Ft. Sill Concentration Camp Plans Halted…

While less-woke persons were busy planning to storm Area 51, many people from groups such as Dream Action Oklahoma, Tsuru for Solidarity, American Indian Movement, and Black Lives Matter, to name a few, were tirelessly making sure that Ft. Sill’s impending use as a concentration camp to house mainly Latino children was never once out of the local and national spotlight.

Much to the chagrin of area white supremacists however, according to the “fake news” of the Associated Press, the plan to move children to the military post—many who are still separated from their parents, mind you—is currently on hold, for now.

From the AP:

The Trump administration no longer needs to detain migrant children at an Oklahoma Army base and preparations to house them there have stopped, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement…

Stauffer, who did not immediately reply to messages seeking further information, said no children have been held at the base at Lawton, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) southwest of Oklahoma City.

While Stauffer said that a 28% drop in the number of migrants crossing over this month is mostly responsible for the loss of Ft. Sill as a detainment center—an Army installment that has a bloody history of both Indigenous and Asian-American internment—as someone who has both participated in and written about the anti-concentration camp protests, I’m willing to bet the massive demonstration on July 20th left many lawmakers shaking in their boots.

Even though there are still protests being held against the many remaining camps near and around such places as El Paso, Texas, for example, for now, the defiant Oklahomans who stood firm against this era of bigotry and hatred in a state that, at times, seems over-run with it, can at least claim this as a victory today and, God willing, hopefully tomorrow.


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