OMG! This is Episode 4 of The Lost Ogle Show!

This week on The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and Marisa are joined by Frontier journalist, Brianna Bailey and TLO contributor and Wokelahoman, Lucas Dunn:

The gang does some hard-hitting podcasting this week and discusses:

  • Oklahoman layoffs
  • The state of print journalism
  • Has the OKC restaurant scene hit critical mass?
  • How Brianna Bailey really feels about Pearl Jam
  • And that time Joleen Chaney went in a dunk tank…

You can read Brianna Bailey’s work at and follow her on Twitter as @BriOKC. Also, some say she’s still walking down Western Ave. in spirit… You can find Lucas’s stuff here on The Lost Ogle, or follow him on Twitter as @FernetBroncho.

The Lost Ogle Show is hosted by Marisa and Patrick. You can find out more about Marisa at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @theMarisaMohi. Some say you can find Patrick searching eBay for the Porsche that served as the salad bar for Molly Murphy’s House of Fine Repute.


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3 Responses

  1. It was a 63 Jaguar XKE not a Porsche

  2. I hadn’t bothered with the previous podcasts, but having enjoyed Brianna Bailey’s reporting when she was at The Oklahoman, I was curious to find out what’s become of her since she left. So I tuned in and ended up listening to the entire thing. Nice mix of silly and serious.
    As someone who’s completely exasperated with my Oklahoman subscription (thanks for the Metro Library tip), it was especially nice to find out about The Frontier. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  3. Okay on the previous week’s TLO Show, the origin story of the intro (i.e. recorded in a studio previously used by the KATT) has made me tolerate that which is really quite unlistenable a little more. Once getting past that little bit of torture, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but the pod seems to be getting … BETTER.

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