The Lost Ogle Show w/ OK ACLU Executive Director Ryan Kiesel!

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and I chat with ACLU Executive Director, Ryan Kiesel! We discuss things like The time TLO and the ACLU sued Mary Fallin The Wikipedia page for nipples Guns and who should have them Who put those dinosaur bones in the ground Donald Trump Check it out below:

5 things more helpful to carry in Oklahoma than a handgun

Having been a semi-functioning member of society for a while now, I have had my fair share of needless training opportunities requirements. For example, I took a driver’s ed course to learn to parallel park for my test back in 2007 and have not parallel parked since. I also still firmly believe I didn’t need […]

Lord Governor Stitt’s PR team pleads for desperate mansion repairs…

For what’s certainly not the last time…or the first time, our beloved governor figurehead is in a sticky situation. Thankfully, it isn’t literally sticky this time, like when Christina Fallin’s septic tank regurgitated its content across the Governor’s Mansion estate. While that specific event may not have actually transpired, it would help explain the smell… But, […]