Bring your guns to the free Kings Of Leon concert!

For some reason, the upcoming Kings Of Leon concert is very contentious in the OKC community. Nearly a month ago, Patrick merely asked if anyone on Twitter had any details on how much the band was going to be bankrolled for their performance to commemorate the opening of Scissortail Park. People flipped the fuck out, and we had a wonderful display of state reading comprehension skills with the replies.

For as big of an outrage as we caused by asking how much and who was paying a washed up SPY turned KATT rock band, there’s a more serious side to this city stunt. Because of a state law, any gun night / second amendment auditor weirdo can bring their guns into an event that will attract thousands of people. Here’s the gist from KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY – There will be thousands in attendance at the opening weekend concert featuring Kings of Leon.

The City of Oklahoma City said there will also be lots of security.

“There will be metal detectors. There will be one specified locations for handgun license holders and then there will be 12 exits that will be available for anybody leaving the concert,” Deputy City Attorney Amanda Carpenter said.

Is there a corporate sponsor for this area? The Devon Energy 2nd Amendment Zone has a nice ring to it! They say you can’t stop a bad guy with a gun unless you’ve got a good guy with a gun, but if we put all the people with guns into the same chainlinked-fence at the back of the park, the wannabe cowboys and bandits can sort themselves out.

It’s a state law that’s been in effect for years, but with the upcoming Scissortail Park about to open guns in public places is getting heated on social media.

“State law does allow a person with a valid handgun license to carry a gun in the park,” Carpenter said.

That includes any public park. The Gathering Place prohibited handguns last year until second amendment rights advocates fought back.

Don spencer heads the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and says he’s glad to see the city of Oklahoma City in compliance with state law.

“Government recognizes a citizen’s right and reinforces and protects their right. It’s a good day for Oklahoma,” Don Spencer, Pres. of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

Yeah, it’s a great day when anyone can bring a lethal weapon to a massive public event. After all, we’ve heard all the wonderful news stories of guns at concerts. Naturally, OKC mayor David Holt says the city’s hands are tied on the issue:

Yep, the headline implies discretion! State law does not allow cities to prohibit guns in a park! On that note, we should probably point out that as a State Senator, David Holt voted “Yes” on on the law that does not allow cities to prohibit guns in a park. But who cares about that. He’s friendly and accessible while promoting himself on Twitter!

On that note, State Rep Forrest Bennett got into it with Mayor David Holt on Twitter:

Forrest brings up a good point. Why bother with security? There’s gonna be hundreds of drunk Okies with pistols, we’ll police ourselves!

Starting November 1st, when the law changes, Scissortail will be concealed carry only, but all it takes is one huge tragedy to ruin a place. Just because you can bring your gun to this concert doesn’t mean you should. Listen to the wisdom of Johnny Cash…