OMG! This is Episode 4 of The Lost Ogle Show!

This week on The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and Marisa are joined by Frontier journalist, Brianna Bailey and TLO contributor and Wokelahoman, Lucas Dunn:

The gang does some hard-hitting podcasting this week and discusses:

  • Oklahoman layoffs
  • The state of print journalism
  • Has the OKC restaurant scene hit critical mass?
  • How Brianna Bailey really feels about Pearl Jam
  • And that time Joleen Chaney went in a dunk tank…

You can read Brianna Bailey’s work at and follow her on Twitter as @BriOKC. Also, some say she’s still walking down Western Ave. in spirit… You can find Lucas’s stuff here on The Lost Ogle, or follow him on Twitter as @FernetBroncho.

The Lost Ogle Show is hosted by Marisa and Patrick. You can find out more about Marisa at or follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @theMarisaMohi. Some say you can find Patrick searching eBay for the Porsche that served as the salad bar for Molly Murphy’s House of Fine Repute.