Hamilton is in OKC! Old White People Rejoice!

We don’t get many big cultural events in Oklahoma City that aren’t tied to tragedy or sports. Even those two forms of entertainment are inextricably intertwined, like love and marriage, horse and carriage, little boy blue, the man in the moon, etcetera.

Hamilton just opened at the Civic Center, and I would not have known about it if I didn’t work at the nearest bar to the venue. Perhaps I’m uncultured, I just don’t keep up with the local theater goings-on. But this one is a pretty big deal. It’s going to be playing for the next few weeks and they’ve sold a helluva lot of tickets.

Ya see, Hamilton is a musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton and other founding father-figures, but told through the art of RAP! I think, at least. All I know about it is what I’ve absorbed through internet-osmosis, and the few times when somebody played the soundtrack at a retail store that I worked for. What I can tell you is that crusty old white historical figures do rap battles that sound like they were programmed for a Kidz Bop CD.

It’s supposed to be a woke production with people of color playing the crusty old white historical figure, but I can’t tell you if it’s good or not. It just opened yesterday, I’ve only heard the Kidz Bop soundtrack, and the cheapest tickets I saw on the Civic Center website were nearly $100.

I spoke to a young stranger after last night’s performance, and she loved it, but brought up an important point: Everyone she saw at the show was old, wealthy white people, who probably missed the point and were just there to be seen. They did not have rap battles afterwards, so what’s the point?

The young stranger I spoke to also probably had old, wealthy white parents, otherwise how the hell did she get into Hamilton’s opening night? As someone without $100 to spend on a night out at the theater, or even $100 to spend in a medical emergency were it to happen, it’s tough to discuss this Broadway show that’s sweeping OKC. So instead, I’m now going to talk about Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood. You could pay for a matinee screening with couch change. Maybe it’s not as good, but there’s a big difference in having value meal money and fancy steak dinner money.

It’s not the most progressive film, especially when put next to Hamilton. I can’t remember any non-white people except for a guy who plays Bruce Lee getting beat up by Brad Pitt. In fact, it’s the least amount of people of color you’ve seen in a Tarantino movie since Reservoir Dogs. At least he doesn’t insert himself as a random character that insists on using the n-word this go-around.

But what the film lacks in diversity, it gives in incredible performances and production design. You get to see Pitt and DiCaprio cruise around a very believable old Los Angeles in classic cars, with massive neon signs burning beautifully into the expansive horizon. Not much really happens, but that’s not the point. You’re there to watch DiCaprio, Pitt, and Margot Robbie play characters in different stages of their careers in Tarantino’s love letter to old Hollywood.

I don’t like to give out spoilers, so I’ll keep the review as simple as that. But if anyone could let me know what happens at the end of Hamilton, that would be pretty sweet. I’m assuming it’s one of those 8 Mile rap battles but about taxation, who knows. Anyways, if you’ve got Hamilton tickets and wanna prove a point, I’m not hard to find, and I’ll sneak in a flask that we can share.

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30 Responses

  1. There literally is a rap battle about taxation.

    I have tickets to go two separate nights. It’s a thing.

    I have a bunch of friends going too who are not old (unless you count mid-30s as old) or rich, but yes they’re white. This is a huge cultural event for white folks and even the young ones saved their couch change to afford a ticket.

  2. So…white people shouldn’t be going to this show? But, but, but, that’s RACIST. Oh wait….

  3. Spoiler ahead:

    At the end of Hamilton (the history, not the play), Aaron Burr kills Hamilton in a stupid duel with pistols. It truly is “the end of Hamilton,” although his picture winds up on our ten-dollar bill. (A move a couple of decades ago to replace Hamilton on the Ten with Ronald Reagan was unsuccessful.)

    Hope that didn’t ruin the suspense for anyone.

    1. And now that we have audio of Reagan using racial slurs, his name and face will never grace anything again. Thank you and good night.

      1. Calling Africans “monkeys” in 1971 is rather tame for its day.

  4. A woke show with a gun battle? Impossible. When I heard Bob Long talking about begrudgingly going to see Hamilton a few years ago then falling in love with the music and the story, I signed up for the transformation. Next week to be exact. I love Broadway shows although not as much as the drama nerds from Edmond High, but I’m pretty excited to see it. Oh, and Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Noriega says it’s told through hip hop, not rap. Apparently there’s a difference.

    I also love old Hollywood, but 1969 Hollywood wouldn’t necessarily be considered old Hollywood. Think MGM and their moral veneer of the 30s and 40s. This movie, however was fantastic! Yes it will bore many who cannot be entertained unless they’re seeing special effects and in a super hero universe, but man this was good. I cried at the end. Hollywood will do that to ya.

    I’ll get back to you on the comparison.

    1. Lin-Manuel Miranda.

      I was there last night. Great show! Talent on that stage was off the charts. Highly recommend.

  5. “In fact, it’s the least amount of people of color you’ve seen in a
    Tarantino movie since Reservoir Dogs. “

  6. $100 a ticket? That’s cheap! I paid $250 for mine.😞

  7. I’m going, and yes I’m old and white, but far from rich. I don’t spend my money on material things, I like to spend my money on experiences. This will be an experience of a lifetime, and much cheaper than going to NYC to see it.

  8. There’s an app for cheaper tickets. I mean there’s an app for everything. But Hamilton does a lottery with seats for each show through the Hamilton App to get people who normally can’t to a show get in.

  9. Ah, the ignorance/arrogance of youth. The most profound saying from my dad: “What good is it being young if you can’t be stupid.” Denigrating something just because one does not understand it reveals more about the person than the subject. Informed criticism, however snarky, is better than uninformed verbal masturbation.

    1. AMEN

  10. White People Bad, Straight People Bad, Orange Man Bad, American People Bad, Fences Bad, Locks Bad. USA Bad, Law Enforcers Bad.

    1. Amen. TLO is as NPC as it gets lately. Louis just went full retard with Nazi camps earlier today… Dude needs to stick to reviewing food.

      On the other hand, those prices are sure nut-cracking…Sat pm tix in the Upper Orchestra Center section start at $1650, and this soy boy wonders why it’s all rich white people from Edmond… I’ll just jam out to some Pac and Biggie while watching Boyz n the hood.

      1. Indeed, a “plus one” to that. Hey! I’m glad it’s here! Not sure how I personally feel about it, but I’m glad we’re getting Broadway shows.

      2. Make sure to drink a 40 from a brown bag, pour one out for your homies, just like Mayor Pete!

  11. It’s about time it got here.. I was the 2nd person in OKC to purchase tickets in May.. the story is well written, the soundtrack is clever, and the time and money spent will provide immeasurable ROI until the next Broadway rap battle.. 🎼🎵🎶🎤🎹🥁🎻🎟🎭🎬

  12. Firstly, this first week is mostly season subscribers, so my guess is the majority of them were older and yes, white (yawn). As the weeks move on, the audiences should get more diverse, and likely younger. I was there last night (my third time seeing the show – I’ve seen it in other markets) – and there was quite a bit of diversity in the crowd comparitively.

    Maybe before you knock something to look like an ignorant fool, you need to go and actually watch it and then talk about how good or bad it isn’t.

    1. “Look like an ignorant fool,” she says. Again, its a comedy site build specifically to give people a chuckle and not take things too seriously but, hey, you be you boo.

      1. You’re only saying this because it became en vogue to bash straight, white, male, and now old people. Just imagine the outrage if some other race was mentioned, even if it was posted on a “satirical” obscure blog. Can’t have it both, cupcakes.

        1. Thank you

        2. I was laughing this morning when a guy was sarcastically pointing out it’s racist to call someone a “colored person,” and the proper term is “person of color.” Just shows how stupid people have become.

    2. Maybe you shouldn’t “yawn” at white people. Racist much? I’d say YOU look like the ignorant fool.

      1. Better to look like a ignorant fool than to run your dumb mouth and prove it Teresa.

        1. Nah. Racism is from all sides. So, when I see those types of comments, I’m going to strike back. Deal with it.

        2. Better to run your mouth than to run your mouth?

  13. The show is way overpriced for the market. Sure, there is upfront demand from those that can afford to go and want to be seen, but I’m curious to see what ticket sales will be like the middle of next week to the third week. There are plenty available and unless the Civic Center drops the price the founding fathers will be singing to plenty of empty seats.

  14. This post is so edgy that I almost cut myself reading it.

  15. White people bad, native people bad, old people bad, defenseless babies really bad. Lefties gone from Crazy to insane.

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