Tulsa’s “Most Wanted” in custody after sticking up kid’s lemonade stand

Sometimes in the afternoon, I like to watch the Turner Classic Movies channel; you know, because I’m a nostalgic 90-year-old man in a 25-year-old’s shitty body.

An outlaw flick will come on depicting robbers in suits wielding machine guns and demanding all the dough be put in a bag. It can sometimes make one yearn for the days when robbery was cool. That’s how people got Batman, after all. Back in the day. society had a most-wanted list representing the country’s most notorious criminals including John Dillinger and Al Capone. Now, the Tulsa PD can mark another menace off this list- The Lemonade Looter.

Via News9.com:

Tulsa Police arrested their Most Wanted suspect of the week. Henry Cozart III, 24,  was taken into custody Wednesday, August 14 for second-degree robbery after police said he took money from kids selling lemonade earlier this summer.

Police said Cozart robbed three kids ages 10 to 12 at a lemonade stand on the corner of 36th Street North and Garrison Avenue on June 18, 2019.

Cozart asked the kids for change before stealing their money bag, investigators said. Officers said he made off with about $100. 
Great heist, jackass. Was your next stickup going to be a Goodwill or a struggling musician’s tip jar?
Also, Tulsa’s most wanted man? Were all the drug dealers and human traffickers off on vacation this week? Is Tulsa trying to do a Monster of the Week thing with criminals?
In all fairness, we have not heard his side of the story.
Perhaps Mr. Cozart was an entrepreneur looking to start his own lemonade business on the same street as the kids. Seeing that the children had a monopoly on the refreshment market, Cozart decided to be an American and break it up so small businesses could have a chance. He may have done it in a shady way; however, desperate times call for desperate measures. Due to his sacrifice, various children will now be able to operate their own concession stand and the business will boom in all suburbs.
If anything, Cozart gave these kids a valuable lesson- Capitalism is run by luck and greed.
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