5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sign The Permitless Carry Recall Petition…

Kevin Stitt has been very vocal about wanting to make Oklahoma a Top 10 State, whatever that means. His very first bill that he signed into law will make Oklahoma a state where anyone without training or a permit can openly carry firearms. There are a lot of lists that this could get us into the Top 10 on, but probably not ones that we’d like.

The law is supposed to go into effect on November 1st, but there are citizens petitioning for State Question 803, which seeks to roll back some of House Bill 2597. NonDoc has been covering the issue:

In a Monday morning press advisory, Rep. Jason Lowe (D-OKC) announced that he has filed a referendum petition in an attempt to recall HB 2597, which will allow for the permitless carry of firearms in Oklahoma. The bill, passed this year overwhelmingly by the Oklahoma Legislature, is scheduled to take effect Nov. 1.

Working with the anti-gun-violence group Moms Demand Action, Lowe and other supporters have a narrow window of opportunity to collect the 59,320 signatures necessary to qualify a recall of HB 2597 on a 2020 ballot. Those signatures of registered voters would need to be collected and submitted to the Oklahoma Secretary of State by Thursday, Aug. 29. Lowe originally told media the submission deadline was Aug. 21.

[…]The referendum initiative would appear to face an uphill climb in Oklahoma. Beyond needing to average more than 3,400 signatures per day through Aug. 29, supporters are seeking signatures in a largely pro-gun state.

There are petitions going around all over the state, and if you want to sign one, here’s a handy map of where to find them in OKC. And if you’re still not convinced that HB 2597 is a good law, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t sign the petition to repeal it:

It’s Fun To Dress Up Like An Action Hero

We all love the Rambos and Commandos and what have you. So why can’t untrained civilians walk around with assault rifles and cos-play their favorite action hero fantasies? It’s not enough to just play with your childhood GI Joe dolls, we deserve the right to fulfill those personas every day, whether it’s standing in line for a spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy’s, or picking up our kids from school.

The Cowboys Had It Right

Back in the old West days when Oklahoma was founded as a state, any grizzled old cowpoke would walk into the tavern, spurs a-clinkin’, and belly up the bar, order a slug of corn whiskey, and look for the baddest dude in the room to duel in the streets. Have you ever seen ‘Unforgiven?’ It’s a pretty cool documentary about the oldie times and we should bring that society back.

Jesus Would Have Supported Open Carry

This one is actually true.

It’s More Socially Acceptable Than Carrying Your Waifu Pillow

Granted, there aren’t any laws that say I can’t bring my life-sized anime wife with me wherever I go, but you should see the looks when I try to enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner with Miku. Until society accepts my relationship with my colorful plush life partner, the next best thing is observing my right to have a Remington slung across my back at the coffee shop.

You have a small penis

It goes without saying.