MAPS 4EVER – Taking a look at the new MAPS pitches (Part 4)

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of a beloved pastime of Oklahoma City: the trotting out of MAPS presentations!

Yes, every few years, it’s time for local agencies, non-profits, special interest groups and the like to write out their Christmas lists and pitch them to city council in the hopes that they’ll be able to get some sweet sales tax money and make their wild dreams come true.

We covered proposals from the first and second and third meetings, and will continue our coverage as the meetings happen and we get a clearer idea of what everyone is wanting out of MAPS.

Now that all the proposals are out in there air, here’s the last of them:

Mental Health Crisis Center

What It Is: $42 million for people who have mental illnesses who are trying to not be involved with the criminal justice system.

Pros: Out of all the MAPS 4 proposals, it was very impressive to see one of them differentiate from other proposals. There was straight up a slide that mentioned they were different from Palomar and the Diversion Hub. This is the most forethought I’ve seen so far in all these MAPS 4 slides.

Cons: There’s a common theme among MAPS 4 projects, which is helping the people who need help the most, and many of them are important, but can we figure out how to place some of these under the same roof?

Multipurpose stadium

What It Is: A big ol’ dang ol’ stadium for soccer, concerts, drone races and whatever else you do with a big green field surrounded by seating.

Pros: Soccer is getting pretty big now, and there’s a huge market for people who like to watch sports that last for hours but perhaps nobody wins.

Cons: Private money could make this happen. Sports are all about sponsorships and corporate bucks. There are soooo many millionaires and billionaires and companies and corporations that could fund something like this and make a busload of money.

Innovation District

What It Is: Who honestly fucking knows? I looked through their entire presentation, and it looks like gentrifiers trying to make even more money. “Build an innovation district to attract INNOVATORS!”

Pros: If we want to become the next San Francisco or Austin or wherever, it must be good to give public funds to huge corporations or start-ups to make this place this next San Francisco or Austin.

Cons: Nobody wants dudes with man-buns and MacBooks clogging up our personal space more than they already are. Tech-Bros who are a year out of grad school and making ten times our living wage can fuck off, they’re just gonna make things worse. Visit Seattle and tell me otherwise.

There are apparently a few other MAPS 4 things that weren’t on the site today, but we’ll keep you updated on what is happening with this huge use of public funds. If you’ve been tuned into the current gauntlet, what are your favorite propositions? Let us know down below.