Lost Ogle Show Episode 6: Cannabis Cup, Inland Hurricanes and Jeopardy Auditions

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and I chat with former TLO Trivia Host and three-time Jeopardy! champ Sam Scovill, and TLO’s cannabis connoisseur / Atlanta transplant Uncle Lenny.

Here’s some of the stuff they discuss:

  • The OKC food scene compared to Atlanta
  • Sam’s Jeopardy experience
  • Inland Hurricane Morgan
  • The Cannabis Cup, AKA the canna-tastrophe on 10th Street
  • Alex Housden and what she thinks you look like

You can follow Sam on Twitter as @samnotscott. When Uncle Lenny isn’t attending terrible weed conventions, you can find him on Twitter as @cnnrlnrd. You can find Marisa at MarisaMohi.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @theMarisaMohi. Patrick is picking up girls at The Wolf Trap in Edmond to relive his college days. He keeps getting older, and they stay the same age.