Weekend News Recap

On Tuesday, I start back for the Fall semester of my final year of college. Am I dreading it? No. Would I rather have a lobotomy performed by Stevie Wonder? I wouldn’t be opposed. While I revel in the fact that the pain train will make its final departure soon, I figured I’d tell you what I know of the weekend happenings.

This is the Weekend Recap, you know what you’re here for. Sit back and enjoy.


Remembering Civil Rights in an uncivilized time

This weekend, Wokelahomans celebrated the Civil Right Movement in Oklahoma City with the actions of Clara Luper, the Katz Drug Store sit-in, and the sanitation worker strike. Of course, it took me until I was out of high school to know any of this. Public school, what are you going to do, right?

I don’t like to begin with the same person on two Weekend Recaps but I couldn’t resist. If you follow Mayor David Holt on Twitter, you might have noticed that Holt decided to start an impromptu read-along club. Seriously, he sent 21 picture tweets of one chapter. If he’s going to spam Twitter feeds with pictures of book pages, can we vote which book he should do next?

It is due to the actions of those who stepped up in the face of adversity and injustice that paved the way for the rest of us to live freely. And for that, we thank you.


Beto campaign stops in Oklahoma

Looking to avoid politics in today’s climate? Well, tough shit. Democratic presidential candidate and man who couldn’t beat lizard-mutant Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke will make stops in Oklahoma City, Norman and Tulsa this week. Joking aside, it’s refreshing to see a candidate acknowledge the state. Hopefully he’ll cuss out the media.

Quick Volare, clear your countertops! Beto needs a place to stand.


Third time is the charm?

Interim OU President and step-father who wants you to call him Dad when you’re ready, Joseph Harroz, addressed incoming freshmen. This gave students time to ask questions like, “Who are you again?” and “So, you’re the third guy to have the job in two years?” Turnover like that can usually be found in the Trump White House or a Waffle House at 2 a.m.


Love OKC impacts thousands of families

As it turns out, the Oklahoma Fairgrounds aren’t just for gorging yourself on terrible food and people watching. An organization called Love OKC provided over $1 million in resources like dental, medical and community services to families in need. See, we can learn to help one another every once in a blue moon.


Barge overboard

During the Soakpocalypse of May 2019, two barges broke from their constraints and rammed into the dam. Funny story, the barges are still sunk in the water. How do we solve the flooded container problem? By adding more water to get to it.


Police Report: Nothing to report

Multiple calls were made about a possible threat of violence in the OKC/Yukon area only to find out that there was nothing. Assuming it was a slow day, the police decided to announce there was no threats. That’s like calling a press conference to announce there’s no news.

Steven’s Sports Beat

Not since the likes of Rhett Bomar has a quarterback for OU made so much noise before even stepping foot on campus. The buzz has been both good and bad. He joined the basketball team his junior year and accidently won a state title. Then he was an Elite 11 QB, five star recruit, and the number one QB in the 2019 class. Then his senior year he was dismissed from his high school team his senior year, and supposedly the show addresses the dismissal. Let’s hope he’s not another Rhett Bomar.

For the lucky (and well off) few fans that can afford season tickets, the Thunder has a day where you can see behind the scenes. I know some of these people and they were like, “If I had known you’d be around I would have asked you to join us.” So yeah I am bitter and jealous.

Is there a coincidence that there are two articles written at the same time naming “the best of” and “most important” oSu Cowboy football players? While it raises two different questions there is generational differnce bewtween the two articles. The two infamous running backs are more old school when pounding the ground was the way football was played in the Big 8. Those two went on to become NFL Hall of Fame players. Brandon Weeden was more of the pro-style offense more currently popular in the Big 12. But there is another glowing difference neither article really discusses which is the difference maker. Brandon Weeden actually won a bedlam game which is really what matters most for poke fans right?

No, this is not a shameless plug for more followers. Charlie Hustle was a childhood hero and supersonablelble. He asked where I was from and when I told him Oklahoma, he asked if I had been to Shangri-La. I wanted to make a gambling joke, but if he couldn’t kick my butt one or both of his handlers could. Well that and I was star struck.


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