Weekend News Recap

Thank whatever is out there in the universe that this weekend wasn’t as heart-wrenching as the last. Good Monday morning, ya filthy animals and welcome to your locally-sourced weekend recap. No, it’s not organic, stop asking. While the rest of the world went mad per usual, our neck of the woods most likely saw Hamilton or nothing special.

Here’s what you missed:


Hamilton Hype-Train, full speed ahead

Okies ventured to the theater this weekend to see the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. I remember listening to Wu-Tang Clan while driving through Yukon and being told to turn down my “ghetto music.” Now, people like Mayor Holt are piling into seats. Progress? But that doesn’t stop the state from trying to turn this event into something about themselves.

This feels like the spin-off no-one asked for. Sure, Alexander Hamilton was a founding father that fought for a new nation and founded the nation’s financial system; however, his grandson was shot by a Native American during the Civil War. Same difference, right?


Donuts: Now by delivery

This is the type of news the world needs to hear. Krispy Kreme coming out strong and offering deliveries at one location in Oklahoma City and one in Tulsa. The article says the order must be at least $7.99. With me ordering, that won’t be an issue.


Weirdo Artist Profiled in Oklahoman

This article explains why Patrick made me wear a plastic cast around my face before I could start writing for this site.

OU attempts to solve sexual misconduct and discrimination

Yep, nothing like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. This will take systemic change that, frankly, I don’t think the university has the stones to do. But good luck piling people onto this growing problem.


New “secret society” promises fame and fortune for a price

Will that be cash, check, or an ethereal IOU?

I’m going to need someone who receives this letter to join the society. Hell, I’ll pay the fee if I get to answers to questions like, “Who killed Tupac and Biggie?” or “Is Joe Exotic really a person or is he a rogue alien that crash landed in the Midwest?”


Devon Tower’s wild ride still impacting citizens

Back in May, the Budget Glass Cleaning Crew decided to go for the ride of lifetime, causing damage to the surrounding area due to glass, debris, and one couple’s wedding shoot. Amid the damage was a man’s car and Devon originally was not going to pay the repair bill. *cue eyeroll* I know. I was shocked too to hear that Devon doesn’t give a shit about the people not affiliated with Devon. Luckily, the man proved to be persistent.

Good for you, bud. I guess I’ll have to wait on a windy day around the Devon Tower to get a new set of wheels.


Norman mayor adds her name to a list President Trump won’t read

Mayors across the country are signing a petition to get the president to do something to curtail gun violence. I’m not saying people shouldn’t try to do something; however, I don’t think signing a letter is going to do much for the Donny, the Doritos-dust internet troll in the White House. He can barely read as it is, after all.


Run The Jewels

This is the type of optimism I wish the world had. In the face of almost certain doom, keep chugging along and pretend like it isn’t always looming right over you. Put that on a motivational poster; it’ll sell out in a week.

Steven’s Sports Beat

Finally an Okie made a run in a PGA event that was someone other than a Poke. The Sooner has been steady on the Tour and I am sure that as much as Ancer would love to win, he is enjoying the $2.6 million in earnings this year. This kind of performance could get this the $15M final FedEx Cup Championship. Not bad for chasing not only your dreams, but a little white ball around.

Nice throwback look on the tricolor shadows. The stoic distant glaze is reminicsant of a former player that will go nameless. Let’s hope the rookie can bring greatness back to the 405.

Much like the Sooner who tops the list the compiler of the list, the person who added her two cents about the list, and the news source itself has a love hate relationship with the public. Well that is if you love Baker you hate the other three. If you hate Baker you hate all four.

A running back as a leader is an interesting pick. One he’s a sophomore, and second he can’t be on the field for every snap. What else can you write about for a team coming into the season unranked?

This is a legitimate qestion. There are some lofty names on the 2019 inductee list, and the inductees minus Mr. Shields are also very white. Maybe the board is holding the fact will grew up in Lawton against him. Thanks Lawton.


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