Heroic man charged with throwing cupcake at rude motorist..

Road rage can come in all shapes, sizes and forms of aggression. Personally, I prefer to give dumb drivers the finger and a slew of curse words that could only make Samuel L. Jackson proud. Others, on the other hand, prefer a sweeter and tastier approach.

Via The Pauls Valley Democrat:

A cupcake, like in the kind that you eat, is at the center of a Garvin County area assault case on the unusual side.

In a fresh case coming this week a Lexington man has been formally accused of a misdemeanor count of assault and battery with a pastry.

That’s right folks, it’s a pastry thrown from a moving car that led to the charge filed this week against 31-year-old Trevor Pearson in Garvin County District Court.

I’m not an expert on the Pauls Valley food scene, but outside of Kevin Durant, are there cupcakes out there that you’re not supposed to eat?

“Hey Bubba, can I have that cupcake?”

“No, that’s for decorative purposes only, Jethro.”

Here’s more:

Getting the initial report was a McClain County deputy who then moved it to Garvin County authorities since the cupcake caper took place at a construction zone for a bridge project near Paoli.

A filed affidavit shows the woman driving the car that had Pearson riding in as a passenger told deputies they were traveling northbound on Interstate 35

As they approached the bridge project, located just north of the Paoli exit at state Highway 145, the driver started slowing down because traffic narrows to one lane.

At that point she said another vehicle passed on the highway’s shoulder and someone inside “flipped her off.”

At some point someone, later determined to be Pearson, threw a cupcake from the vehicle he was in, where it struck the driver of the second vehicle in the face.

That driver was not injured but apparently wanted to press a formal complaint against Pearson

Geeze, if someone hit me in the face with a cupcake after I cut them off in traffic I’d simply say “Thank You” and ask for a napkin, but this fun hater is pressing charges. Just face the fact that you’re a horrible driver and you took a cupcake on the chin because of it, Cupcake.

Brandon doesn’t mind flinging pastries so long as they end up on a plate. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.