No child in the city: Oklahoma ranked the 5th worst place to have a baby.

Since I’m now 27, I find myself being more mindful, knowledgeable, and mature when it comes to discussing family planning for myself and my loved ones. For example, now if a friend tells me she’s pregnant, I know I’m supposed to answer with “congratulations” rather than “oh shit, what are you going to do?”

Unfortunately, though the decision to procreate can be a great one, it turns out Oklahoma isn’t the greatest state to make that decision in.


OKLAHOMA – A study has ranked Oklahoma once again as the 5th worst state to have a baby.

On Monday, personal-finance website WalletHub released its ‘2019’s Best & Worst States to Have a Baby.’

Last year, WalletHub ranked Oklahoma as the 5th worst state to have a baby.

Fifth worst state to have a baby? I think WalletHub is being a little unfair to Oklahoma. What are they basing these stats off of, anyway? Highest concentration of Babies R US (still a store) per state? Best non-wheat field landscape backgrounds for Instagram-able maternity shoots?

WalletHub says they compared the 50 states, and the District of Columbia, across 30 key measures of cost, health care accessibility and baby- and family- friendliness. The data set ranges from hospital conventional-delivery charges to annual average infant-care costs to pediatricians per capita.

Ah… Well unfortunately for Oklahoma, all of those factors should probably be taken into consideration before deciding to have a baby in anywhere. But like I said, I don’t think WalletHub gives Oklahoma enough credit. In fact, there are many reasons Oklahoma is a great state in which to have a baby! For starters…

1. Walmarts appear to be great daycare options

I mean, every time I go to Walmart, I see at least 5-7 unaccompanied children under the age of 6 galloping through the aisles. They seem to be making it okay.

2. You can soon bring toddlers into Oklahoma liquor stores

After 9 months of abstinence from booze during pregnancy, mamas need a drink. Hell, after about 5+ minutes of parenting most mamas and papas need a drink. And Oklahoma understands that, which is why minors will soon be allowed in liquor stores with their guardians.

3. Oklahoma is cheap

From diapers and formula, to these funky ass body pillows and nipple creams that all my pregnant friends are into these days, there’s a lot of expensive stuff that babies require. Thank God Oklahoma is the third cheapest state to live in, so those costs should balance out. That’s how economics work, right?

4. The education

With the way education funding is going in this state, by the time your baby is old enough for school the district will probably still be using the same textbooks you used as a kid. So, it will make it a lot easier for you to help your child with their homework!

5. Oklahoma has the best gender reveal parties

Only in Oklahoma can you buy mystery “pink or blue” Tannerite to shoot and reveal if you’re giving birth to a tiara or a tractor.

Hayley is the proud mother of two cats and aunt of 9 nieces and nephews. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek