Ft. Sill Concentration Camp Plans Halted…

While less-woke persons were busy planning to storm Area 51, many people from groups such as Dream Action Oklahoma, Tsuru for Solidarity, American Indian Movement, and Black Lives Matter, to name a few, were tirelessly making sure that Ft. Sill’s impending use as a concentration camp to house mainly Latino children was never once out of the local and national spotlight.

Much to the chagrin of area white supremacists however, according to the “fake news” of the Associated Press, the plan to move children to the military post—many who are still separated from their parents, mind you—is currently on hold, for now.

From the AP:

The Trump administration no longer needs to detain migrant children at an Oklahoma Army base and preparations to house them there have stopped, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement…

Stauffer, who did not immediately reply to messages seeking further information, said no children have been held at the base at Lawton, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) southwest of Oklahoma City.

While Stauffer said that a 28% drop in the number of migrants crossing over this month is mostly responsible for the loss of Ft. Sill as a detainment center—an Army installment that has a bloody history of both Indigenous and Asian-American internment—as someone who has both participated in and written about the anti-concentration camp protests, I’m willing to bet the massive demonstration on July 20th left many lawmakers shaking in their boots.

Even though there are still protests being held against the many remaining camps near and around such places as El Paso, Texas, for example, for now, the defiant Oklahomans who stood firm against this era of bigotry and hatred in a state that, at times, seems over-run with it, can at least claim this as a victory today and, God willing, hopefully tomorrow.


If you see ICE officers or trucks in your neighborhood, call the Migrawatch reporting hotline at 1-844-363-1423. Follow Louis on Twitter at @LouisFowler and Instagram at @louisfowler78.

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54 Responses

  1. you Calling them concentration camps is probably the most condescending comment to holocaust victims and survivors and fits nicely with the anti-Semitic tones many left wing groups use as dog whistles.

    1. So then what are they? Are they not a concentration of immigrants being detained? And the term concentration camp was not coined by the Germans in WWII. Maybe crack open a history book and read up on the British. But hey, what do I know besides a few holocaust survivors in KC that call these modern facilities concentration camps.

      1. They’re holding facilities, if you cant find another word for it. While I dont see how anyone can support this place or believe we are unable to find a better solution, I also think calling it a concentration camp is meant to sensationalize while also providing more fodder for partisan division of all humans.
        I absolutely hate that children are separated from their parents. I also dont have a solution for this problem. And from the comments I read, and the conversations I have, with friends, family, my own wife, no one else has a real suggestion on how to solve this problem. Most everyone sees this as a black and white issue without ever really taking the time set aside their irrational and exaggerated, emotional response, to actual explain what should be done. What DO you do, where do you put them, how do you pay for it? Why should anyone pay for it?

        I dont have an answer and no one else does either. Except in the belief that the money tree can simply sprout more funding out of the air.

        Try and take real time to sit down with your thoughts and think about the consequences to this problem. Try to think about what the reality will be on both sides of the equation. Try to remain impartial, take out the emotional part which always narrows your vision and opens the door to irrational behaviors.

        This is not an easy thing to deal with, there is no easy answer.

        Stop whining about Trump, he is the latest distraction put here to keep us from focusing on the real power people. The people who send him out there to take the focus off of themselves.
        I mean seriously, at this point how can Trump say or do ANY thing that surprises anyone? To keep falling for it would be comical, if it weren’t so sad.

        Once Bush II was put in the WH, followed by a black president, followed by this thing, it’s become clear that THIS is the way it’s going to be forever. There will never be a “real” candidate who really can do good for everyday people. They will fall under the thumb of the real power structures that are always there, thus preventing any real overall change and benefits for all. Sure the candidate will be able to make a few net positive changes that will please a certain group of supporters, but they will be things only to pacify the masses and provide something they can brag about.

        1. Thanks, Mike. That post was more than words meant to poke, to demonize, to root for the home team. I appreciated the thinking.

        2. Best post I have seen on The Really Lost Ogle!

    2. You might want to look up the definition of “concentration camp” before you parrot the Trump party line next time. If Louis had said “death camp” you would have been correct. But he didn’t. And you are incorrect.

    3. Don’t you just hate when those horrible left wingers run up in synagogues and gun down people?

      Oh wait! That’s your guys.

      Okay, don’t you just hate when those horrible left wingers set synagogues on fire and leave hurtful swastikas?

      Oh wait! That’s your guys.

      FYI learn history. By legal definition these are concentration camps. Such camps preceded the Holocaust. Concentration camps begin by rounding up people.

      The Holocaust occurred because people like you spent so many years denying what was happening and endorsing it with your silent complicity.

      Thank God someone is standing up THIS TIME.

      1. Such devises language. You people are this, you people are that… such hatred for someone you have no knowledge of. See how dangerous this is becoming? Words matter. It doesn’t matter what the definition of a concentration camp is. What matters is what it means in everyday language. It matters that’s it’s being politicized to wind people up and it’s dangerous.

        Look how upset you got at just the simple and correct statement I made about it being grossly irresponsible to compare the migrant camps to holocaust death camps.

        No one is being rounded up in America. People are making a choice to come across the boarder illegally knowing 100% they will be detained before making that choice. No one is being killed. No one is being forced to come.

        1. No one but you has “compare(d) the migrant camps to holocaust death camps.”

          The previous responses to your first comment are exactly right.

          1. If you don’t think using the language “concentration camp” is supposed to compare them to Nazi death camps you are just being willfully ignorant. Of course that’s what it’s for. They know what they are going when they do it.

            You know that. Come on.

            1. The concentration camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII weren’t Nazi death camps either. But they WERE concentration camps.

            2. Sam, don’t bother trying to have a logical discourse with Neckbeard. Tried it many times before.
              Btw, nice try on editing “Nazis” out of the title. Too bad the link to this article hasn’t been updated. Shit, TLO was never good at editing, anyway…So much for not trying to put images of Nazi camps in peoples heads lol

      2. Who is standing up? Are you really under the belief that anyone could stop something from happening, if the powers that be really want it?

        It’s a great idea and being silent is to consent. But its myopic to equate this to one person.

        Blanketing any group of people is childish and serves to demonize an entire group of people.

        You saying “left winger burns down synagogue” is low hanging fruit and provides no real thought.

        1 scum bag, shit human person burned those synagogues.

        1 scum bag shit human went grand theft auto on a Walmart in el Paso yesterday. 1 individual and their actions does not provide you the ability to demonize an entire group of people who share a trait or 2 with the perpetrator.

        It’s like saying since bill Cosby date rape drugged women, all black men are responsible.

        Or Kevin Spacey assaulted multiple men, so gays must be serial abusers.

        One individual is responsible for these actions.

        If you want to demonize groups of people, figure out who is making and profiting off of this issue you’re so passionate about. Instead of putting your effort into a pointless exaggerated peacocking post that provides no real argument or substance, offering instead name calling and discrimination.

    4. As an Army soldier who trained there before going to Vietnam…IT’S A FUCKING CONCENTRATION CAMP!! All we could do was CONCENTRATE about getting our asses blown away, and CONCENTRATE on WHY IN THE HELL WE DIDN’T SAY WE HAD BONE SPURS!! They damn sure wouldn’t let us walk away and go home…so…CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!

    5. The Nazi camps were concentration camps before they were extermination camps. In memory of the victims and survivors of the Nazi camps I say NEVER AGAIN wherever people are victimized for who they are.

  2. This at times vitriolic debate over the term “concentration camps” demonstrates nicely how language evolves. Who owns that phrase currently? Activists justly outraged by what they’ve seen on the news? People whose relatives were interned and died in those camps?
    Certainly, since the end of WWII, most people using it meant it as all the German camps for Jews, Romas, homosexuals, etc. All the Jews, regardless if they were in one of the places now called death camps, were headed in that direction, according to the Final Solution. Some got murdered immediately. Others were worked to death. It was the future for all of them if the Nazis stayed in control.
    I read a lot of history. This all could be seen as just a simple difference in opinion on how a common phrase has evolved. The name calling certainly doesn’t change any minds. I detest the way Trump and his minions are treating those immigrants, but I don’t think someone is a “dumbass” for flinching at the use of the term to describe those appalling centers. Jews were actively getting killed and dying of starvation and neglect by the thousands every week. That ain’t happening down there at the border.
    Not yet, anyway. I don’t put anything past the Shit-gibbon.

    1. Well said. I didnt agree with everything you wrote, but didnt need to in order to appreciate what and how you made your point.

  3. Honestly, I’d feel “safe” with them bringing the kids here. I feel Oklahomans as they inserted themselves into the operations of these centers might do some good and help change things. There are a ton of people here who live by Christian values and for them helping these kids is a spiritual charge that goes all the way back to the reported words of Jesus Christ to not let little children suffer. I’m idealistic, but I know if they did bring it here and if the agents/caregivers/prison guards who came along with it tried anything weird, dangerous, or against the Geneva convention – they’d be called out, filmed on a cell phone, and it put on YouTube – because that is how Oklahoma rolls.

    1. Sadly, there are many, many Oklahomans who call themselves Christians who most assuredly do NOT live by Christian values, and who even support politicians whose policies and behavior are thoroughly UN-Christian.

      Someone once said: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Anyone know who?

    2. Ton of people who live by Christian values, ha ha ha.

      Doctrine of Discovery
      Manifest Destiny
      Forced Relocation of Indians
      Residential schools
      Forced sterilization

      I don’t think anyone needs to be at the mercy of these Christian values again.

  4. I was going to warn readers that Louis’ reference to these fine facilities as “concentration camps” was going to gravely hurt some “conservative” feelings, but I see that I’m already too late.

    Sam (above) probably is mostly offended by people calling out this administration’s policies toward children of asylum-seekers for what those policies really are. I think he is only disguising his umbrage behind his concern-trolling on behalf of the Jews, Romas, homosexuals, and other “undesirables” who were sent to the Nazi death camps.

    Fun fact: More than 900 children have been separated from their parents at the border AFTER a judge told the administration not to do that anymore:


    1. So please, in great detail, explain how to deal with this issue. You’re king for the day, what would you do and how would you do it. Explain how this immigration issue will be solved.

      For the record, I don’t care where the person is from, I want more people, from different places around the globe to move here. But I also want a net zero population increase. 1 person in, 1 person out. For someone to move here permanently, one person has to leave.

      I dont want massive amounts of people to migrate here, because I’m selfish and I dont want to live somewhere overpopulated. And I dont mean, like NYC or Dallas or Houston. I mean like Cairo or Calcutta or Hong Kong.

      I want their to be a process and some rational governance of this issue. But I also know, that will never ever ever happen. Just like migration will never stop. People will always move to somewhere they perceive is less shitty than their current place.

      Make no mistake if this issue doesnt get resolved, this country will eventually become just like the places these people are leaving. And I dont blame them, either.

      So enough of the whining and posturing and name calling.

      Look around at how much OKC has grown in 20 years, it’s going to double in the next 7 – 8 years. In 1965, the U S had 150 million people, today there are 350 million documented people here. (The real #s are higher). The world will add another billion people in less than 10 years from now. Take a look at the satellite images on google maps, zoom in on anywhere you want and look at the way humans devour the environment. Now look at anywhere in California, then proceed to anywhere in Africa or China or India. If you arent scared by what you see, I dont know what to tell you.

      There is no real solution to this problem, but while many are jumping on idealogical sides and fighting with each other, you’re missing the forest for the trees.

      I dont know how to decide which people get in or dont.

      I also dont think you can just freely let people keep coming in here either. With no consequence and no deterrant.

  5. How disgusting these concentration camps are! And how disgusting that anyone could approve of them in any form. Have we not learned anything from past history? I have a suggestion. If these ‘camps for children are so great, let’s send Baron trump there for the rest of the summer and see how HE likes it.

    1. How many of those children are you willing to provide food and shelter for at your residence? Eagerly awaiting to hear the final number…

  6. These detention centers are no different from those we use for any American children who need to be separated from their parents… Delinquents, abused, addicted, etc. The parents of these kids are criminals. The current laws restrict the amount of time they can be detained as family units, while activist judges and lawyers slow walk the legal process to prevent them from being deported. This limits the options to just turning them loose or splitting the families.

    Placing these children in this sort of danger is evidence of abuse and neglect by the parents. A civil society should never allow such thoughtless parents to retain control over their children.

    Close the border and this all stops. The fine immigrant families can remain together in their own country, free to apply for legal immigration just like their neighbors.

    1. You’re full of it. Removing a child from the home for neglect or abuse doesn’t result in being put in a cage for the child. There have been revelations that migrant children are being detained far longer than legally allowed.

      Were Mary and Joseph being abusive parents, when they fled to Egypt to seek asylum?

      They’re not abusing their children. They’re trying to get them to safety, because the U.S. has constantly interfered with and destabilized the region. America’s endless hunger for drugs makes those places unsafe as well.

      I bet you’re a white man. Come here, kill and steal then decide who you’ll let on your stolen land. It sure won’t be the people whose land you stole and occupy, will it? You sure are scared of the rightful owners getting their traditional homeland back.

      I’d say you need to lose some teeth, but am pretty sure meth has already done that job.

      1. Wait. what? Is this a serious response?
        It’s all america’s faukt? If so, and if America is really that bad, then how can bringing children here be considered “bringing them to safety”?

        You assume the poster is white and therefore a murderer and thief even though it is highly unlikely he was around when the murdering/stealing was occurring during settlement/occupation. If he was we may have a new world record for longevity. But you also say he’s a meth addict which has been proven to shorten lives…
        So … Idk

        This country is broken. It’s impossible to have civil discourse or even share differing opinions. When civil exchange of ideas dies there’s not a lot left .
        Everyone pick a side and let’s just hate one another. Sound fun?
        This site used to be fun. Now it’s just bitter.

        1. If you think this site is so bitter, then why are you here?

          1. “I bet you’re a white man. Come here, kill and steal then decide who you’ll let on your stolen land. It sure won’t be the people whose land you stole and occupy, will it? You sure are scared of the rightful owners getting their traditional homeland back. ”

            Nope, the left is very tolerant, rational, and calm…

            How can you guys call others racists while exhibiting such behavior yourself? Cognitive dissonance must be off the charts on the left.

            1. If I may. While I agree with a lot of what you wrote. Calling someone the “left” isnt helping either. Not all people ” on the left “, think and act like Michelle. It’s best to move on and ignore the Michelle’s when you see them.

              But dont lump everyone in to one camp.
              For the record, I dont associate with any type of grouping. I dont identify or classify myself by sex, skin tone, gender, ideology, nationality, ….

              I’m just Mike, and I’m pretty boring but not as boring as someone who describes themselves using their skin tone, gender, sexuality, religious ideology, political ideology, race or other banalities.

              And I dont have to play along with someone else idea of how to describe me and neither does anyone else.

        2. It’s not just this site. Bring up religion or politics anywhere online and it often turns into a name calling hate fest.

          People will and say things they would never do in real life, it’s seems that is what we are becoming.

          1. House bill, what you say is true and it’s so frightening. The U.S. is unraveling, and you don’t have to just talk politics or religion to see it. Mention homelessness, crime, environmental issues, almost any kind of history – hell, just about anything – and the venom and hatred come spilling forth.
            You can still maybe, just maybe, talk about your dog and not get jumped.
            Just wait until the armed crazies start showing up for 2020 rallies.
            And, personally, I am so sick of hearing the taunt that this person or that one sucks dicks. It’s tiresome adolescent nastiness.

            1. We agree!

        3. There is truly only 1 response to the Michelle’s of the world. Ignore and move on. To engage or try to communicate, educate or debate someone who thinks like that is truly a waste of time. It wont change anything at all.

          Just refuse to acknowledge them and theyll go away, leaving discussion and rational discourse to adults who can argue and debate and even get mad each other, without childish name calling and over the top beliefs.

      2. Michelle, your debate skills are clearly limited, so I will let others draw their own conclusions about your elementary school level diatribe. However, the comment about needing to lose teeth seems to be a threat of physical violence. Is that where you really want to go?

      3. Get your facts correct. These children came across the boarders by themselves. Their parents have either abandoned them already, paid someone to smuggle them in, or they came on their own; hence the title unaccompanied minors! There are no cages in the facilities, they have hot and cold water, AC, a soccer field, a dinning facility, classrooms, and counselers; better care than many children here in the United States who have the legal right to be here.

    2. A “civil society” would have put you in a medical waste bag before birth! Your stupid views should never be given to a young mind or hell even an old dumb mind!!
      Hell your FAT ORANGE TRAITOR has already shit on the farmers, shut down the border and see what kind of REAL HELL you’ll unleash on this so called FAT PIGS ECONOMY!!

      1. You are a classic example for why Oklahoma ranks at, or near, the bottom of nearly all categories measured – low intelligence!

      2. Boring. Next.

  7. Put Master Baron trump there for one week and see if that beauty queen, chain immigration mother of his will get rid of her “I don’t care” jacket. Let Baron set the scale of how these children should be treated. If Baron doesn’t like something, change it. Perhaps Ivanka’s children should also test out the facilities for a few days.

  8. If you think this site is so bitter, then why are you here?

    1. I’m here to see the intolerance and hatred displayed by the left wingers who dominate the Really Lost Ogle.

      1. Next.

    2. To troll. Nothing more.

      1. To express his opinion, nothing more.
        Which you do.
        I pretty much always disagree with his opinion, and his vitriol, and cannot understand how he can support the way he thinks about most things, but what he is doing is what this site wants.

        1. It really is a nice day for it!

      2. As opposed to your constant efforts to convince others that you actually know something from a deep thinker perspective. Nothing more….

      3. Speak for your self.

  9. The above comment is for Graychin to remove any doubt that might exist!

  10. I thought this was a satirical website?! I mean, look at this article – it’s so dang funny, as are these comments! If I’m to take this seriously, then our emotions and preconceived notions have surpassed any logical thought process!

  11. VIX, you asked how many of these children we’d be willing to take into our home. That IS being done by liberals and liberal group and REAL christians churches, not fake religious people. I would ask YOU how many babies YOU would take in and raise after you force a woman to carry a fetus to term. Right wingers only care about fetuses, not born babies. Especially babies in cages.

    1. Just like I thought. The answer from that long-winded post of yours is exactly 0, but it appears the number of fetuses aborted might be >0.

  12. Tits, if you can find anything funny about sick babies in cages then you need some help.

    1. What about me? I can find jokes about human suffering funny, without thinking actual human suffering is funny.

      Rape jokes, can be funny by defenition. It doesnt mean the actual violation of another human is funny as well.

      You know what, nevermind. I’m waiting our time.


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