past the Border Patrol station, where, if we had been good citizens, we would have turned her in. We could not bear to do that. She was nearly hysterical about sending her daughter on with her sister. She had no idea had to get in touch with them. We fed her, bought her new clothes (her’s were torn and bloody), and a backpack, drove her up to Tucson, showed her where the bus station was, set her up in a motel room, so she could recover a little, and gave her $200. She thought her sister and daughter were headed to South Carolina, and so that was where she was going to try to go.
              Then we continued on our vacation. We didn’t feel proud of ourselves, or ashamed. Well, maybe somewhat ashamed that we didn’t do more, given that we could have. We found ourselves unable to describe to others what had just happened, how knocked-to-the-floor we felt. I still think about that whole deal, and if Flor made it.
              I don’t know how many of the recently flood of asylum seekers would make it your neck of the woods, Mike, if they were successful in staying here. A lot would probably show up around here, in my neighborhood, given there are already a lot of Mexicans and Guatemalans and other Hispanics. I worry about a lot more poor desperately people around here, but right now, I worry about the fucking meth heads more, and they seem to be mostly of European extraction.

          2. Neckbeard, asylum seekers need to go thru ports of entry to be considered for admission, not some random piece of the border. You remind me of the three-letter rep we have in the house currently…

        2. Mike out West run em all out and you can take over any of their jobs you choose.
          Things change. Ask the Indians.

  17. I had a relative who survived Ravenbruck, another who survived Auschwitz, a third who didn’t survive Treblinka. Ft. Sill is not a concentration camp. The other 3 were.

    1. You’re the second dumbass I’ve corrected on here – those 3 were concentration *and* death camps, and where all the immigrants are currently being held are concentration camps.

      Concentration camp – a place where large numbers of people (such as prisoners of war, political prisoners, refugees, or the members of an ethnic or religious minority) are detained or confined under armed guard —used especially in reference to camps created by the Nazis in World War II for the internment and persecution of Jews and other prisoners

      Death camp – a concentration camp in which large numbers of prisoners are systematically killed

      A death camp is also a concentration camp, but *not* vice versa.

      1. You have done a fine job of researching the nuances of the camps and explaining them to us. Thank you for the insight.

        Now if you think those protesting the use of the camps and demonstrating against the way the illegals are being held, calling them concentration camps, etc., etc., and further that they are familiar with said nuances, the question becomes “just who is the dumbass?” I believe the answer to be none other than YOU – dumbass.

        1. You missed Brian’s point, probably deliberately.

          These ARE concentration camps, but not death camps. There is a difference, and it isn’t a subtle one.

          1. Speaking of missing the point, deliberately or otherwise – that’s you.

            I firmly believe that when 90 – 95% of U. S citizens hear the term concentration camp, they think of Auschwitz, Dachau and maybe, just maybe, Buchenwald? You know damn well the youth of America haven’t been taught about distinctions. Maybe you don’t know, but I damn sure do!

      2. By definition of the Holocaust Museum and Yad Vashem, the Ravensbruck camp was not a “death camp.” I suggest you not instruct my family on what a “concentration camp” was. When they tattoo numbers on the people in Ft. Sill you may begin considering Ft. Sill as one, DA.

        1. Good point, I didn’t go to the US Holocaust Museum site to check, I relied on other sources. Just to further clarify, there were only 5 death camps (or “killing centers”) according to them – Auschwitz, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. As far as defining “concentration camp”, that same website says this – “For the detention of civilians whom the regime perceived to be a security risk of some sort.”, and that defines *exactly* what the current immigration camps in the US are. Nazi concentration camps did kill people, but that wasn’t their primary purpose. Semantics matter…

        2. Oh, and just because someone has personal experience of something (which I’m not minimizing) doesn’t mean they can call it whatever they want, if the official designation/definition disagrees with that. And just because the current immigrants locked up in the US don’t have numbers tattooed on them doesn’t mean they’re not in a concentration camp, it just means they’re not in the Nazi version of a concentration camp.

  18. I’m glad to hear that we’re bickering more about who had it worst at camp instead of finding solutions to the issue and helping our fellow humans.


  19. Those who hate the USA and most of its citizens are being driven insane, their bigotry and hate override any common sense . They hate the USA, Oklahoma and honest work. The most basic things of life are beyond comprehension to them.

    1. Who “hates the USA”? That’s quite a sweeping charge against “them,” and is total bullcrap.

      My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right. That’s the way I feel.

      1. There’s a pretty big group that actually hate it here – look no further than the 4 stooges and others of their ilk that clamor for more, more, more and work less, less, less! And before you call me a racist, the group includes all races.

        1. Just another goper telling us if we aren’t gopers we hate our country. I’ve listened to that bullshit since little bush started the Iraq war. And that’s exactly what it is total bullshit.

  20. Unfortunately the entire issue has become nothing other than political fodder. Immigrants need to be treated with dignity and our border security needs to improve to the point that people don’t make it in our country illegally. At some point once we can get the currently detained people out of the country it’s up to those coming across the border to stay out of the detention centers.

    The whole immigration matter seems simple to me. I know I oversimplify it- Allow people in this country time to get legal (1 year?) , make the process simple for legal citizenship for those already here and secure the border. Once those are done, anyone in the country should be treated like a criminal and sent out of the country with no regard to their situation.

  21. Inhofe and Langford walk in lock step with lying trump. Now we know how Langford wanted to run his kids camps for the chruch. Let put his kids in there and see how long they last with no showers , poor food, no bed……and he claims to be a man of God…………whos God?

  22. “Idealism increases in direct proportion to one’s distance from the problem.” – John Galsworthy

    1. A nice description of a desire for an impenetrable wall on the southern border.

      1. I knew people such as yourself would read that quote I stumbled across months back and see a huge right wing conspiracy of some type. I had never heard of the fellow the quote is attributed to, but FYI according to Wikipedia he was a well known English writer in his day.

        When I see a great quote, it leads me to learn a little about the author to see who he/she was and glean a smidgen of insight into their lives. According to Wikipedia, he campaigned for a variety of causes , including prison reform, women’s rights, and animal welfare and was against censorship.

        All seemingly part of a great right wing conspiracy from your own and others views. An interesting quote, nothing more, nothing less. Interesting that said quote fits not only the border “situation”, but also numerous other focus issues of our day.

  23. The Lost Ogle should raise money to got AOC and the other three to come to Oklahoma and educate the dumb Okies, Prez Boren could meet the ladies at the airport in a tutu and assure them there are many okies that agree with the Damocrat drivel.Ger Ur Dun.

    1. Bingo – you win!

    2. At least AOC has thoughts beyond how to get rich using the government as a tool. When will Oklahomans begin to think about who represents them instead of the Wall Street bankers.
      Anyone who denies the obvious: Trump U.. Donald’s first economic advice? Default on U.S. debt. Been sued for fraud more times than you can count. Destroyed the farm economy with his tariffs.
      But sooner has one thing in his head. The idiot donald sure isn’t black and that is all that matters.

  24. Perhaps to prove his assertion, the senator could intern his own children or grandchildren in one of these facilities for a few months.

    I mean, just to show what great luxury resorts they are.

  25. “Nice day for it” : It may surprise you that I personally know several “illegals” who work in the area in which I live. Some are here with their families, some send money home to their families every payday. They are all fine people that work hard for a living and I respect them for that. I have nothing but respect for these people that are here to make a living and better themselves. They are assets to the communities in which they live, unlike the numerous deadbeat Caucasian dopers in the area.

    My only point is we can’t take ALL of them in and not all of them are hard working family people. Believe it or not, some of the invaders are the dregs of their societies. Hence the need for a legal system instead of an out and out invasion of “come one, come all as advocated by many on the left.

    Have a good weekend to all.

    1. Mike – how about the deadbeat Caucasian assholes who somehow find the time to post 11 comments on one article ? And that by no means is a personal record for you. Talk about keyboard warriors. GET A FUCKING JOB!!!

      1. You don’t like my posts, don’t read em – sorta like you don’t like the accommodations, don’t come here.

        I have a real job thank you! I only state things that need to be stated in order to bring a little, very little, balance to the crap you and others throw out as fake or distorted news at best. GET A LITTLE SENSE, MORON, YOUR SHORTAGE SHORTFALL IS GLARING.

        Looking forward to posting again on a to[pic of interest. See you there, DUMBASS!
        P. S.

  26. When the antichrist rises to power. Those people will be like little mice. They will never hurt another human being ever again.

  27. P. S. Don’t I get to respond or have exchanges with intelligent posters that wish to discuss something. Of course, you are not in that category and my response to you was an in-kind response..

    1. 13 and counting

      1. I know damn well someone is helping you count – you could never get that high on your own!

  28. “We are a nation of immigration laws! Parents do not send your children across the border” ~ President Obama

  29. The Lefties hate free speech, free enterprise,private property, innocent babies, they are generally control freaks. Since Nov 2016 they been all for the Gov’t establisment , they no longer want corruption to be exposed, they are now lackies for the rich and powerful, they have been exposed and have moved from crazed to insane.

    1. to support this pov, just look at any left rally on youtube lolz left had gone off the rails, big time. 2020 is shaping up to be the biggest circus yet. i’m very afraid of what 2024 might bring, after another 4 years of Trump…

    2. Sooner. Try shutting off Fox News for 5 minutes during that 1st 24 hour period. Next day work on 10 minutes. After a month or so you will be up to maybe a couple hours a day! Do you have a full frontal naked shot of “lumpy” hannity on your wall?
      Try pounding that pud to one of the OKC female broadcasters. Lumpy Hannity makes tons of money because of idiots like yourself.

  30. A great, spot-on quote, from a true Republican:

    “Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a nation, we began by declaring that “all men are created equal.” We now practically read it “all men are created equal, except negroes” When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read “all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.” When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty—to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocracy.

  31. Not a student of history but I thought Damocrat party was the party of racial separation. The Grand Wizard from WVA, the Clintons, Boren, the whole nasty bunch. It’s not in my purview, I forgot, I don’t recall, it’s not in my purview.

    1. Not a student of US History either. Maybe quit humping your cousin/sister long enough to simply read a post Civil War history book and all your questions will be answered and you can quit making the dumbest ill-informed statements on this obscure blog. I’m sure the Fox news circle jerk is missing you and has a glazed donut for you to eat while drinking the koolaide that Cambridge Analytica crafted just for your persuadable low IQ.

      1. Hey, some of us can hump our cousins and read at the very same damn time, thank you very much!
        And I got pay purview, too,….

    2. You should sell some of that acid your abusing to some of your friends. It’s not nice to bogart the blotter.

  32. This is all about a wall… China’s … Hadrian’s… Berlin’s … Troy’s…

  33. I’m thinking E3 might be your ceiling, maybe you just couldn’t shoot straight or maybe you were just too smart. One hundred and first and best of luck to you.Boom USA.

  34. Hotshots… That’s where the love is…. Beeskove burning ten miles away… Skrew your rank…. You wanna see funds spent on maintaining infrastructure or a God damn wall in the desert….

  35. I bet Brian is a millennial and wears skinny jeans.

    1. Ill match you bet …. And say your mom lost her box wearing tight jeans…

      1. Classy Bazz. Why don’t you spend more time reviewing your posts for grammatical errors than attacking people’s Mothers? And since it was 1976 when she did, I imagine it was bell bottoms or a dress.

        Come up for air from your mom’s basement every now and then. The sunshine will feel good on your hate.

    2. You lost, on both counts.

  36. What page was that on? Ugh that’s not in My purview, call Boren let’s fly to Baltimore for lunch, we’ll talk global warming/climate changes , underwear and such , We is proud Democrats.

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