Lost Ogle Fall Trivia League starts this week!

Attention nerds, brainiacs, alcoholics, geeks, elitists and those arrogant SOBs that think they’re smarter than everyone else – the $1,500 Lost Ogle Fall Trivia* League presented by Anthem Brewing starts this week! Before we get to that, here’s a photo of the champions from our Summer Trivia League – Angela Merkel’s Boner: Okay, that’s actually a stock photo that I chose […]

Top 8 hairstyles Oklahomans love

I believe a new haircut can make or break a person’s self-esteem. Believe me, I once went in to a Supercuts asking for bangs with layered hair and walked out with an accidental mullet. I also believe a haircut can also say a lot about a person’s personality. For example, my mullet indicated I was […]

Hackers steal $4.2 million from OK Highway Patrol Pension!

The prospect of retirement is pretty baffling to most people my age group or younger that don’t have rich parents. In order to grow old and not become a Walmart greeter, you either need to… A) Have rich parents that will leave you money B) Work a government job that still offers a pension, or […]

107.7 KRXO – The Soundtrack to My Teen Years

When I made the long journey back to Oklahoma City a few years ago, as soon as I was somewhat within the city limits, I immediately turned the radio dial to 107.7 KRXO for some of that panty-droppin’ classic rock that I grew up on. Sadly—as probably many of you already know—once the commercials for […]