Metro Music Showcase: August

Welcome back to another edition of the monthly Metro Music Showcase, where we highlight some of the best live music and concerts in and around Oklahoma City to check out over the next month!

The feature is brought to you by our friends at Play It Loud – a web documentary music series produced by Outsiders Productions that profiles Oklahoma musicians. If you’ve followed award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton’s explorations of Oklahoma’s vibrant music scene, you’re familiar with the documentary’s eclectic lineup of the state’s rising artists and musicians. They just released the fourth episode of their third season, featuring iconic singer-songwriter Mike McClure.

You can watch that new episode above, and when you’re done, check out this month’s curated list of local concerts to attend…

Live / Bush with Our Lady Peace
Thursday, August 1st
The Zoo Amphitheatre

Here is another one of those old nostalgia fests that storms the country, but Live was the only band with a hit single remixed with news samples from the Murrah Building bombing. It’s confusing and disorienting but was a thing that happened in the 90s. Also, I have several sources that have spotted Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale around OKC. Friendly reminder, Blake Shelton is his step-dad so he’s here more than you’d think. Either way, he tried to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant and walked a Pomeranian past the bar I work at yesterday. Thank you for coming to Alt-Rock Talk, we’ll see you again in the next feature.

Tyson Meade
Friday, August 2nd
Tower Theatre

Depending on how old you are, Tyson Meade is known as the frontman for the Chainsaw Kittens, an Oklahoma Democratic Congressional candidate or just a fun social media presence. He’s still been playing music all these years later, even getting to jump up on stage with the Smashing Pumpkins last year. His music is as fun and art-damaged as ever, and if you don’t know his name but love The Flaming Lips, this will be a sweet treat.

Saturday, August 3rd
89th Street

There’s about a billion sub-genres in electronic music, and I won’t pretend like I know most of them. Even still, Phutureprimitive’s music is difficult to explain. The Bay Area DJ creates sophisticated compositions that are orchestral, psychedelic, glitchy and moody, but you can still dance to it. It’s also music that you could work out to on your favorite medicinal strain.

Pedro the Lion and mewithoutYou
Thursday, August 8th
Tower Theatre

Pedro the Lion is a band that I blew off for years, really only because before I heard them all I knew was their reputation as a ‘Christian band.’ That was some pretty bad judgement on my behalf, because their music really clicks with me now, with their tender and emotional brand of indie rock. Also, you could make an insane flow chart of all the indie rock royalty that has passed in and out of the band over the years.

Brian Posehn
Friday, August 9th
The Paramount Room

Here’s a non-music performing artist that you should absolutely check out. Brian Posehn has been on some of the great comedy shows, like Mr. Show and The Sarah Silverman Program. His stand-up goes into topics like nerd humor and heavy metal music, but he’s been making jokes about those things for years before they were cool. The Paramount is a pretty intimate room for a comedian of this status, so get your tickets soon.

Pure Bathing Culture
Thursday, August 15th

What would it be like if Fleetwood Mac did the soundtrack for the film Drive? That’s a question nobody had really thought about, but Pure Bathing Culture somehow clapped back with an answer. The Portland, Oregon band combines dreamy and dancy synth grooves catchy hooks. Every member of this band probably owns a dozen delay pedals each, and that’s a good thing.

Play it Loud Live 3 ft Mike McClure
Saturday, August 17th
Grand Casino

Mike McClure has been making country and red dirt music in Oklahoma for decades. If you like that kinda thing, you probably know about Cross Canadian Ragweed. Mike McClure has produced albums from them and several other associated acts. Hell, even Garth Brooks has covered one of McClure’s songs, so he’s a bit of a local legend.

Ellisa Sun
Tuesday, August 27th
AC Hotel Bricktown

Singer-songwriter Ellisa Sun is based out of the Bay Area but decided to say, ‘to hell with all that’ and is currently living out of an RV and touring the country. Normally, that’s an attitude you’d associate with degenerate crust punks or hippie jam bands, but her music couldn’t be farther from that. She crafts melodies that are brassy and moody, soulful and jazzy.

Saturday, August 31st

Lomelda is artist Hannah Read, who has been making music in Waco and Austin, Texas for years. Her sound is sparse and slow, with a voice that is gentle but pained, with guitar-playing nimble and nuanced. These are the kinds of shows that the Opolis’ room make shine.