Midwest City Thelma and Louise steal $485 bottle of tequila

“Tequila always leads to terrible decisions.”

This is what I remember the first time I ever drank tequila at a friend’s apartment. What I last remember was finding that the front lawn grass in October felt comfortable on my face. I’m not sure what type of tequila it was; all I know was that it was cheap and tasted of regret. Since that time, I’ve always been curious if expensive tequila would taste better.

As for two ladies in Midwest City, they no longer have to wonder.

Via KFOR.com:

A liquor store owner said two women walked into her store over the weekend and walked out with an almost $500 bottle of tequila without paying for it, and it’s all caught on camera.

“It was a very nice bottle of tequila, so we hope they enjoy it,” said Lisa Newport, owner of Midwest Wine and Spirits in Midwest City.

Newport is talking about the $485 bottle of tequila she said was stolen over the weekend.

For $485, I’d be hurt if they didn’t enjoy it.

Modern Thelma and Louise seem to have a rip-roarin’ time whenever they drink. Hell, set me up with a shot next time I’m in whatever neighborhood you’re in. I’d like to imagine that the two saw their faces on the news as they were casually drinking their newly stolen tequila.

And like a John Madden play-by-play, we watch as one woman goes down the line and…

BOOM goes the dynamite! She snags it right off the top shelf like a boss!

Here’s more:

Newport does have a special message for the alleged tequila thieves, though:

“We’d be glad to give them some lime and salt if they would meet us at the police department,” she said.

Newport said she has given the video to the Midwest City Police Department.

Police said they would like to talk to the two women seen in the surveillance video.

First, sick burn delivered by owner Lisa Newport. Second, and this one goes out to the ladies involved…

A word to the wise- I would avoid the liquor stores as much as possible for a while. Pick up a new hobby, you know? Like not stealing an expensive bottle of tequila, for example.

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