Weekend Radar – Doctors HATE him for this one simple trick!

Hello again, TLO readers. Yet another week is through and (I’m assuming) we all survived! Thank christ for that, am I right? Honestly I’m beyond excited to let loose a tad this weekend and potentially do some harm to both my wallet and my liver. After all, we earned it.

Treat yourself to something other than the bullshit corporate or blue-collar grind this blessed weekend and dive on in to some events worth putting on pants for.

1969 Concert
Saturday, Aug. 17th | 6 – 10 p.m.
Myriad Gardens
All Ages, FREE

Party like the Boomers did before the wrinkles and Chlamydia set, in at 1969 Concert Saturday at Myriad Gardens. This is the perfect time to break out your Deadhead gear and get weird in the city!

To help get you in the mood, there is be a Woodstock Documentary Screening on the lawn tonight at 7:30 p.m. While the screening certainly isn’t be the most lit occasion in town, it’s a great opportunity to spark up a doob in downtown and learn more about the event that inspired modern music festivals as we know them.

Saturday, however, promises an energetic occasion. Myriad Gardens will be hosting a hippy-dippy 1969 Concert that’s certain to be packed with people trying to relive a time they never knew. OkSessions is producing the show and will feature some of the city’s top artists from various genres to bring to life the music that defined an era. If I were you, I’d slap on some sunscreen and be prepared to get weird.

Image result for bad jokes okc

Big News, Bad Jokes, Black Go Cart
Saturday, Aug. 17th, | 9 p.m.
Free ($3 for under 21)

If you dig local music, this is the place to be Saturday night. I only personally know one of the bands in attendance but have heard from a little bird that the rest shred as well. Bad Jokes, an indie rock band from OKC, is here to fuck shit up and tell you all about that time in your early 20s when you were rippin’ doobies and having a blast with your friends. Whenever they hop on a stage, it’s certain to be lit. Opolis is a dope little dive where a good time is virtually guaranteed, and Saturday will be no exception.

Blend in with today’s “youth” and get weird to what will certainly be some fire tracks.

Oh, and did I mention how cheap the drinks are? (They’re even cheaper if you sneak in a flask, but live your life how you want.) I rarely get my lame self out to any events, but this one is definitely going to be one for the books.

Brew, Bust, and Boom Tour
Saturday, August 17th | 1 – 4 p.m.
120 S. EK Gaylord Blvd, Oklahoma City

Have an extra fifty bucks burning a hole in your pockets? Burn it in style at this oddly-named bar crawl in OKC. The best part about this crawl is the transportation being covered in your ticket. Forget walking or weaving across both lanes on a Lime, you’ll be drinking in style at this relatively well-to-do happening.

Oh, and your ticket also includes wine and beer tastings at three unspecified local venues. While it is vague on the exact destinations, I’m certain it’ll be sick. This tour of the town’s booze joints will last three hours, which, hopefully, isn’t going to end up like the last three hour booze cruise I bore witness to.

Get sauced with the upper-crust in this viable weekend option.

Image result for thicc thanos

Avengers Weekend @ Tower Theatre
Saturday, August 17th | Infinity War, 1 p.m., Endgame, 4:30 p.m.
Tower Theatre
$10 / month (subscription)

Tower Theatre, home of all things counter-culture, has been hosting their Projector Club (a subscription based movie-watching group ) for as long as I cared to google. As a big movie buff, I can’t help but love this. Now, I’m no big Marvel fan, but I know a shitload of people are. If you fall under that category, this event is the one for you. Kick back in comfort at one of the raddest venues around and watch both Infinity War and Endgame with your fellow nerds.

Not only is their club priced to fit even budgets as tight as mine, it’s also a pretty awesome way to meet people who have similar passions as yourself. I mean, hell, they’re even showing a fantastic Studio Ghibli movie later on this month. Dip your toes into the local cinephile community this Saturday, and you just might find a group of people who actually do want to hear your theories on what REALLY happened in Donnie Darko.

Get weird for me this weekend, er’body.

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