Soap Box Friday: Why Tax-Free weekend is terrible

Congratulations, you beautiful bastards! We made it to another Friday. It’s time to grab a drink, relax on the couch with your loved ones, and let the weekend wash over you. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw a familiar commercial. I now know dark days are upon us.

No, not in the biblical sort of way. It’s Tax-Free Weekend. Brace yourselves.


The school year is just around the corner, and parents are working to save a little bit of money before sending those students back to class.

Oklahoma families can head to stores across the state to participate in the state’s annual sales tax holiday beginning on Friday, Aug. 2.

Officials say qualified items will be sold without a sales tax beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug.2.

The tax-free holiday will end Sunday, Aug. 4 at 11:59 p.m.

Personally, I’ve already had enough of this weekend sale.

I have been a retail employee for over three years throughout my working career. What I can tell you is that a weekend sale like this is similar to preparing for war. Many of us will curse and lose their sanity, while others will do what they can to get by.

This “sales tax holiday” is nothing more than a capitalist cash-grab masquerading as a public service to parents and students. But I guess the “give me your money, you blind sheep sale” never would have caught on. Droves of people will flock out to stores this weekend and grab what they can in order to get the best deal. The problem is that there’s a finite list of things that apply and it has to be under $100. If you can’t get everything you want at one store, don’t you worry — this is happening statewide. Just hop on over to the next store and raid their shelves like everyone else.

Even then, is the sale worth it? Some extra bucks are saved, but this feels like a penny saved, penny earned sort of thing.

My issue isn’t with the people trying to save a buck during this obvious scam. The hill I choose to die on lies with the people that make a retail job nothing more than a nightmare. You know the ones I mean: the “go check the back” sort of people.

These people are the worst.

For every 10 good customers is one asshole that can literally ruin a shift with one interaction. It’s because of people like this that I want for one year per decade for people to serve in a retail job. This way, everyone know what it feels like to be on the shit end of the stick.

But I digress.

I would like to make a plea to anyone willing to participate in this nonsense holiday: don’t be a dick. The people working in the store you shop are Oklahomans just like you — just trying to make a living.

Brandon can be found ranting on a soap box near you. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.

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9 Responses

  1. You continue to crack me up. This is truly how it is in retail. Thank you for lightening the load.

  2. It also hurts our local municipalities that live and die from sales tax proceeds in Oklahoma. From my experience, a lot of the “sale” prices seem to be more expensive during this weekend than the normal sales too.

  3. So you’re using the tax break to bitch about your job?

    Solid stuff, keep up the good work!

  4. Oklahomans? Falling for a scam? Heaven forfend!

    1. covfefe!!

  5. Harsh irony: I was actually planning on going out to buy some cloths (as I do every few years) this weekend and I pay so little attention to what is going on in this hole; I didn’t even know it was a “tax free” weekend!
    Which means all of the shelves at Target’ will look like grasshopper stripped cotton fields!
    Think I will just drive to Trinidad and pay the taxes. At least it will be cooler than the current surface of the sun temps around here.

  6. If you aren’t kind and polite to retail and restaurant workers, then you’re an asshole. They work their butts off for low pay, and they don’t need bullshit from you to make their day worse.

    I agree that the sales tax “holiday” is silly. All those folks are fighting crowds to save less than 10% on a limited range if items. Not that saving 10% isn’t nice, but all the stores will have their stuff priced at full retail that weekend. They would save more by waiting for the markdowns the week after.

    But – many Oklahomans are conditioned to prefer avoiding taxes to getting a better value. I don’t understand how the conditioning works, but clearly it does. Cui bono?

    1. The herd will take the path of least resistance. If they can save some money on stuff they’re gonna have to buy anyway, that’s just a bonus and the exact impetus needed to get them out of the house and into the store. No thinking, no waiting for sales, no delayed gratification. It’s about convenience and saving a little $ (tax or otherwise), that’s it. Avoid the mall, stay outta Target/Wal-Mart.

  7. There are states without a sales tax…. people flock there to make purchases year round…. the sales tax that pokies pay 363 days out of the year is hardly justified by the services and infrastructure that your citizens receive…. let’s not even mention the toll roads in pOklahoma….

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