7 “good news” stories to start your week in Oklahoma!

With the 24-hour news cycle constantly bombarding us with stories that seem to only evoke fear, distrust, and anger, sometimes it seems like we have to make a conscious decision between staying informed about the world around us and staying mentally/emotionally well. Well not today. This weekend I searched the depths of the Oklahoma media circuit for the most positive, lighthearted news stories over the last few days. Here are 7 pieces of good news to start you week!

Tulsa Streets are Safe Yet Again

According to my small-town Oklahoma mom, there are quite a few “fruit loops” in Tulsa. I don’t really know what that means, but I assume she’s insinuating Tulsa has either a high concentration of sketchy meth-heads or vegans living alternative lifestyles. Either way like any other city, Tulsa does have dangerous areas. According to KFOR, this past weekend Tulsa emergency personnel were called to a scene at a QuikTrip after a security guard shot a man in the groin after he was apparently wielding a didgeridoo that was mistaken for a club. You could argue as to whether that security guard had the world’s best or worst aim. But you can’t argue that thanks to the guard’s quick thinking, Tulsa is now a safer place.

Oklahoma school teachers are offering students free menstrual products

Menstruation. Uterus. Pad. Menarche. Period. Cramps. Tampon. Vagina. Now that all the old white men have stopped reading in order to go bitch in the comments sections about my terminology because they’re uncomfortable little snowflakes, let’s take a moment to recognize some awesome educators. According to KOCO, two Del City teachers have started a donation program (take a look here) to make sure no high school student in their district has to go without feminine hygiene products. Because high school sucks enough as a teen girl without the worry of being able to afford to be a teen girl.

Veterans can get cheaper medical marijuana licenses

According to KOCO, Oklahoma veterans on 100% disability can qualify for $20 off their medical marijuana licensing fees. Since recent audits at the Oklahoma VA have revealed our soldiers too often receive “lackluster medical care,” the least we can do is offer Oklahoma veterans a discount on weed to make up for all of the sacrifices and atrocities they’ve experienced serving our country, right? Even Steven.

Co-ed summer softball league is protecting female players from the dangers of pitching

According to News 9, a Tulsa co-ed softball team ruled that the female players were not allowed to take the pitcher’s mound because it’s too dangerous. Thank god someone is looking out for the safety of our lady folk! Because apparently the women (who willingly signed waivers indicating they knew the risks of playing on a softball team) are too airheaded and silly to know how to look out for their own safety.

Just about everyone in Oklahoma is a “qualified” midwife

The Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise recently reported that an Arkansas woman lost her midwifery license in her home state due to “a lack of regard for clinical safety” and soon after moved her practice to Oklahoma to continue working. This is because our state does not provide regulatory or licensing requirements for people to deliver babies. By Oklahoma standards I guess that means everyone in our state is a “qualified” midwife, if they truly believe in themselves. And they said Oklahoma is the 5th worst state to have a baby

The Dean Davis suspected DUI arrest story is getting even more ridiculous

Last week, Patrick brought you the story of State Representative Dean Davis getting pulled over and arrested for allegedly drunk driving before attempting to pull the “Do you know who I am?” card and calling his lawmaker buddies to get him out of jail. Well according to Fox 25, this week Davis’ lawyer is claiming his client was baited by law enforcement to make the outrageous calls. So, I guess the good news in this situation is that TLO will likely have lots more click-bait material to cover in the near future thanks to Davis’ saga.

The OKCFD visited the Humane Society!

As seen on Fox 25, the day started with the HazMat team of the Oklahoma City Fire Department being dispatched to the Humane Society after reports of a chemical smell infiltrating the area. The day ended like a crossover episode of both of my grandma’s novelty calendars with the firemen holding tiny baby kittens.

Hayley is not a midwife. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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4 Responses

  1. We should clarify that the softball games in which women are not allowed to pitch are slow-pitch. In the fast-pitch game, women pitchers throw some amazing heat. At first I assumed that the fragile men simply didn’t want to bat against awesome female pitchers because of their high risk of striking out.

    The pitcher is in little danger in slow-pitch. Most batters pull the ball.

    Something tells me that Dean Davis didn’t need to be baited into acting like an asshole.

    1. Instead of banning women from pitching, just make all pitchers wear the masks that most collegiate infielders are wearin now.

  2. Don’t blame Hillary, if Bill in the Blue Dress and Red Pumps @ Epstein’s New York Adobe isn’t mental cruelty what is.

  3. You know, I quit going to the OnCue on May & NW 36th. They had a pistol packing security guard that honestly made me more uncomfortable than any wanna be Pro 2A or real gangbanger.

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